Industry News - July/August 2013


Bubba Watson teamed up with sunglasses maker Oakley and a hovercraft company in building the futuristic cart, which can go over water, sand and greens without damaging any surface.

Neoteric Hovercraft in Indian builds crafts for recreation, rescue, commercial and military customers. New ones are offered for about $65,000, but refurbished models can be had for about $15,000. Engines range from about 50 to 100 hp, some use Hirth motors and others use Fuji.

The first challenge, according to Fitzgerald, was to incorporate what you need from a golf cart into the hovercraft. The video shows Fitzgerald and his team fabricating parts for the machine.

“The big advantage of the hovercraft is that it has a footprint pressure about 30 times less than the human foot,” says Fitzgerald, “so that by hovering across a green you leave absolutely no trace.”

Watson says he gets a lot of stares and laughs, but once people see how efficient it is, they want to drive it and forget all about playing golf.


E-Z-GO®, a Textron Inc. company and a leading global manufacturer of light-transportation vehicles, is proud to announce that Philip Jhant has been named Director, Product Strategy and Development for the company’s consumer value stream. Jhant, a 14-year veteran of E-Z-GO, will spearhead the design and development of new vehicles to fill untapped consumer needs and drive growth for the company.

Jhant will lead the development of new products, and updates to existing models, for E-Z-GO’s consumer product lines. His responsibilities will include the Bad Boy Buggies® brand and product lines as well as the E-Z-GO Terrain™ and Express™ lines of utility vehicles, the Freedom® line of personal golf cars, and the 2Five® line of street-legal vehicles.

“I couldn’t be more excited about this opportunity to help E-Z-GO meet the needs of today’s consumers,” Jhant said. “We have an incredible team of product managers, engineers and manufacturing experts here, and I am looking forward to working with them to design and build future generations of E-Z-GO and Bad Boy Buggies vehicles.”

Jhant joined E-Z-GO in 1998 and has served in numerous roles ranging from fleet sales representative to branch manager, and most recently as director of specialty sales. He is a graduate of Clemson University.

“Philip is the ideal choice to lead development of new consumer products for E-Z-GO,” said Eric Bondy, Vice President, Consumer for E-Z-GO. “Not only is he a seasoned E-Z-GO veteran who has a detailed understanding of the company and its consumer business, but he is an E-Z-GO consumer himself.”

“Philip has owned and used E-Z-GO and Bad Boy Buggies vehicles for years, from the fairways to the backwoods, and can use his own experiences to shape the development of new and existing vehicle models to exceed the demands and high expectations of today’s consumer.” More information is available at


As National Lightning Safety Awareness Week (June 23-29) approaches, the good news is the number of lightning-related deaths in the U.S. is on the decline. But that shouldn’t be a sign for course operators to lessen their efforts to educate golfers about the dangers of lightning while on the course.

An average of 35 fatalities was recorded by the National Weather Service (NWS) over the past decade (including a record low of 26 in 2011), a 33 percent reduction over the previous 10-year period. From 2006 to 2012, eight lightning-related deaths have occurred on golf courses.

“Of course, even one death is too many, and that’s why golf course operators have a responsibility to be diligent about the safety of their golfers,” says Robert Dugan, president of Thor Guard, the leader in lightning prediction and warning systems for golf courses.

Dugan said operators can uphold that responsibility through a combination of education and technology.

“A lot of people just don’t understand how dangerous lightning really is. They don’t realize it could be 100 million volts of electricity coming at them faster than they can blink an eye,” he said. “Operators need to continually remind players of the dangers and adopt a strict policy regarding play once a lightning warning has been issued.” Dugan, whose Thor Guard systems are in place at some 1,500 courses in the U.S., said course operators must be “absolutely sure the people using your facility know what it means when the horn (signaling a high lightning probability) sounds and know exactly what to do.

“Communicate any way you can, including with signs and starter’s instructions,” he says. “Only the most sophisticated technology can predict a lightning strike. Your body can’t predict it. So when the system goes off, you have to believe there’s a reason it went off and you should react immediately.”

The downward trend in lightning-related deaths is attributed in large part to more golfers hearing and heeding the warnings, said NWS meteorologist John Jensenius, who initiated the first National Lightning Safety Awareness Week in 2001. “The message is very simple: If you can hear thunder, you can be struck by lightning and you need to go indoors immediately,” Jensenius said.

Thunder is certainly a strong indicator of severe weather, but the vagaries of lightning include the proverbial “bolt out of the blue,” which comes without warning. Advances in technology, such as Thor Guard’s lightning prediction and warning systems, can help educate golfers while giving operators, their staffs and golfers early warnings of severe weather.

Thor Guard’s ThorPCX software gives course operators, members and guests access to accurate weather conditions and timely forecasts. And thanks to the new ThorMobile system, the data is available through mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets, so golfers can monitor severe weather data from the course or practice range. Visit for more information.


Introducing Exceed Hybrid Technology™, the fully integrated supplemental power source for E-Z-GO electric vehicles. This groundbreaking system, now available on the E-Z-GO® Freedom RXV® personal golf car and E-Z-GO 2Five® street-legal vehicle, allows vehicles to travel up to 150 miles on a single charge by supplementing the vehicle’s 48-volt electric powertrain with a small gas-powered generator.

The Exceed system adds a 6hp, 205cc gas-powered generator to the patented 48-volt AC Drive system featured on the electric Freedom RXV and 2Five. When engaged, the generator recharges the vehicle’s batteries on the fly, greatly extending the range that the vehicle can travel on a single charge. The system’s single-cylinder, low-emissions gas-powered engine meets all EPA standards.

The Exceed system also features a 400-watt power source to allow for the charging and use of small electronic devices such as radios, mobile phones, and laptop computers. A standard 120-volt, three-pronged electrical outlet is mounted in the dashboard of the vehicle to allow for convenient use of such items from the vehicle’s cabin.

Exceed Hybrid Technology seamlessly integrates with your E-Z-GO vehicle for simple operation and a sharp fit and finish. All system controls are mounted in the vehicle’s dash within easy reach. The Exceed system itself mounts into the vehicle’s rear bagwell and is fitted with a specially designed cover to protect the system and provide a clean, integrated look.

In tests simulating real-world, “stop-and-go” use, a four-passenger, Exceed-equipped 2Five under an average load and traveling at a speed of 16 mph, was able to traverse 150 miles between charges. Actual distance will vary depending on numerous factors, including a vehicle’s load, weather conditions, the terrain, and any optional equipment installed.

Exceed Hybrid Technology will be available in August as a factory-installed option for the E-Z-GO Freedom RXV® personal golf car and on the E-Z-GO 2Five® street-legal vehicle. Existing owners of those models will soon be able to upgrade their vehicles with an aftermarket Exceed Hybrid Technology kit available for installation at E-Z-GO Authorized Dealers. To find your local dealer, please use the E-Z-GO Dealer Locator.


There’s no excuse for getting lost at the Cranberry Highlands Golf Course in Cranberry. Their golf carts are equipped with GPS. But distances are measured not in streets, but fairways. Golf course supervisor Craig Walker says Cranberry Highlands is the first in the area with the 2013 model.

“They actually came out with a walking GPS device,” he says, “and located every trap, the contours of the green, the tees. Every feature of the golf course is located on here in that picture. It’s great. It tells you how far it is to different bunkers on the course. So it does give you exact yardage to help plan your next shot. And those constantly change as you move the golf cart.”

He uses a par 5, 507-yard hole as an example. “I know I have to hit it at least 258 yards to get past that bunker,” he said. “Or I can just lay it down the middle, like normal and have my normal second shot.”

But will old school duffers take kindly to this golfers positioning service? “We do have some people it takes a bit longer to get used to,” Walker said. “Their first time, yeah, they have a little problem with the technology. But we found by the second or third round they fall in love with it, just like everyone else.”

Bluebirds are attracted to the tall fescue grass, planted in cooperation with the Audubon Society. But don’t try to drive one of those carts into that grass. The GPS will stop you, right in your tracks.

It even seems to know when you’re hungry.

“All they need to do is touch the screen,” Walker says. “That’ll go directly to the menu. So if I want a Philly steak and fries, I can just add that to the order. And that order will be ready for me in about 20 minutes.”

Eventually, he hopes, the GPS will even find lost golf balls.

Industry News - May/June 2013

Kent Manufacturing celebrates their 40th year in business. The company started with designing accessories for the Yamaha G1 and 3-wheel E-Z-GO. Kent Manufacturing is still able to sell any part it has ever designed, so anyone with a Hyundai or Melex is still able to convert it into a utility vehicle or 4-passenger. The current product line includes sun tops up to 20 feet long, accessories, manual and electric dump beds, custom boxes, and other products featuring aluminum and plastic fabrication. We do our own powder coating so custom colors can be accommodated. Kent Manufacturing has debut a new web site to show all their latest creations with more already waiting to be added.

The growth and success of the company is attributed to partnering with dealers to provide innovative solutions to their golf car and utility vehicle needs. A primary goal of Kent Manufacturing is to create an enduring and mutually beneficial relationship with each dealer. This fact is proven by their inquiry referral process. Each dealer with an open account with Kent Manufacturing receives referrals from all direct REOs that originate from their designated service area, either from phone, fax, email, or website. Kent Manufacturing wants their dealers to provide sales and service to the end user so that we can concentrate on producing quality products made in the U.S.A.

To provide perspective to the longevity of Kent Manufacturing, in 1973 Xerox introduced the color copier and gasoline was 40 cents a gallon. Vice-president Chad Drobisch who is marking his 25th year with the company would like to thank all the dealers who have grown over the years with Kent Manufacturing and promises to provide the quality service that they have deserved from many more years to come.

Kent Manufacturing can be reached by email at or visit

Best Buy Golf Carts announces the addition of Robert (”Bob”) Hoffman joining their staff. Originally from Western Pennsylvania, Bob grew up attending school at Kiski Area High School. After graduating from high school Bob joined the Army for service to his country. He did so by serving as an intelligence analyst for the Army during his tour in Vietnam.

After receiving an honorable discharge, he married his high school prom date, Linda, and are the proud parents of two children Rob and Chris. They are also grandparents to three grandchildren: Rylan in Florida, Hailey in California, and Jonathyn in Pennsylvania. While raising a family, Bob and his wife successfully started and operated Get The Picture, a one hour photo and photography business in central Pennsylvania. Bob has also excelled in the field of photography with some of his images being shown around the world.

In 2007 Bob joined the sales staff of Best Golf Cars in South Carolina and later excelled to the position of sales and store manager. He contributed greatly to Best Golf Cars as the manager until relocating to north Florida in 2012. Bob is now the newest member of the Best Buy Golf Carts team. “We are pleased Bob has decided to join us,” says Michael Rosenbarker, CEO of Best Buy Golf Carts. “We are benefitting from his expertise and leadership, and look forward to a banner year with his helpful consultation. Feel free to drop in and say hi and welcome him to the community.”

About the company: Best Buy Golf Carts has been in business in the Jacksonville area and Green Cove Springs since 1976 and supplies golf cart parts and accessories throughout the United States. Specializing in resolving golf cart electrical issues, Best Buy Golf Carts also sells new and pre-owned golf carts, golf cart parts and accessories, and builds customized carts. They are the areas only authorized Trojan & Powertron, USI battery dealer and they are a authorized Nivel and E-Z-GO Authorized Dealer. Visit their large show room to view pre-owned, new and custom golf carts and their stocked parts room with some of the lowest prices on golf cart parts and golf cart accessories.

For more information visit their website at

The driving carts and views of snow-capped mountains may lead you to believe you’re at a golf course. But this Las Vegas complex has one major difference.

“What’s different here is instead of having places in the golf cart to put your bags with your golf clubs in it, we have gun racks built in these carts and a place to put your ammunition,” said Steve Carmichael, program administrator for the Clark County Shooting Complex.

The $3 million, “five-star” sporting clay course, located 25 minutes from the Las Vegas Strip at the Clark County Shooting Complex, offers 30 different shooting across 75 acres of land. The sport more commonly known as “golfing with guns” offers experienced shooters a chance to test out their skills.

“Every station offers a different type of shooting challenge,” said Carmichael. “All the target launchers are different on each shooting station. It’s made to simulate upland birds or maybe even game running on the ground.”

And for those without experience, no worries.

“We can cover the whole gambit because we got people that can come out here with you and can show you how to do it,” added Carmichael. “I have some excellent ringmasters that are glad to come out here and spend time with you.”

The course is open to the public Sunday through Wednesday, with gun rentals starting at $20 and driving cart rentals for $50 a day.

SilverWolf Vehicles Inc. has introduced a motor kit that bolts to the front suspension of a golf car to provide 4WD performance and act as an independent drive system.

Two motorized wheels offer ultra-high levels of torque without limiting the vehicles top speed. “The motors provide over 250 Nm of torque to each of the front wheels”, says company CEO, Bill Jager,“ which almost doubles the pulling power and traction of a standard golf car”.

The kit bolts easily to the existing steering and suspension system and works well with both lifted and stock vehicles. The 4WD is engaged by using a dash mounted switch that controls the amount of torque provided by the motors. The motor kit can also be adapted to gas UTVs and other vehicles to make them true hybrids.

Contact Information:

Doyle Golf, one of the premier online retailers of golf course products, announced the introduction of golf cart parts to their vast inventory. The new product line covers a wide range of golf cart parts, including windshields, replacement tops, tires, and custom accessories. Customers shouldn’t have a problem finding exactly what they need as most parts are available for Club Car, E-Z-GO, and Yamaha brands.

“The addition of golf cart parts to our website gives us the most comprehensive offering of golf course products online,” said Mike Doyle, President of Doyle Golf. “We’re excited to expand our inventory and give our customers, golf courses and individuals alike, the most convenient, one-stop shopping experience.” The new line of golf cart parts is available now, and additional products will continue to be added based on customers’ needs. The products are all competitively priced, and many products offer multiple color options to customize each golf cart.

For more information, visit or email

U.S. Battery is sponsoring an effort to raise $50,000 in support of the Wounded Warrior Project, by supplying its US 145 XC-2™ Deep Cycle batteries for a golf cart that will be driven 3,900 miles across the USA. Ray Rehberg and other off-duty military volunteers will be driving the street-legal cart through 13 states at an average speed of 25 miles per hour. The electric golf cart uses a 48-volt system that requires the use of eight deep cycle 6-volt batteries. “We’re happy and honored to be involved with this unique project,” says Don Wallace, U.S. Battery Executive VP, Sales and Marketing. “Because our US 145 XC-2™ batteries are made for extreme power, extreme longevity, and carry maximum amperage for longer periods of time, it will help the team reach their miles per day goal, which could end up being nearly 200 miles on occasion”.

To accomplish this, U.S. Battery will supply six sets of batteries that will be recharged using multiple QuiQ™ industrial battery chargers donated by Delta-Q Technologies. The QuiQ™ Charger’s reliable on-board design and customized charge algorithm for U.S. Battery make it a good solution to take the power from a portable generator and rapidly put energy into the battery pack.” “With our involvement, the Carting for a Cause team will always have a fresh set of batteries to maximize their travel time,” says Wallace.

The event, scheduled for May 2013, will begin in Petaluma, California. “It’s never been done before,” Rehberg says. “Nobody has ever driven an electric golf cart across America from coast to coast.” Their mission to raise funds, awareness, and support for injured service members will also include stopping at various Veterans of Foreign Wars posts, Disabled American Veterans chapters, American Legions, Veteran’s Hospitals, and other military areas to visit with as many veterans as possible from all military branches.

For more information, contact U.S. Battery at Carting for a Cause is a not for profit organization dedicated to raising awareness and funds for the Wounded Warrior Project.

For additional information and donations, visit

Club Pro Manufacturing USA, a leading innovator of highly engineered golf car accessories, is pleased to announce the acquisition of all intellectual property and the material assets of Encompass Golf Cart Enclosures, LLC. The acquisition aligns the Encompass design with the engineering, manufacturing and distribution capabilities of Club Pro Manufacturing USA and paves the way for the immediate market release of the Encompass.

The Encompass Enclosure, featuring an exclusive, patent-pending design, combines affordability, modular functionality, automobile-like styling (with full functioning doors) and all-weather protection for the golf cart marketplace.  The enclosure system installs in under one hour and the doors can be removed in seconds.

Club Pro Manufacturing USA is a New York-based fully-integrated engineering, manufacturing and fulfillment center for golf car accessories.  The Encompass will be available June 1 for the Precedent model.  Orders are being pre-booked now.  Please contact Club Pro MFG at 1-800-467-2844 or for more information.

Industry News - January/February 2013

Yamaha Golf-Car Company is pleased to announce the introduction of Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) for Yamaha fleet golf cars.
As an industry first, the Yamaha Electronic Fuel Injection system offers many benefits over traditional carbureted fuel delivery systems. Those benefits include:
The greenest gasoline-powered golf car available with the industry’s smallest carbon footprint
•    Cleaner burning with less exhaust emissions
•    Smoother, more responsive acceleration
•    No choke required
•    No need to re-jet to compensate for less dense air in higher altitudes
•    Provides as much as 34% better gas mileage than the competition
“We’re very excited to be the first golf car manufacturer to offer Electronic Fuel Injection to our fleet customers” says Tom McDonald, President of Yamaha Golf-Car Company. McDonald adds, “We were able to draw from the technology gained from other reliable Yamaha products such as Wave Runners, outboard motors, motorcycles and ATV’s that also have EFI. The benefits of Fuel Injection will elevate our cars to an unprecedented level, not to mention the benefit of saving thousands of dollars in fuel costs for our customer.”
For more information visit


Until this year, E-Z-GO was divided as golf and not golf.
Well, “not golf” has a lot more square footage in the manufacturing space at E-Z-GO’s south Augusta campus as production continues to ramp up on a series of electric vehicles meant for people to drive on roadways or hunting trails.
In 2003, Mississippi entrepreneurs Bubba Kaiser and Joe Palermo invented the dual-motor, electric four-wheel-drive Bad Boy Buggy and started making them in a small shop in Natchez. Because it was electrically driven, it was quiet, making it ideal for hunters. Seven years later, E-Z-GO bought the company. Some of the employees still work in Augusta. Holleran said the company bought Bad Boy because it had a good brand appeal and came with its own distribution channel.
The Bad Boy line went up in Augusta in January 2011. The first year was spent maintaining the brand and building them like the old company did in Mississippi, said Eric Bondy, the vice president of consumer business. The old buggies were built off a golf-cart derivative, Bondy said. “And it doesn’t look like a golf car anymore.” DC battery systems were replaced with AC systems. A new technology was used in creating the camouflage covering. The company weened off the old suppliers, some of them in China, in favor of E-Z-GO’s supply chain network.
The Ambush rolled into the outdoorsmen’s convention SHOT Show in January, going into production in July. Other new models called Recoil and Instinct were developed, Bondy said. Ambush is a hybrid. It has an electric motor running the front axle and a gas motor powering the rear. Range anxiety is the big issue to overcome with hunters, Holleran said. “Hunters want to make sure the vehicle they leave with in the morning when they take it off the charge is going to take them back at night,” he said.
By changing from DC to the 72-volt AC, which came out in the RXV golf car in 2008, the battery life and efficiency nearly doubled. With 40 or more miles of range, the new edition of Bad Boy can be marketed to other areas of the country where hunters must travel longer distances.
For more information please visit,


Pride Golf Cars, established in January 1998, by Pete Ruselowski, it’s founder and owner, takes great pride in celebrating its 15th Anniversary.
Pride Golf Cars, a wholesale brokerage company specializes in all makes of ‘top quality’ used golf cars. It also provides transportation arrangements after the sale.
The company is ventrally located in Salinas, Kansas. It serves the United States and Canadian markets as well as overseas. Pride Golf Cars is proud of its’ success and thanks customers, and transportation providers for their continued support in helping to sell over 30,000 ‘top quality’ used golf cars during this time.
Pride Golf Cars pledges to continue to provide the same quality golf cars and most importantly, to continue to care about customers who helped reach this milestone. Visit for more info.


Family owned business customizes recreational cruisers
Boca Grande and golf cars go together like Gasparilla Island and fishing tournaments. It’s not just a good fit, it’s a great fit.
The ubiquitous golf car is a stylish, economical way to tool around the island. Many of those sporty rides come from Thoroughbred Golf Carts.
“I would say we’ve got a good bit of business on Gasparilla Island,” said Owner Bill Lutz, who took over Thoroughbred Golf Carts in 2005. “We don’t have all of it by any means.” Thoroughbred Golf Carts survived the Great Recession because it’s “a breed apart from the rest,” he said.
“That’s what our motto is,” Lutz said. “We’ll do a better job than you’ll get anywhere else.”
Lutz employs an 11-person staff, which includes his son, David, who manages the operation. The Westchester, N.Y., native started vacationing in Florida in 1993 and moved here full time in 2001. Lutz said golf cart buyers should understand it’s not like buying a car. Age doesn’t really matter as much with gold carts, which can be reconditioned and revitalized affordably - unlike autos. “Age isn’t significant for golf carts,” he said.
Battery care is key.  Most batteries should last at least five years if cared for properly, he said, and some can nearly double that lifespan.
Golf cart price points start around $5,500 and, dependent upon options, can top $20,000. Tips for buying a golf cart include making the following decisions: Choose between four- and six-person carts. Two-person carts are just too small for most families, he said. Choose colors, wheels and tires. These are the primary accessories but beware: They can add thousands to the purchase price. Headlights and taillights are becoming standard but roofs - longer or shorter?
It takes just three days to two weeks to ready most golf cart orders. Thoroughbred Golf Carts will even store carts for snowbirds for $1.50 a day and prep charges. This year, TGC is storing about 80 golf carts for Gasparilla Island-area owners.
He believes this season will show measured improvement for his business. “So far we’re building a lot of carts,” Lutz said. “I think the season will be improved.”


CLARK Material Handling Company (CLARK) announced it has completed its purchase of EverGreen Electric Vehicles, LLC (EverGreen). This acquisition immediately expands CLARK’s global markets to include industrial vehicles, utility vehicles (UTVs) and golf cars. With this transaction CLARK acquires an established electric car product line-up, full manufacturing facility and proven sales and marketing team.
Dennis Lawrence, President and CEO of CLARK expressed his thanks to everyone involved in this transaction. “I want to welcome the EverGreen team to the CLARK family. Their product offering complements our existing product line. Industrial vehicles are a market segment many of our dealers already participate in and EverGreen’s addition will only strengthen the position of many of our Dealers in their specific territories.” Keith Andrews, a founding member of EverGreen commented, “I believe this strategic sale of EverGreen to CLARK will significantly benefit both organizations. CLARK brings remarkable resources including purchasing, engineering and financial strength to bear on our mutual behalf. We could not be happier for our end users and employees.”
In addition to industrial vehicles typically found in warehousing, distribution and manufacturing CLARK now offers a line of electric powered personal transport vehicles and utility cars for on/off pavement applications. These products represent proven incremental sales opportunities (both new equipment and aftermarket parts) for CLARK and EverGreen authorized dealers.
For additional information on CLARK, its products or to locate a dealer visit us on the World Wide Web at

Flow-Rite is pleased to announce the recent hiring of Todd Hart and the promotion of Rob Brock to the newly created positions of Sales Director and Major Account Manager.
As Sales Director, Todd will oversee all Flow-Rite sales efforts, including both our battery watering and marine businesses.  He will be a bridge between the sales team and home office, strengthening lines of communication.  Todd will also be involved with developing new markets and industries, as well as working closely with the marketing department on various projects.
Todd comes to us from B & J Rocket, where he worked for over eight years and was the General Manager.  For the last few years, Todd had been a business development consultant for Flow-Rite.  “I’m excited to be a part of a dynamic, growing, and engineering-focused business,” says Todd.
As Major Account Manager, Rob will focus on the needs of battery OEMs, as well as supporting our larger dealers.  He will also be post-sales support and a trainer for these customers.
Rob has been an essential part of the Flow-Rite sales team for eleven years. “As Flow-Rite has continued to grow, we knew that we had to expand our team,” says Rob. “I feel that the addition of Todd and my move to major account manager is a perfect solution that enables us to manage our team and customers to our maximum abilities.”
We look forward to Todd and Rob in their new positions. For more information on Flow-Rite, please visit


Lithium Boost Technologies, Inc., the leading innovator of lithium technology for low speed electric vehicles has provided their lithium battery solutions for a fleet of 14 seat passenger buses for Intel at their Sun Lakes, Arizona facility. The busses are used all day long to shuttle people across a 1 square mile parking lot to their offices. John White our Arizona distributor put the systems together in his dealership, Classi Golf Cars in Sun Lakes, Arizona using their 72v, 20a chargers and 130ah lithium battery cells system. “I hope it will be a screaming success, and anticipate it to be so” -John White
Lithium Boost Technology Inc. Based in San Diego, CA. has been developing the system for over 4 years. We tested the system in over 120 vehicles globally with great success. We currently have several dealers that are featuring our system. We are supporting 60AH, 100AH, 130AH, 180AH and 200AH cells. The size of the cells will be customized to the customer application. We have a strategic partnerships with CALIB USA & Lithium Storage Incorporated to provide quality automotive quality cells. We also have a robust supply chain operation.
To learn more about our products please visit our website:

Industry News - November/December 2012


NASCAR’s most popular driver could always use a little practice behind the wheel. Even if it’s in a golf cart.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. visited ESPN headquarters in Bristol, Conn., to promote the Chase for the Sprint Cup in what NASCAR is billing as “Chase Across America.”

As the 12 drivers who qualified for the 10-race championship run on NASCAR’s top circuit prepare for the opening race at Chicagoland Speedway on Sunday, the media blitz kicked off in full Tuesday.

The network that will air the Chase races nabbed Earnhardt, of course, and had him in what ESPN touted as the first Golf Cart 500.

Earnhardt wasted no time showing why he is in contention for his first Sprint Cup title.

He took an early jump off the line, saying, ‘’I gotta get my motor running.’’ Being reminded he was running on battery power only seemed to add life to his dash to the finish.

Junior Nation, take heart: he won the sprint going away after a quick check of his equipment.

‘’I just made sure the tires had air in them, that’s all,’’ he said.

Earnhardt also talked about his favorite NFL team — the Washington Redskins — and touted the strong start rookie quarterback Robert Griffin III had in his debut in a win against the New Orleans Saints on Sunday.

When asked if he had his new favorite player on his fantasy team, Earnhardt replied, ‘’I didn’t have the opportunity. … By the time I got my quarterbacks in the seventh and eighth round, RG3 was gone.’’

Later Tuesday, he made an appearance on NFL Live, where he picked his all-time top five Redskins: 5. Dexter Manley; 4. Joe Theismann (he cited a chance to wear his Super Bowl ring); 3. John Riggins; 2. Darrell Green; 1. Art Monk (‘My role model growing up.’’).

And he stopped by PTI, when he reiterated this season is his best opportunity to win a title.

‘’We’ve been fast every week and feel we will be the most consistent in the Chase,’’ he said.

Earnhardt, who finished third in 2003 and fifth in 2004 and 2006, said he’s amped up his involvement with the team during car preparations before the race, whereas before he was ‘’cooking tacos or playing video games. … I was just being lazy. It never dawned on me that I could find another level … or be more accountable.’’

E-Z-GO®, a Textron Inc. company and a leading global manufacturer of light-transportation vehicles, announces that the “E-Z-GO Experience” application for the Apple iPad is now available for download from the Apple App Store. The app allows consumers to determine the best E-Z-GO vehicle to suit their lifestyle, customize that vehicle with a range of available E-Z-GO Genuine Parts & Accessories, and solicit quotes from E-Z-GO Authorized Dealers in their region.

“We are excited to offer ‘The E-Z-GO Experience’ to help consumers find and build the E-Z-GO vehicle that’s right for them,” said Sanjay Kopay, vice president, aftermarket sales and support, for E-Z-GO. “This application provides consumers with a fast, user-friendly method to learn about the complete line of E-Z-GO consumer vehicles, select the best model for them, optimize it for their needs, and find dealers near where they live, all from the comfort of their couch.”

The “E-Z-GO Experience” will help customers determine the best E-Z-GO vehicle for their lifestyle, depending on how many passengers the vehicle needs to carry, the types of terrain where the vehicle will be used, and other factors. Consumers will be able to view and compare the many different models within the E-Z-GO Freedom® line of personal golf cars and the E-Z-GO Terrain™ and Express™ lines of personal utility vehicles.

Once the user has selected their model, they can use the “E-Z-GO Experience” app to customize the vehicle further, selecting everything from their preferred paint color and tire and wheel configuration to a range of options and accessories, such as mirrors, gloveboxes, brushguards, fender flares, windshields, roofs, and even solar panels to recharge electric vehicle batteries using the sun’s energy.

After the user has built the E-Z-GO vehicle of their dreams, they can use the app’s dealer locator to find the E-Z-GO Authorized Dealer in their area, and directly e-mail that dealer the details of their specific vehicle’s requirements to receive a price quote.

“The E-Z-GO Experience” is compatible with all versions of the iPad, and is available for free download at the Apple App Store. For more information about E-Z-GO and its complete line of golf cars and utility vehicles, visit or join the company’s Facebook community at

More information is available at


Garia, the Denmark-based manufacturer of the exclusive Garia Luxury Golf and Leisure Car, is sponsoring one of their cars as a hole-in-one prize at the third annual Michael Phelps Foundation Golf Classic Tournament.

The event takes places at Atlantic City Country Club, New Jersey, from September 21-23, 2012.

The Garia Hole-in-One car is a street legal four-seat Garia in the limited edition color, Candy Apple Red.

“At Garia, we are passionate about what we do and dedicated to performance. We are thrilled to be part of this charity event and to be collaborating with an organization as inspiring and committed as the Michael Phelps Foundation”, says Mr. Anders Lynge, designer of the Garia.

Among numerous other celebrities, Michael Phelps, one of the most accomplished Olympians of all time, will participate in the event.

The Golf Classic Tournament is the largest annual fundraiser for The Michael Phelps Foundation.

The event brings celebrities, industry professionals, family and friends together for a great experience.

About Garia Luxury Golf and Leisure Car: The Garia is the world’s first luxury golf and leisure car. It is built at one of Europe’s finest automotive factories with a track-record of manufacturing Porsche. Luxury features include a built-in refrigerator, hand-stitched seats, and 12” wheels. Available as street legal and four-seater.

About the Michael Phelps Foundation: Eighteen-time Olympic Gold Medalist Michael Phelps established the Foundation with the $1MM bonus he received from long-time sponsor Speedo for winning eight gold medals at the 2008 Beijing Games. The Foundation’s first initiative was a nationwide tour to share Phelps’ Olympic experience and promote his message of Dream, Plan, Reach with members of the Boys & Girls Clubs. Since then, the Foundation has developed and launched the im program, helped establish Level Field Fund-Swimming, a grant giving program that provides funding to uniquely talented swimmers in need of financial assistance, and offers autographed swim caps for charity auctions through Caps-for-a-Cause.

Through the im program, the Michael Phelps Foundation provides support to Boys & Girls Clubs and Special Olympics international through its water-safety, health and wellness curriculum.

Gregg Breningmeyer, segment manager for John Deere Golf, passed away this past Thursday August 9, 2012. A long-time John Deere employee and staunch supporter of the golf and sports turf industry, Gregg will be remembered by all those who crossed his path. His vision, leadership and belief in the game helped grow the golf business for John Deere, and nurtured the industry as a whole. Our thoughts are with his family, friends and colleagues, who will surely miss his outgoing personality and enthusiasm for life.

Industry News - September/October 2012

Representatives of the Indian River Colony Club Foundation and the Veteran’s Administration Clinic gathered in Viera, Florida for a short outdoor ceremony, as a four-seat refurbished golf cart was donated to the clinic.

Chief Medical Officer Dr. Thomas Howard accepted the $3,000 cart on behalf of the clinic, thanking Indian River Colony Club General Manager John Robinson and IRCC Foundation chairman Major Gen. Huck Long, U.S. Army (Ret.)

The golf cart will be used to help transport patients to the VA Clinic from the far reaches of the facility parking lot.

Long said the intentions of the IRCC Foundation are clear.

“I can think of no better use for a golf cart than in helping our disabled veterans into the VA Clinic to receive the care they have earned,” he said. “It’s service to those who served.” According to Howard, the cart donation will help those who need it most.

With the growth of our local population, we are seeing increasingly complex cases,” Howard said. “Many of these patients need help navigating our large parking lot and will benefit from this generous donation by the IRCC Foundation.”

The Indian River Colony Club Foundation was launched in 1999 as a not-for-profit corporation in support of those who serve, or have served in the U.S. Armed Forces or participate in national defense.

They provide a scholarship program with tuition assistance and other charitable support to Indian River Colony Club staff members and residents, as well as the Town Square assisted living facility in Viera. Major General Huck Long, U.S. Army (Ret.) serves as Chairman of the IRCC Foundation Board.

What started out as a hobby for Darrell Harper has now turned into an amazing side job.

Harper and his son Jacob, own Southland Golf Carts. They have been in business since 2002 and are located on Logan Martin Dam Road, about two miles from U.S. 231, in the New London community. They have been at the present location for about two and a half years.

“Jacob and I just started working on them and customizing them as a hobby,” Harper said. “We started selling them. When we first started, we had three golf carts. Today, we have 150 golf carts. It’s a good business.” Harper said doing something like this never crossed his mind when he was a small boy growing up. “I have another full-time job as a salesman for M & R Piping Supply Company,” Harper said. “Jacob does a good job running this business.”

While these carts are called golf carts and are used on the golf course, Harper said golf carts today are used for so many other things. “Our customers use them for maintenance vehicles in industrial plants, contractors use them on job sites, and they are used around the lake or home,” Harper said. “Many people like to use them just to ride around their property. The baby boomers have been good for us.”. Harper said grandparents enjoy having golf carts for when the grandchildren come over, because it gives them something to ride around in the yard.

“We also do a lot of event rentals,” Harper said. “Events like weddings, and a lot of others. Big churches use golf carts to transport people to and from their vehicles if they had to park a long distance from the church building.” When asked what is the most unusual request to customize a golf cart, Harper said there have been some pretty wild requests.

“I know the ugliest,” he said. “It was split right down the middle, red on one side, and green on the other. They called it their Bobby LaBonte and Dale Earnhardt Jr. golf cart. It was pretty ugly.” Harper said they would take a cart that comes in off lease from a course and strip it all the way down to the frame.

“We will do a total refurbish on it,” Harper said. “We will customize it however somebody wants it built. We have two-seaters, four-seaters, six-seaters and eight-seaters. A lot of the churches use the eight-passenger golf carts.” One of the most unusual carts Harper has built is an eight-passenger for a man who owns a campground at the Talladega track. “He will use this golf cart to transport his campers to and from the racetrack,” Harper said.

“We also do a lot of hunting buggies. A lot of the hunters use golf carts to bring out a deer they have shot and killed that may be deep in the woods. We can do them two-wheel drive, four-wheel drive, camo, gas or electric.”

Harper said the typical golf carts they build that need batteries are 48-volt carts, and have four or six-battery configurations. “An electric golf cart fully charged can last a full day,” Harper said. “They can charge it up overnight, and be ready to go the next day.” Harper said they carry a full line of parts and accessories. They do repairs, and pretty much can custom build whatever the customer wants. “We have Alabama and Auburn carts,” he said. “We do a fair amount of those.” The price range for carts purchased at Southland go from anywhere from $1,500 to $1,800 up to $10,000, depending on what you want and how you want it done. The two different type models of golf carts Harper has in stock are Club Car and Ez-go.

Business has been good for the Harpers, so much that expansion efforts are on the horizon.

“We have plans to build a new 7,500-square-foot shop and warehouse behind the current building and location,” Harper said. “This time of year is pretty slow, but business will pick up in the spring and summer months. We have been blessed over a period of years. It has worked real well for us, and it is a lot of hard work.” Harper has a total of four employees, plus himself.

Across Logan Martin Dam Road from Southland Golf Carts, about four blocks away and on the water, is Harper’s repair shop. Once he gets the new building up, everything will be at one location.

The inaugural United Way Charity Classic presented by Club Car, a brand of Ingersoll Rand, raised more than $73,000 for health and human service programs supported by United Way of the Central Savannah River Area (CSRA).

The event, which attracted 128 players including a number of Club Car suppliers, was held at the Champions Retreat Golf Club in Evans. Funds from the tournament will go toward United Way’s 2012 fundraising campaign, which supports 42 health and human service programs in Augusta and the surrounding area.

“United Way would not be able to meet the growing needs of our community without the generous support of partners like Club Car,” said Rina Powell, United Way’s senior director of resource development. “The impact of an event like this on our community is tremendous.”

Club Car is a longtime supporter of United Way of the CSRA.

“Club Car is delighted to continue our support for United Way and the work it does to address the needs of local residents and organizations,” said Jason Goldberg, Club Car’s vice president of Aftermarket Parts and Services and the company’s United Way representative. “We also appreciate the participation of so many of our suppliers who helped make the first Charity Classic a success.”

For more information, visit or

K1 Products LLC is please to announce the introduction of our new body kit, the LXS Luxury Sedan to fit Club Car Precedent and Yamaha Drive carts.

Our new Luxury Sedan offers a unique look, which combines a new stylish front grill with large front storage under the hood that can also serve as a cooler. Our new state of the art headlight combines a unique head light with separate turn signal all surrounded by LED white lights.

This kit also includes a custom designed luxury dash that has the look of elegance. A custom luxury bench seat with armrest is also part of the kit along with matching carpeting.

The rear of the body features stylish LED rear brake lights and turn signals. There is a removable rear seat and a quick release golf bag holder. The rear gate folds down to serve as a footrest for passengers. Built to be durable, this kit is built of high quality fiberglass, which is ready to be painted and mounted.

Our new LXS body kit will offer cart dealers a new high quality Luxury look that they can be proud to offer to there customers.

Interested dealers can submit orders now for kits to be delivered in September and October. For more information please visit

“Golf Car Fleet Maintenance: Protecting Your Investment,” a webinar hosted by Club Car to communicate best practices to golf course owners, operators, managers and superintendents, is now available for superintendents, owners and operators who were not able to attend the event. Club Car, one of the most respected names in the golf industry for more than half a century, is a brand of Ingersoll Rand.

“Carefully maintaining your golf cars is one of the most cost-effective investments a facility can make,” said Randal Crook, Club Car technical services manager, who led the webinar. “A well-maintained fleet makes a statement about your facility, lowers repair costs and affects the lease price for your next fleet.”

Crook was joined on the webinar by Stephen Tucker, a longtime golf course superintendent and the past president of the International Golf Course Equipment Managers Association.

“We know that residual value has a huge effect on our monthly payment, which is one of the main reasons we try to keep our fleet in excellent condition,” Tucker said. “The other reason is that our members expect a clean, well-maintained cart that they know is not going to give them any issues during their round.”

The webinar covered a wide range of maintenance issues including proper battery charging procedures, front-end alignment, golf car rotation and daily fleet inspections.

For more information, visit or

United Commercial Upholstery (UCU), the makers of Suite Seats, is pleased to announce the promotion of Tom Hall to Director of Product & Brands. In this capacity Tom will be working hard in continuing UCU’s reputation for product innovation. Says Tom, “really UCU’s dramatic growth necessitated an individual dedicated to develop on new products & markets.” The most recent example was UCU’S introduction of their OEM replacement series of cushions & covers. According to Phil Vorwerk, co-owner and a founder of UCU, “We have making them for years for our dealers upon request but up until recently we haven’t had the time to put together a cohesive plan to take them to market. Tom did a terrific job…the response from our dealers has far exceeded our projections”. Tom is excited to point out that UCU has now enhanced their OEM product line with the addition of two-tone seats & covers as well. “You’ll notice in our ads, that in addition to a great low price, the real advantage of our two-tones is that you can now order them in colors that match the standard cart manufacturer cart colors without any additional charge. We feel that our OEM color matched seats will make our two toned seats the first choice for dealers that would like to be able to stock seats on their shelves that match standard cart colors.”

‘We want to be recognized as one of the true innovators in the golf cart industry”, says Phil. Tom agrees, “There are plenty of companies copying each other…and that competition is good for the dealers. However rather than look at what everyone else is doing our idea of product development is to listen to our dealers and survey the market for what is missing.” Finally Phil & Tom want to remind everyone that if you have an idea, no matter how off the wall, give them a call at 507-232-4224.

Industry News - July/August 2012


Curtis Industries LLC, the leader in cab enclosures and accessories, announced today that Michael Alexander has joined the company as Vice President of Marketing & Sales, reporting to John Rachwalski, President and CEO. Alexander comes to Curtis Industries, LLC from Club Car Corporation, a global leader in small task oriented vehicles, where as Director of Global Business Development he played a significant role in growing the business and the industry.

“Michael has demonstrated strong leadership and innovation skills throughout an impressive 33 year career at Club Car,” stated John Rachwalski. “His overall experience in developing and implementing brand, product and channel strategies, as well as his vast industry experience and contacts, makes him extremely well qualified to take on this important role to help grow our business.”

“Curtis has great products and people, therefore it is well positioned as a market leader with plenty of additional growth potential,” Alexander said. “I am thrilled and honored to join the impressive leadership team John has assembled and am excited about this very special opportunity.”

Curtis Industries, LLC is an ISO 9001:2001 certified leading manufacturer of cabs, enclosures and accessories for a host of applications for Commercial, Specialty, Recreational and Work vehicles. The majority of these products are designed for compact tractors, golf cars, and utility vehicles. The company, which started in 1968, also manufactures truck plows and snow and ice control equipment for tractors and utility vehicles. Curtis Industries, LLC markets its products exclusively through a large network of dealers in the United States and Canada as well as Japan, South Korea and Western Europe. The company operates from a modern 150,000 sq. ft. facility in Worcester, MA. For more information on Curtis products please visit or call 800.343.7676.


San Diego, CA - Lithium Boost Technologies, Inc., a leading innovator of lithium technology for low speed electric vehicles has released a new line of lithium batteries for Industrial and Off-Road low speed electric vehicles. We are very excited to be able to expand our product line to service the needs of industrial utility vehicles and off-road electric vehicles. We have been working with key partners developing this new line.

The new line will be using 100 to 200 amp hour cells.

To learn more about our products please visit our website at


( is focused on providing a centralized and unified network of custom designed features and services intended to empower the Golf Car Dealer Community. COMMITTED TO GROWTH AND THE FUTURE

We all agree that it is long overdue to unify the Golf Car Dealer Community. This association has taken a great step towards stabilizing and benefiting the Golf Car Dealer in the 21st Century. Many of the trade show attendees commented on the necessity of unifying the Golf Car Dealer Community. Ron Smith, owner of Southern Golf Cars states, “I must say this is an amazing package GCDAA has created. I am a Dealer in Miami that focuses on Sales and Service.

GCDAA’s Networking, Services, and Data will increase my competitiveness and bottom line.” Reviewing the positive impacts of the other industry associations, and the benefits that they have provided to their members, the unification of the Golf Car Dealers is a necessity that is perfectly timed. The GCDAA website includes custom designed programs, including a Golf Car Network that will allow Dealers access to golf cars that they had no access to prior to this Association. In addition, they offer a Dealer Communications Network that will allow direct intra-communication electronically.

Many Dealers did express that their representation on the internet was a key to their success. The GCDAA does offer this benefit to all members. The services also include features such as a Golf Car Dealer Specialty Program for Business Insurance, a GCDAA Health Care Insurance offering, Logistics, GCDAA News, Data, Finance, and Careers.

Owner and Managing Member, Jeffrey Young states, “The tax incentives for electric golf cars that were offered in the Economic Stimulus Act of 2008 were extremely beneficial for many Golf Car Dealers, by developing the GCDAA - PAC will help us establish a new direction and focus for securing more of the incentives to benefit the dealers and customers in our community”.

Dealers interested in learning more can visit


Website communicates system’s revenue-improvement technology

Club Car, a brand of Ingersoll Rand, re-launched, a reinvigorated website that communicates the benefits of the Visage Mobile Golf Information System before, during and after a round of golf.

Visage is golf’s first communications platform that uses a combination of cellular, wireless and GPS technologies to help course operators increase revenues, better manage their golf car fleet, lower expenses and improve customer experience.

The new website goes beyond static descriptions of features and benefits to demonstrate operators’ potential return on investment in five key areas: food and beverage, merchandising, tournaments, maintenance and green, golf car and member fees.

A retooled electronic calculator provides industry averages in each of the five categories as well as allows operators to enter their own course information to view the potential financial impact of Visage on their operation. The website also includes video and customer testimonials.

“Visage represents advanced revenue-improvement technology, and the new website helps operators make an informed decision about its application at their facility,” said Randy Marquardt, vice president of Global Marketing for Club Car.

For more information, visit


F9 Battery Acid Restoration Cleaner Expected to Boost Sales of Golf Car Dealers

Craig Harrison, of Front 9 Restoration, announced immediate availability of their proprietary product, F9 BARC (Battery Acid Restoration Cleaner) to golf car dealers, enabling effective cleaning of orange battery acid stains from concrete.

“More often than not, an acid-stain restoration product will cause more damage to concrete or create more problems than it’s worth. F9 Battery Acid Restoration Cleaner quickly removes orange battery acid staining, fertilizer staining and rust from concrete,” Harrison said. “F9 BARC is biodegradable, non-abrasive, contains no hydrochloric acid and restores concrete to its natural bright gray color. There is no competing product in the market, and none that work as well.” An extensive before-and-after gallery is available at

F9 BARC (Battery Acid Restoration Cleaner) and the other F9 restoration products are a great fit with the golf car industry, and a profitable addition to any golf car dealer’s retail and service business. Product application is simple, and free training videos are available for do-it-yourselfers, in-house employees, and independent professional applicators. Front 9 Restoration is offering golf car dealers distributorship opportunities with an exceptionally low product buy-in to boost sales of profitable consumables at the retailer’s showroom.

About Front 9 Restoration, Inc.: For more than a decade, Harrison has pioneered leading-edge techniques at restorations of the most abused concrete an industry can offer. A former assistant golf course Superintendent, Harrison founded a concrete restoration business that serviced hotels, golf courses, parks, municipalities, and commercial and industrial buildings, including restoration at the service and shop areas of major Southern California golf courses. The desire for better products led Harrison to extensive research to develop his own formulas that have proven themselves at countless in-the-field restorations. Harrison’s hard-earned experience has allowed F9 to formulate products that perform as promised. Harrison routinely teaches in-house maintenance departments and private contractors how to use techniques and materials that truly work to restore stained and discolored concrete surfaces. Front 9 Restoration has an expanding product line including proprietary battery stain neutralizer, tire mark remover and a water-less bio-organic oil stain remover.

For more information or to order online, visit

Industry News - May/June 2012

Residents of states having communities permitting golf cars on the streets want a more custom, automobile-like fit and finish to their golf cars.

Gainesville, Florida custom homebuilder and low handicap golfer Paul Hirneise saw how to fulfill the need for a hard-body fully enclosed golf car cabin with modern features and the opportunity for personalization. His vision has given us the moderately priced First Class Cabin, made in Alachua County, Florida and marketed by his company, Sleekline, LLC.

With front top and bottom air dams inside and out, a rear interior air dam, sliding rear window and great finish, Hirneise claims the occupant of a First Class Cabin may well believe she is in an automobile. Being a golfer, Hirneise designed bi-fold doors that allow even the biggest of us easy entry into the cabin and easy rear access to clubs, sand bottle and club & ball washer.

Sleekline offers custom options, including décor panels and fender flares that can be painted to match the owner’s car or display a team logo, side-view mirrors and a SoundCom Panel encouraging use of GPS-enabled device applications for golf. Hirneise says that other options are being developed.

Sleekline’s First Class Cabin is presently available for the Club Car DS and Precedent. Models for Yamaha and other golf cars will soon follow. Learn more at

Lithium Boost Technologies, Inc., the leading innovator of lithium technology for low speed electric vehicles has released its first production of Lithium Batteries with their patented Battery Management Systems after two years of research and development in the US market this January 2012.

On January 18th, 2012 our CEO, Sam Lev; VP of Sales, Roger Manusav; and Chief Engineer, John Wade were on hand for the grand opening of Classi Golf Cars in Sun Lakes, Arizona, to unveil a fleet of Lithium powered golf cars. John White, owner of Classi Golf Cars and a key champion of Lithium Boost had this to say about our product:

“I have been testing and promoting lithium powered golf cars for over two years, and am firmly convinced that we are on the cutting edge with the latest technical advances by Lithium Boost Technologies. I have generated a lot of interest in my three Arizona locations, and am sure this product will soon be the norm in golf cars, both new and used. My personal golf cars is a Star lithium, and I will never have to worry about buying another set of batteries.”

Our battery and management system is powerful, durable, and ecologically friendly. CEO Sam Lev, who has spent the majority of his career developing green energy technology for automobiles states that, “By replacing the 100 year old lead acid technology with the same advanced clean energy technology from the automotive industry, you will enjoy a virtually maintenance free battery system.”

We at Lithium Boost Technologies are very excited to be the first company to offer this revolutionary technology to the low speed electric vehicle community. This is a great opportunity for dealers to have the latest product to offer their clients.

To learn more about our products please visit our website:

The Pro-Fill Onboard Battery Watering System by Flow-Rite will now come standard on all Club Car Precedent golf cars.  Pro-Fill replaces the water lost in golf car batteries due to evaporation during charging and daily use.  Pro-Fill is the only battery watering system specifically designed for “golf car” style batteries.

“We’re pleased to add the Pro-Fill system to Precedent’s standard offerings to enhance efficiency and safety for our customers,” said Tim Walls, Golf Category Manager at Club Car, a brand of Ingersoll Rand.  “Pro-Fill is one more way that Club Car helps customers reduce costs and manage their fleets more effectively.”

The Pro-Fill system works by replacing the battery’s existing vent caps with valves that are interconnected with tubing, allowing the user to fill all battery cells from one remote location. Each valve independently shuts off water flow to the cell when the proper electrolyte level is reached.

“Thorough testing is performed on all Pro-Fill valves to ensure the high quality expected by Club Car customers,” said Rob Brock, Global Sales Director of Flow-Rite Controls.  “We are honored to be selected as the watering system of choice by the golf car industry leader and look forward to our continued relationship with Club Car.”

For more information, visit or


Jason Stella, managing partner of B&B Preferred Custom Body Systems takes pride in his products. “We offer the most complete and easy to install custom body systems—for the big three companies in the industry currently on the market today. All our front cowls and body systems are pre-fitted at the factory and include detailed installation instructions, all hardware/lights, and wiring schematics with all shipments. We also meticulously catalog and number all of our designs immediately following production resulting in the highest level of quality control in the industry,” says Stella.

New designs for 2012 include 3 new front cowls to fit the Club Car and EZ-Go platforms. Customers can expect the company to support its new product offerings with a full-color catalog, an updated website featuring virtual tours of all it’s products and also an image bank of photos to aid in customer sales efforts. “Our goal with the new website and image bank to is to assist our dealers with the promotion and marketing of their custom designs” Stella offers.

In addition, B&B is now offering custom seats and is also partnered with the Cool Breeze AC/Heater/Stereo custom canopies in response to customer demand. Stella continues, “The seats and Cool Breeze systems have been very popular for us and we are proud to incorporate these products at prices that significantly add to our customer’s profit margin on their custom vehicle sales.” The re-designed B&B website will include upholstery samples for the custom seats and also a new shopping cart feature for convenient dealer ordering.

B&B Preferred has been offering custom body solutions for all makes and models since 2004. All bodies are constructed of hand-laid fiberglass. As the industry leader in custom body systems, B&B continues to maintain the highest standards in production of all their custom designs.

Look for the launch of the new website sometime in April,


What does the market need?  A base model vehicle that is affordable yet dependable!  “Dealers across the country have expressed a need for a qualify golf car priced right.  In order to meet the need we have taken off some of the upgrades found in our earlier models to meet the challenge,” says Keith Andrews, President of Evergreen Electric Vehicles, LLC

The 2 Person Model includes golf package and canopy top with a 48 volt D&D Motor, Curtis Controller and Delta-Q Charger.  US Battery packs are an option, allowing the dealer to select from 6×8 Volt or 8×6 Volts from the factory or installing the brand of their choice.  The Delta-Q charger is easily programmable to the most popular battery brands.

Like the other quality vehicles offered by Evergreen Electric Vehicles, they are fully assembled here in the United States. A Colorado company headquartered in Grand Junction, Colorado, with their production facility conveniently located near the port of Long Beach in Southern California,   a perfect location for receiving a variety of assembly parts and loading containers for export.

To learn more about the full line of Evergreen Electric Vehicles, visit

A Glen Allen golf car distributor has cruised down Interstate 64 to Hampton Roads to open its second location in Virginia.

Peebles Golf Cars this week opened a dealership in Chesapeake, cutting down the transportation time to Hampton Roads and opening up a bigger direct-to-consumer golf cart market.

“We have several golf courses on the other side of those tunnels and when we do deals there we move the cars from Richmond to Virginia Beach or Chesapeake so we won’t have to bring the used cars back,” said Bert Zajac, manager for Peebles.

Peebles leases carts to golf courses for several years and then sells them to wholesalers and individual buyers. The business works with 140 courses in Virginia, 18 of which are in Hampton Roads and a few local courses such as the Country Club of Virginia, Hermitage Country Club and Kinloch Golf Course.

Zajac said Peebles has been eyeing Chesapeake for two years. “(In Richmond) We’re south of Virginia Center Commons, so we’re not getting all of the traffic that the West End and Short Pump gets,” he said.  “We will be able to sell to new customers in Chesapeake.”

Zajac said Peebles sold 1,200 carts last year to other used cart vendors in North Carolina, Georgia, Florida and a few in Richmond. The business also sold 350 carts direct to local customers, who used them for puttering around their homes/farms or for recreational use.

“We’re basically trying to cut out wholesalers to retail more cars and make more money,” he said. “What we want to do is get the retail numbers up and we’re doing that by moving out here.” The business sells Club Cars-brand carts that range from $1,000 to $4,500. Zajac said customers are moving to electric carts.

Peebles also rents golf carts to individuals and companies for $150 per weekend. “Churches, schools and people that are having weddings rent them out,” he said. “I have over 250 cars in rental and from July to September I’m out of vehicles.”

Zajac said rentals will do much better at the Chesapeake location then in Richmond. “There are a lot more festivals and events that we don’t have that they have here,” he said. “The beach cities are much more open to the use of golf cars than Richmond.” Peebles hired four employees to staff the new location, which increased its total staff to 16.

Industry News - March/April 2012

Features include both functionality and versatility

Curtis Industries LLC has a new addition to its line of cab systems for the Polaris Ranger.  The new PathPro SS cab system for the Polaris Ranger 800 Crew UTV offers functionality, versatility and value.

Because this vehicle is used in a multitude of applications, the new PathPro SS cab system’s rugged design will withstand a host of obstacles.  Its main feature is the interior, offering almost 100% panoramic visibility, allowing the driver easy access to see in all directions with limited view obstructions.

Using quality 30oz clear, double-polished vinyl, the PathPro SS cab system seals snug around the entire vehicle, making the ride virtually air tight with minimal noise intrusion. Each cab features a steel roof with textured powered-coat paint and acoustic headliner that comes in 2 pieces, for easy shipping and assembly. The windshield is made from polycarbonate with quantum coating, allowing the ability for optional wiper usage and reduced marring. Accessories are also available for these cab systems that include heaters, work lights, plows and spreaders.

For more information on Curtis products please visit


U.S. Battery Manufacturing announces one of the greatest advancements in deep cycle batteries in recent history…XC2™! Back in 2006 U.S. Battery introduced their trademarked XC® (Xtreme Capacity) formulation. This exciting improvement brought with it significant performance gains such as higher initial capacity, higher overall capacity, longer cycle life, improved energy density, better recharge ability, and stronger plates. At the time, these improvements were considered innovative and have helped to position the U.S. Battery brand as the top performer in the industry. Along the way U.S. Battery was challenged to make their product even better and with XC2™, they have risen to the challenge. In March of this year the second generation of XC® will be introduced into their complete line of golf and some specialty batteries. The XC2™ formulation uses the platform created by XC® and takes it several steps further. Donald Wallace, executive vice president stated that “for the past two years we have been listening to and working with some of our biggest customers. Their goal was to create an optimized performance package consisting of chargers, controllers and batteries. The objective was to get component suppliers working together to design a system that would work in perfect harmony, thus optimizing the performance of their equipment.” One of the biggest problems with large deep cycle flooded lead acid batteries has been the long break in period required to attain 100% of their rated capacity. Typically, the move to improve initial capacity performance in deep cycle batteries would lead to shorter cycle life. Using the XC2™ formulation allows the U.S. Battery brand to achieve 100% rated capacity in as few as 25 cycles as compared to competitive brands which take as many as 125 cycles or more to reach the same level. This performance jump increases the amount of runtime that consumers can expect, increasing customer satisfaction and brand reliability. Not only do batteries using the XC2™ formulation reach capacity sooner they stay at rated capacity for a greater number of cycles.

Another problem encountered by deep cycle battery users is related to the industry switch to high frequency or smart chargers. Creating the correct charger algorithm for large battery packs using these charger types has proven to be more difficult than originally expected. Improving charge efficiencies in deep cycle batteries plays an integral part in ensuring a complete battery recharge within the industry required time standards as well as working with chargers that are at the top end of their capability. To further complicate things, states such as California are implementing legislation which will place energy efficiency requirements on combined charger/battery systems for any battery powered application, including equipment using large deep cycle batteries. Once adopted in California it is anticipated that these limiting charger/battery efficiency requirements will spread to other states as well. The XC2™ formulation improves overall charge efficiencies in the U.S. Battery brand making it highly compatible with the wide range of chargers used in the field. Mr. Wallace further stated that “Implementing XC2™ allows our batteries to reach full charge at minimum input levels well within the California range. We have not seen this ease of recharge in any other brands making the U.S. Battery XC2™ brand the new industry benchmark.”

The benefits of XC2™ include:
•    Highest initial capacity
•    Fastest cycle up to full rated capacity
•    Greatest total energy delivered over the life of the battery
•    Ultimate compatibility with the wide range of chargers currently used in the field
•    High charge efficiency designed to meet the new California Energy Commission regulation for combined charger/battery charge efficiency

U.S. Battery has spent the past two years testing internally and coordinating with independent testing to ensure that XC2™ is working as promised. The results achieved with the XC2™ formulation are impressive and set new standards for deep cycle battery performance.


Minter’s Golf Cart Sales operates by a simple but effective principle, said president Tom Minter. “We treat customers like we want to be treated… we always have and always will.”

That motto has kept customers happy and Minter’s Golf Cart Sales has grown steadily in the past 22 years—with golf cart sales numbered in the thousands.

Minter’s Golf Cart Sales recently opened a branch in Urbanna at 5437 Old Virginia Street, just west of town. Minter explained his business has built a large customer base in Middlesex County. With two large campgrounds in the area, the Urbanna store will make it more convenient for local customers.

When it started in 1989, Minter’s Golf Cart Sales was one of the few places in the area that sold and serviced golf carts. Customers came to Minter’s main store in Tappahannock from as far away as Virginia Beach, Chesapeake and Maryland. “They have stayed with me through the years,” he said.

Minter’s also sells golf carts wholesale and internationally, and has several commercial customers, which include hospitals, government agencies and corporations that use golf carts as utility vehicles.

Minter’s Golf Cart Sales specializes in new, used and reconditioned golf carts as well as service, accessories, parts and short or long term rentals.  The firm has a well-stocked parts department. Service technicians have the training to make all repairs, and Minter’s will pick up and deliver your golf cart, said Minter.

Minter’s, one of Virginia’s largest E-Z-GO golf cart dealers, also sells Car Club and Yamaha carts, and offers financing and insurance. Minter’s sells an average of 700 golf carts a year.  Minter’s was one of the first to customize golf carts with lift kits and custom wheels and tires, and can even build “stretch limo” golf carts or carts for utility use.


Evergreen Electric Vehicles, LLC endorses the Solar Drive system as the preferred Solar Top for all of its vehicles. “We are very impressed with the quality and performance of the Solar Drive products,” says Keith Andrews, President of Evergreen Electric Vehicles.  “The robust design and attention to detail are qualities that drew us to the product.  The management and support staff are highly professional and forward thinking.  We wanted to give our customers some direction on which of Solar top to consider.”

The Solar Drive top fits a wide range of vehicles. The hardware to install the top uses top quality stainless steel fasteners and the solar panels are surrounded by an attractive extruded aluminum frame with a Scandinavian flare.  Solar Drive’s home office is located in Denmark.

The Solar Drive top converts solar energy from two one hundred watt PV modules through a proprietary Maximum Power Point Tracking charge controller to maximize the amps and volts to the battery pack.

“The use of the latest state of the art solar panels along with a superior management system is what differentiates the Solar Drive system from the others.” says Erik Andersen, General Manager of Global Sales for Solar Drive.  “This free power from the sun can extend the vehicles range five to ten miles per day, depending on a variety of conditions.  By keeping the batteries constantly charged, the rate and level of discharge is improved, which over time will improve the battery life,” adds Andersen.

To learn more about the Solar Drive system or to locate a Solar Drive distributor near you , go to .  To find our more about the full line of Evergreen Electric Vehicles go to

The Easley Chamber of Commerce officially welcomed Xtreme Carts to the Easley business community on Wednesday.

Xtreme Carts has been in operation since 2004 when owners Travis and Angel Weathers set up shop on Latham Road. In April they moved the retail location to its new home at at 6129 Calhoun Memorial Highway.
Angel said it began as a hobby for Travis and his sons- Preston, 13, and Cameron, 7.  “We bought a golf cart for them to tinker around with and it just took off from there,” Angel said.

The family-owned business makes custom made golf carts and four-wheel drive hunting vehicles which they sell locally and nationally from the Xtreme Carts retail store and through the company’s website. The shop also carries outdoor gear, hunting gear and also repairs carts and hunting vehicles.

The Weathers even have their own patented hunting cart — the Stalker XTV. Travis designed the Stalker XTV solely for hunting purposes and said he’s sold the carts to hunters as far away as Iowa and Texas.

Travis began his career working in paint and body shops for businesses in Greenville and decided to launch his own business here in Easley so he could spend more time with his family. “It’s just fun to be able to work with my kids around,” Weathers said.

Members of the Greater Easley Chamber of Commerce gathered at the store on Thursday to officially welcome Extreme Carts to the Easley business community.

“We’re proud to have Xtreme Carts as the newest member of the Chamber of Commerce,” Greater Easley Chamber of Commerce President Kent Dykes said. “We wish them success in their business and their family.”


The PowerFilm panels cut battery charging costs as much as 20%

PowerFilm Inc., the Ames manufacturer of flexible solar panels, is partnering with Textron Co. to make solar power an option for E-Z-GO golf cars and other electric vehicles.

The companies said in a product announcement that they had developed a snap-top installation system that allows PowerFilm’s solar cells to be easily attached to the roofs of E-Z-GO cars. The rooftop solar system will be available in February. Pricing for the option has not yet been established, said PowerFilm’s Mike Coon.

The panels are expected to reduce energy costs for charging the batteries in golf cars by as much as 20 percent, the companies said. PowerFilm has experimented with solar-powered golf cars for some time, and last year made 10 solar-powered cars available for use at the Principal Charity Classic golf tournament in West Des Moines.

The companies said the advantages of solar power include increased driving range, easy installation of the rooftop panels and reduced energy costs. The panels are lightweight and durable, weighing less than 7 pounds. They are “designed and manufactured using military-grade specifications,” the announcement said.

“The solar panel creates, on average, enough electricity per year to offset nearly 175 pounds of carbon dioxide emissions,” it said. “E-Z-GO’s partnership with PowerFilm aligns with our commitment to environmental excellence,” said E-Z-GO President Kevin Holleran in the announcement. PowerFilm President Tim Neugent said the Ames company has been working with E-Z-GO for more than two years.

The product rollout is consistent with PowerFilm’s efforts in recent years to promote use of its flexible solar cells to the building industry for rooftop installations. The company has also worked with the military to develop solar panels that can be used on tents and other installations to promote remote power for computers and other devices used in desert situations.

Yamaha Golf-Car Company is proud to announce the recent hiring of Matthew Jones as District Sales Manager for south Texas.

Jones is an experienced golf professional who joins YGC after two years as General Manager for Cross Timbers Golf Course in Azle, Texas. His prior experience includes a four year tenure as Director of Golf at Koasati Pines Golf Course in Kinder, Louisiana and has worked as a member of the golf staff at Barton Creek Resort in Austin, Texas and at Golfcrest Country Club in Pearland, Texas.

Matt graduated from Tulane University in New Orleans with a degree in Business Management and received his membership into the Professional Golfers Association in 2006.

“Matt has a great deal of golf course experience and understands the challenges faced by today’s golf clubs and managers. We feel this knowledge gives him the inside track in understanding how to build a better relationship with General Managers, Course Owners and Golf Professionals”, said Kevin Norcross, Department Manager of Direct Sales and Marketing for Yamaha. “We’re happy to have Matt on our team and know he’ll do an excellent job taking care of our customers in south Texas.”

If you’d like more information, please visit us on the web at


Golf course maintenance professionals and club managers to gain innovative products, business-focused services and improved after-the-sale support

To enable greater global growth, John Deere recently underwent a global reorganization of its golf business, which will now fully integrate into the John Deere Agriculture & Turf Division.  The enhanced organization puts the full resources – innovation, expertise and history – of the expansive John Deere Enterprise behind its golf business, allowing John Deere Golf to better serve golf superintendents and greenskeepers, club managers, and maintenance professionals.

“We see an exceptional opportunity within the global golf business,” said John Lagemann, vice president, sales and marketing, John Deere Agriculture & Turf Division. “And, we’re well positioned, as an Enterprise, to strengthen our industry position worldwide. By aligning more closely with their peers, our golf-dedicated team members now have more resources at their disposal. As a result, our customers ultimately will benefit through more innovative products, improved business services and reinforced after-the-sale support.”

This expanded global focus not only keeps current team members in positions aligned with their experience, but also integrates them into focused business units that have additional resources.

“We are pleased that we’ll now be able to fully leverage John Deere’s global reach, backed by 61,000 employees, a $32 billion company and a $3 million-a-day investment in research and development,” said Gregg Breningmeyer, global segment manager, John Deere Golf.  “While this is an exciting internal change, we remain focused on our customers. We understand they play a key part in managing golf facilities, and we’re looking forward to leveraging our global assets to help them fortify and grow their businesses, as we grow ours.”

“John Deere Golf is trusted by some of the most demanding facilities and customers in the industry,” continued Lagemann. “So, it’s a natural progression for us to utilize all of our resources to grow globally…and to help our customer grow in all of our markets. John Deere prides itself on its commitment to continual improvement and learning, and this is best realized when each of our businesses are able to benefit from the focus and strength of our entire global organization.”

For more information please visit;

Industry News - January/February 2012

Yamaha Golf-Car Company is pleased to announce the introduction of Electronic Fuel Injection as a standard feature for all Yamaha golf car based Personal Transportation Vehicles. As an industry first, the Yamaha Electronic Fuel Injection system offers many benefits over traditional carbureted fuel delivery systems. Those benefits include:
• No choke required.
• Cleaner burning with less exhaust emissions.
• Smoother, more responsive acceleration.
• No need to re-jet to compensate for less dense air in higher altitudes.
• The smallest carbon footprint of any gasoline powered golf car.
• Provides as much as 38% better gas mileage than the competition.*

*According to independent verification conducted by Applied Technical Services testing The DRIVE® by Yamaha to Club Car Precedent and E-Z-GO RXV.

“We’re excited to be the first golf car manufacturer to offer Electronic Fuel Injection to our customers” says Tom McDonald, president of Yamaha Golf-Car Company. McDonald adds, “We were able to draw from the knowledge gained in manufacturing other reliable Yamaha products such as WaveRunners, outboard motors, motorcycles and ATV’s that also have Fuel Injection. I think the benefits of Fuel Injection will refine our car to an unprecedented level, not to mention the benefit of potentially saving thousands of dollars in fuel costs.”

For more information on Yamaha Golf Cars, visit us on the web at


In the Northeast corner of Pennsylvania, deep inside the Corporate Headquarters of Custom Seats, Inc., one of the East Coast’s premier contract seat manufacturers, the management team in the Backspin Seating division is ecstatic about the upcoming launch of their new custom golf cart seats. “Seat Styles to Match Your Lifestyle” will be officially unveiled at January 2012’s PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando, Florida. The customizable line of seats features durable, all-weather construction, easy installation and minimal maintenance.

Backspin Seating CEO Thomas Dellamalva is looking forward to the Show, “As a golfer myself, I’ve always had my eye on the industry. As an entrepreneur, this feels like a very natural expansion of our business. At Custom Seats, Inc., we are 100% focused on making quality seats. You’ll find our seats in casinos, lecture halls, wheelchairs and other environments where long-term comfort really matters. We’ve poured over a decade of knowledge and experience into creating Backspin Seating. People ask me why Backspin seats feel so great. While we’re using molded-form construction to deliver terrific support, the secret is really in the styling and craftsmanship, in the way the seat fits your body.”

Tom’s son, John Dellamalva, a Certified Public Accountant, serves as the company’s Vice President of Finance. “Because we are first and foremost a seat manufacturer, there are certain economies of scale that benefit the Backspin customer. Compared to other seats on the market today, Backspin products are an incredible value for the dollar.”

As Backspin’s Director of Product Development, Jamie Durkin is the artistic mind behind the design of each of the company’s three seats: the Turbo-Charge (bucket), The Crossover (bench) and The Streamline (bench). “I admit, in addition to comfort and value, we went for drama. Each of the three seats is available in three very unique styles, sewn and upholstered by experienced craftsmen. Each style can be completely customized and personalized. There’s contrast piping, diamond-tufting, racing stripes…customers can mix and match colors, textures, top-stitching details, embroidery and more. The Inspiration Gallery on our website shows just some of the creative possibilities.”

“We’ve assembled a team of smart, talented, forward-thinking people to bring these custom golf cart seats to market…product design, manufacturing, marketing, finance, sales,” says Vice President of Operations Dana Trotta- Jayne. “Backspin Seating is truly a collaborative effort. With so much manufacturing being done overseas these days, we’re proud that we’re making our products right here at home.”

Backspin Seating is currently accepting Dealer Inquiries within the continental United States. A limited number of International Dealership Opportunities are available. Dealer benefits include pricing incentives, business development assistance, a downloadable resource library and aggressive showroom/retail support. Dealer Applications are available at Inquiries can be directed to

Central Park in South Manhattan is everything that is awful about driving in New York City. Tour buses, horse-drawn carriages, trucks, cyclists, taxis and passenger cars converge from Fifth Avenue in a tortured tango of man and metal trying, without apparent success, to get somewhere in a New York minute. And now I am adding another machine to the transportation mix: a battery-powered Garia LSV, which is short for low-speed vehicle.

Garia is the latest entry in the market for LSVs, which are essentially street-legal golf carts. They used to be confined to retirement villages and gated communities, where no one is in particular hurry and traffic is a sign of vitality. But changes in state laws have made these souped-up golf cars increasingly popular on regular roads, and some towns have been accommodating the surge by doing things like converting parking spaces for these itty-bitty buggies and designating which major intersections they can cross.

According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), most states now allow LSVs on any road where the speed limit is 35 m.p.h or less. This makes LSVs legal in New York City, where the crush turning onto Central Park South reveals some advantages the Garia has over a typical sedan. The Garia is made by a Danish company of the same name that has positioned itself as the Porsche of the LSV market. (Its vehicles are made in Finland at the same factory that assembles the Porsche Boxster.) The tricked-out $21,000 model I am testing has a dashboard refrigerator and chrome wheels. But by federal decree, it can’t go any faster than a very un-Porsche-like 25 m.p.h. Its squat front end means I can weave through the swarms of pedestrians more easily, and the turning ratio is such that cutting into traffic is a snap.

But then comes the reality of what this maneuverability means: Do we really want LSVs, which have little in the way of passenger protection, out there with the heavy metal? When the IIHS crash-tested one popular LSV model, the GEM e2, the results weren’t pretty. In one test the institute took the smallest car on the market, the Smart, and rammed it into a GEM at 31 m.p.h. Sensors showed that the crash-test dummy in the Smart was protected from serious harm by the car’s air bags and roll cage. The GEM dummy was toast. David Zuby, chief research officer of IIHS, called LSVs the undoing of 40 years of auto-safety improvements. To be street legal, LSVs need headlights and taillights, rear and side mirrors and seat belts, but they don’t have to pass the crash tests required of all passenger cars and trucks, nor do they have side-door air bags. Heck, they don’t even have side doors. The relatively low price of LSVs make them affordable to more people. But when a colleague took a look at the Garia, she said there’s no way she’d drive it in Manhattan. This did not prevent her from assigning me to drive it. Having done so, I’d have to agree with her assessment. These are still golf cars, and they have their place. But not in the big city. Time August 22, 2011.

J.R.’S Lawnmower Shop held its annual Customer Appreciation Day along with being in business for 25 years Friday, October 21, 2011. J.R.’S had 634 to register for great door prizes and grand prizes, with upwards attendance of over 700; this includes children and adults which did not register.

One of the Grand Prizes was a 2008 Yamaha recondition electric Golf Cart. The winning ticket belonged to none other than Opp Firefighter Jason Whitehead who suffered a stroke earlier this year. Whitehead is pictured with owner, Joe Richburg, who said on realizing Whitehead was the winner that God is always working in the world.

Other winners were; John Harrison who won a Caliber Utility Trailer, Jerry Mulling won Snapper Push Mower, Neil Mckinnon & Sara Cullman each won Husqvarna Chain Saw, Al Kirk won Poulan Chain Saw, Janice Moody won Stihl Blower.

During the day names were drawn from the crowd for door prizes, while they enjoyed a free meal of BBQ from Pick & Save, Kelley’s hamburgers & hot dogs as well as sausage dogs, chips, David’s Catfish, Mrs. Stratton Slaw & Potato Salad, Subway sandwiches, Little Caesars Pizzas, Cake from individuals of Carol Polk & Lucile Foley and don’t forget drinks from Pepsi. And of course, JR, the Mechanikin dog visited the crowed throughout the day.

When you have your next golf outing, you will be glad to know that YKK Snap Fasteners America (YSU) offers a product that is designed to keep all of your golf accessories securely attached to your cart.  YSU’s SNAD (snap adhesively attached) snap components product line works great for mounting radios, windshields, cup holders, seat covers, carpeting, canopies, and an infinite number of other accessories to your golf cart.

Originally created for the marine industry, these fasteners have a unique dome shape, and they come in either an automotive grade of plastic or a flexible base silicone.  They also contain a pad of 3M™, VHB™ acrylic conformable foam adhesive on their underside which enables them to stick to most any surface including those where it is impossible to drill a hole.  Installation is a snap!  All one must do is simply clean the surface to which the snap is to be applied, peel off the protective paper backing, position and firmly hold the snap in place and release.

The plastic snap fasteners and the flexible base silicone adhesive snap fasteners can be used together.  The plastic snap fasteners are designed to stick to flat surfaces, while the flexible base silicone adhesive snaps work best on convex and concave surfaces such as the inside and outside of a metal tube.  The flexible base silicone snaps also attach to layered surfaces where different levels of framing come together.  The SNAD sockets and studs work perfect for securing items which conventional screw studs may not hold securely including golf cart frames, bodies, and covers.

The plastic snap fasteners are incorporated into a 40 mm diameter low profile, plastic dome, while the flexible base silicone adhesive snaps are incorporated into a 25 mm diameter low profile, silicone dome.  Both the plastic snap fasteners and the flexible base silicone adhesive snap fasteners can also be used in many other applications including materials handling, RVs, ATVs, signage, awnings, promotional displays, and trade show exhibits.

The plastic and flexible base silicone snaps’ snap on/off lifecycle exceeds that of hook and loop closures.  And since there are no moving parts, the snap action is more consistent over thousands of connections than conventional metal snaps.  SNAD fasteners are also available as either a stud or socket, and they come in black, white, gray or custom colors.

For more information on the plastic adhesive snap components or the flexible base silicone adhesive snap components and other YKK Snap Fasteners America Products, contact Rod Helwig at

Capable of moving a host of materials: snow, aggregate materials, livestock feed and silage

Curtis Industries, LLC has introduced a new and improved line of Sno-Pro tractor blades that feature a no-weld design to simplify the process of attachment to the bucket loader arm.  No more welding or painting necessary.  Just attach and go!

These new Sno-Pro tractor blades range from 5’ to 8’ and offer a full moldboard design that protects both operator and equipment.  The operator can choose between three mounting options: Skid Steer, John Deere Quick Attach or the new Bolt-On Pin Mount Bracket.

All blades feature center-punched cutting edges with high-carbon steel for maximum utility and extended usage.  The durable charcoal powder coat finish provides a superior non-stick surface so no material remains on the blade and requires less passes. Hydraulic cylinders provide over 30 degrees of left and right adjustment with mechanical stops.  Each blade includes high visibility plow markers and adjustable cast-iron skid shoes. For more information on Curtis products please visit

Owners of Club Car’s electric Precedent golf cars include families who live in gated communities, automotive dealers, apartment complexes and other individuals and business owners. These consumers want to interact with passengers and often want a four-passenger vehicle. Until recently, the only way to transform Club Car’s electric Precedent golf car into a four-passenger vehicle was by adding an optional rear-facing seat.

Club Car now offers these owners another choice. Known as the Precedent Stretch Conversion Kit, this dealer-installed option transforms the electric Precedent from a two-passenger vehicle into one with four forward-facing seats. The no-weld kit can be installed in about four hours, increases leg room by 35 inches, and includes an integrated grab bar for rear passengers.

“Unlike the optional rear-facing seat, the Precedent Stretch Conversion Kit allows all four passengers to face forward. This more familiar automotive configuration fosters conversation and increases passenger comfort,” says David Selby, Club Car’s director of consumer and commercial category.

The frame and other key components are made from rustproof aluminum, and te kit includes all the components needed to convert the vehicle into a four-passenger model, except the actual seats. “Seats are sold separately to allow owners to personalize their vehicles by selecting from our assortment of styles and colors,” Selby says.

The kit accommodates an optional 103-inch canopy to protect the car and its occupants from rain and snow. It also accommodates an optional track for users who want to install vinyl enclosures. The Precedent Stretch Conversion Kit is available at Club Car dealers and distributors. To find a dealer near you, visit and click “Dealer Locator.”


Evergreen Electric Vehicles, LLC begins production of the NEW 2012 GOAT vehicle in November of 2011.  The GOAT is 100% electric powered by a 48 Volt - 12 Peak HP AC motor system.  The Ameri-Torque brake system is now used exclusively in all Evergreen 2012 vehicles and is known for ease of maintenance and reliable braking

The GOAT comes in a multitude of passenger configurations; 2 facing forward, the 2+2 with a rear facing seat kit, the 4 facing forward with 4+2 option utilizing the same rear facing seat kit.  Base models come with a rear cargo box, front utility basket and brush guard.  Customers can choose from 5 color options or upgrade to 5 premium colors or a CAMO wrap. Other standard features include AC motor, head and taillights, horn, on-board high frequency battery chargers, single point battery watering system, 6×8volt wet batteries and state of charge meter, just to name a few. Most orders for single car orders ship in is less than 14 days.  GOAT vehicles can be shipped one at a time by common carrier to expedite delivery.

Like the other quality vehicles offered by Evergreen Electric Vehicles, they are fully assembled here in the United States.  The parent company, Fairplay Electric Cars, LLC is a Colorado company headquartered in Grand Junction, Colorado and has offered a wide range of all electric vehicles since 2004.  Their production facility is conveniently located near the port of Long Beach in Southern California,   a perfect location for receiving a variety of assembly parts and loading containers for export.  To find out more about the new HOSS Extra Duty Utility Vehicles, visit the HOSS web site at


You certainly cannot put the last decade in the golf business in perspective without looking at the changes in the supply and demand balance… or imbalance.

Let’s begin by re-visiting the golf development boom of the mid to late 1990’s…  The industry was riding the real-estate boom and the opening of new courses was disproportionately driven by developers building and maintaining high-end courses as an amenity to sell homes and lots.  While not a universal truth, most of the entrepreneurs funding this course construction were not concerned as to whether the course could survive on its own as a business.  Thousands of golf courses were added to the supply in the seven years from 1994 to 2000.
At the same time, the golf participation rate was holding steady (around 10.5% of the U.S. population, age 6+) and we saw an increase of nearly five million golfers primarily due to population growth and increases in some key demographic groups.

What happened to the golf landscape over the past decade is a not-so-simple lesson in economics.  Golf course over-supply has diluted the stagnant demand and created a highly competitive environment for course owners and operators.  Add two recessions during this period and what you have is an extremely challenging marketplace.

The accompanying chart offers an illustrative overlay of trends in several core metrics in our industry.  You will note that rounds played have seen a cumulative drop of 12% since 2001.  This drop in rounds (equivalent to approx. 60 million rounds) has been driven, in large part, by the two periods of recession mentioned earlier (2002-2003 and 2008-2010).

From 2001 to 2005, the industry was still adding to golf course supply at a rate of over 100 net courses per year.  Although we have seen a net reduction in course supply since 2006, we remain in an oversupply situation (despite the six years of net reduction in supply, we stand today at 300 facilities higher than 2001 levels).

The Bonita Springs developers of the Sunmobile solar-powered electric utility vehicle promise a smooth ride from its four-wheel, independent suspension – and speed unheard of in most golf carts. And, for a golf course superintendent or a resort manager in a hurry, one push of a switch ramps up the maximum running speed from 15 mph to 25 mph. “It’s like going into overdrive,” said Hans Holzmann. He and William Heckenstaller are the principals in Solar Cart Solutions. It’s a spinoff of Gulf City Solar, a developer of solar power kits for installation on existing golf carts.

The original company recently installed its thin-film solar panels and power management systems on 125 carts at Citrus Hills Golf and Country Club north of Tampa. That made it the first golf fleet in the country to run on solar energy, according to Holzmann.

Now, in addition to the kits, the entrepreneurial duo are starting to market complete carts, which they think will have a bright future in the work fleets at golf courses and resorts and at mega retirement communities where electric carts are the preferred means of travel. The Sunmobile boasts 80 percent U.S-made parts. Final assembly occurs at the companies’ facility in Bonita Springs, where Holzmann and Heckenstaller are joined by three to four part-time workers. Unlike solar power kits that use heavy glass panels that can weigh up to 60 pounds, the local companies use a thin-film panel, weighing about nine pounds. Extra performance is provided by the proprietary power-management system Heckensteller developed. It costs about $2 per day to charge a conventionally powered electric golf cart.

With Breast cancer awareness month behind us, so is the Extreme Custom Cart Breast Cancer Awareness Raffle. This one of a kind beauty made appearances at Viera East Country Club;  Indian River Colony Club, BayTree Country Club, Patrick Air Force base for the Chamber of Commence tournament, Turtle Creek in Viera, Tuscany Customer appreciation day and Bar Bells for Boobs at 26.2 Crossfit in Rockledge where gym owner Allie Newell proudly sported this pink wonder.

With the help of our many vendors who donated various items and services to this cause. The cart raised $2500 to be donated to Breast Friends of Florida, right here in Brevard County. This Raffle was the first for Extreme Custom Carts, but certainly not the last. Our efforts started off a little late, but ended nicely. Our goal for next year is $5000.

We couldn’t be more pleased to draw winner Mitzi Hansrote, of Tuscany Villa’s, a breast cancer survivor herself. What a heart warming end to a beautiful cause. A hug thank you to all vendors and persons involved!! We will see you next year!

Industry News - November/December 2011


Extreme Custom Carts has done it again. Again , and again. For those of you who are at the edge of your seat, we have decided to give back to the community who has given us so much. We have built the most sleek, most elegant, sexy, soft pink custom car, this county has ever seen. We have truly out done ourselves; once again.

It is October, Breast Cancer Awareness month. Michelle, along with Troy have designed and built a custom beauty. And would you believe it? The Team at Extreme Custom Carts are giving this car away for raffle. Now this is where we mention the warm, big hearted investors. Nivel, the largest golf car parts and accessories manufacturer/distributor, donated all the parts needed to complete this one of a kind golf car. Royal Battery, largest battery vendor in Florida, donated, you guessed it, brand new batteries for this amazing cause.

This pink car will be displayed at various golf courses through out the Viera and the Melbourne area for viewing and for the raffle purchase. Tickets will also be available online Monday October 10th. The proceeds of this golf car will be donated to Breast Cancer Awareness, right here locally to Florida. Tickets are $5 each, 2 tickets for $8 and 29 tickets for $100.00. The winner will be drawn on November 25th, 2011, Black Friday. No-one need be present, but the winner will be notified at noon that day. The winner will be asked to pose for photographs and say a few words for our follow up articles.

No other custom cart shop does it like we do, we create the unimaginable, the awesome, the dream golf car, because we, are Extreme Custom Carts.


Strategic Alliance will Offer Lead-acid Customers Lithium-based Solutions

Trojan Battery Company, the world’s leading manufacturer of deep-cycle batteries, and Palladium Energy, a leading manufacturer of custom lithium-based battery packs, have formed a strategic alliance to develop clean energy battery solutions for a broad range of industries. Together, the companies will explore the development of lithium-based battery packs for use in Trojan’s key market segments which include renewable energy, golf, transportation, floor machine, aerial work platform, marine and recreational vehicles.

This strategic partnership enables Trojan to expand its portfolio of battery offerings to meet evolving customer demands for applications requiring lithium-based technology. The combination of Palladium’s expertise in cell technology, design engineering and testing with Trojan’s more than 85 years of lead-acid battery engineering capabilities enhances collaborative efforts to develop lithium-based battery packs under the Trojan brand.

“As industry leaders in the development of innovative battery technologies, the partnership between Trojan and Palladium will allow us to provide the market the most advanced battery solutions to support the evolving needs and demands of Trojan customers,” said Mat Segal, senior vice president of global business development at Trojan Battery Company. “Broadening Trojan’s product portfolio to include lithium-based solutions also better enables the company to expand Trojan’s reach into new and evolving industry segments worldwide.”

The market demand for lithium-based battery solutions continues to grow as emerging market segments, such as renewable energy, take hold. Traditionally used in portable consumer electronic devices, advances in lithium-based battery packs now enable the use of smaller, lightweight footprints with increased energy density in a broad range of applications that require primary or back-up battery power.

“By partnering with an industry leader such as Trojan, Palladium can produce battery packs for a wider variety of market segments,” said Art Salyer, president and chief executive officer for Palladium Energy. “The world’s leading original equipment manufacturers and contract manufacturers already trust Palladium’s power solutions, but this partnership will catapult our company into new and emerging verticals and medium and large format applications, allowing us to have an even larger role in powering the world with green technology.”

For more information visit About Palladium Energy; For more information, please visit


Introducing Exceed Hybrid Technology™, the fully integrated supplemental power source for E-Z-GO electric vehicles. This groundbreaking system, now available on the E-Z-GO® Freedom RXV® personal golf car and E-Z-GO 2Five® street-legal vehicle, allows vehicles to travel up to 150 miles on a single charge by supplementing the vehicle’s 48-volt electric powertrain with a small gas-powered generator.

The Exceed system adds a 6hp, 205cc gas-powered generator to the patented 48-volt AC Drive system featured on the electric Freedom RXV and 2Five. When engaged, the generator recharges the vehicle’s batteries on the fly, greatly extending the range that the vehicle can travel on a single charge. The system’s single-cylinder, low-emissions gas-powered engine meets all EPA and California Air Resources Board (CARB) standards.

The Exceed system also features a 400-watt power source to allow for the charging and use of small electronic devices such as radios, mobile phones, and laptop computers. A standard 120-volt, three-pronged electrical outlet is mounted in the dashboard of the vehicle to allow for convenient use of such items from the vehicle’s cabin.

Exceed Hybrid Technology seamlessly integrates with your E-Z-GO vehicle for simple operation and a sharp fit and finish. All system controls are mounted in the vehicle’s dash within easy reach. The Exceed system itself mounts into the vehicle’s rear bagwell and is fitted with a specially designed cover to protect the system and provide a clean, integrated look.

In tests simulating real-world, “stop-and-go” use, a four-passenger, Exceed-equipped 2Five under an average load and traveling at a speed of 16 mph, was able to traverse 150 miles between charges. Actual distance will vary depending on numerous factors, including a vehicle’s load, weather conditions, the terrain, and any optional equipment installed.

Exceed Hybrid Technology will be available in August as a factory-installed option for the E-Z-GO Freedom RXV® personal golf car and on the E-Z-GO 2Five® street-legal vehicle. Existing owners of those models will soon be able to upgrade their vehicles with an aftermarket Exceed Hybrid Technology kit available for installation at E-Z-GO Authorized Dealers. To find your local dealer, please use the E-Z-GO Dealer Locator.


Evergreen Electric Vehicles, LLC today unveiled their 2012 EVE Low Speed Vehicles. The most notable difference over previous years is the move the AC Power in all EVE models. “Our AC Motor has excellent performance characteristics. Our testing shows improved range due to the efficient nature of the brushless AC system,” says Keith Andrews, President of Evergreen Electric Vehicles, LLC whose company produces the EVE products.

In addition to the move to AC power in all EVE LSV models, the vehicles now come with the Ameri-Torque brake system by AUSCO products located in Michigan. The mechanical disc brake system is far superior to the typical brake drums. There is a 30% increased amount of brake force generated when the same pedal force is applied. The brakes perform better in wet conditions and are easy to service and maintain. “The Ameri-Torque brake system increases our use of quality parts made right here in America,” adds Andrews.

Even with the improvements to the 2012 EVE models, the base price will remain the same as our 2011 vehicles. “We are proud of our team for the hard work and effort to deliver such a great product without an increase in the cost to the customer,” says Andrews.

EVE products are sold exclusively through an authorized dealer network throughout America. Market areas are available in select areas and in most states an automotive dealer license is required. Contact an EVE LSV representative to learn more about becoming and EVE LSV dealer.

Evergreen Electric Vehicles, LLC is a Colorado Company with assembly facilities in the Long Beach, California area, where it produces 100% electric vehicles in four distinctive brands; HOSS Extra Duty Utility line of commercial vehicles, LEGACY Golf and Recreational, EVE LSV street legal low speed vehicles and is developing an off road hunting vehicle under the GOAT brand. Evergreen Electric Vehicles, LLC sells through its network of authorized dealer throughout North America and the world.

For additional information about any of the vehicles offered by Evergreen Electric Vehicles, go on line to visit us at or


Keeps Occupants Dry and Seamlessly Incorporates Other Accessories

Owners of Club Car’s Precedent Villager 4 golf cars can now remain dry in the

heaviest downpours, thanks to the newest accessory for this vehicle: the Monsoon XL Canopy. A significant leap forward in functionality and customer ergonomics, this canopy offers features not seen in other golf car manufacturer’s offerings.

The result of years of development and refinement, the new canopy is made of blow molded, double-wall, impact resistant polyethylene (HDEP). Using this material allowed for the design of a canopy that is robust and can aesthetically integrate new features and optional accessories.

The canopy’s increased dimensions combined with a unique built-in drainage system flows more than three gallons of water per minute, or 14 inches of rain per hour, keeping the car and all four occupants dry and comfortable. An optional in-canopy ventilation system provides air flow, cooling and insect abatement—an industry first among the OEM manufacturers. The canopy is also designed with built-in speaker, stereo/radio and strobe light mounts as well as a unique no-drill track mounting system for owners who wish to add full enclosures.

“The size and durability of the Monsoon XL canopy, coupled with its accommodating design, make it a versatile, valuable addition for this vehicle that is used in such a wide range of applications,” says Kurt Meyer, Club Car’s commercial/industrial marketing manager.

The stylish four-passenger Precedent Villager 4 is a favorite among individual, business and industrial owners. It is built on a rustproof aluminum frame, features front and rear suspension systems for sport-like handling, and comes in electric or gas models.

The Monsoon XL Canopy is now available in white or beige at Club Car dealers and distributors. To find a dealer near you, visit and click “Dealer Locator.”


With specially designed carbon fiber body panels and supercar inspired modifications on the exterior, the Garia Mansory Edition proudly conveys the values of its creators: craftsmanship, design and luxury.

Designed through a unique creative collaboration between Garia, the Danish manufacturer of luxury golf and leisure cars, and Mansory, the world-famous customizer of supercars such as Rolls-Royce, Aston Martin and Bentley, this one-off golf and leisure car embodies the style and quality of its automobile lineage.

Carbon fiber – an ultra-light yet exceptionally strong material normally used in the motor sports and aircraft industries – has been used on body panels on the front apron, side steps and tail apron. The cabin floor is lined with teak tree, while the specially designed headlights, air scoop and fender gills complete this unique and complex transformation.

“When creating the Garia, we set out to build the best golf car in the world, teaming up with the most renowned suppliers in the automobile industry, and with the Garia Mansory Edition our connection to the automobile world is further strengthened”, says Mr. Anders Lynge, designer of the Garia.

“At Mansory, we have always been passionate about luxury cars, and the Garia is a natural supplement to our portfolio as it meets our quality standard of production on the highest technical level combined with masterly craftsmanship and the most precious materials”, says Kourosh Mansory, owner of Mansory Design and Holding GmbH.

Also introduced is the Garia 2+2 with it’s fitted with a rear seat with space for two more passengers.

“The Garia is essentially a very versatile vehicle that can be used for local transportation, golfing and daily errands. With the Garia 2+2 it becomes a vehicle that you can use with your family and friends”, says Mr. Anders Lynge, designer of the Garia. “It is also a great option as a utility vehicle for hotels and resorts”.

In keeping with the Garia concept of design, quality and luxury the rear seat is elegantly integrated into the current design.

The Garia 2+2 is also available with luxury options such as a refrigerator built into the dashboard.

For more information about Garia, please visit


Yamaha Golf-Car Company and Canadian based DSG TAG Systems, Inc., have formed a strategic partnership that provides Yamaha fleet customers immediate access to the innovative DSG Fleet Management System.

This cost effective and easily installed state-of-the-art technology helps maximize golf course operational efficiency, increase revenue and improve customer satisfaction. The system consists of a small wireless enabled transmitter/receiver (known as a TAG) that is easily and inconspicuously installed on each car in the fleet. Utilizing existing cellular networks and web based (cloud technology), the operator gains real time information, including:

• Exact location of each golf car viewable on specific, local or regional maps.

• Geo-fencing (virtual fences), that restricts golf car access to pre-designated and sensitive areas.

• Zone alert notification for the operator (or designated person) when a golf car enters a restricted zone (such as a green or parking lot), or if it leaves course grounds. This helps prevent unwanted incidents, potential course damage, golf car damage or theft and could minimize golf club liability.

• Lock down for staged golf cars until they are ready for use when they can be ‘released’ without the need for a key. This saves time and money during tournament staging and events.

• Real-time pace of play monitoring and easy view of any bottlenecks or slow play from the clubhouse, any remote computer, tablet or smart phone. This helps your actual marshals be more effective.

• Real time golf car statistics helping to ensure maximization of fleet rotation , and monitoring of rounds played, distance cars are driven, battery state-of-charge with alerts to the operator should a golf car become disabled.

• Monitoring of “extra or free rounds” to minimize lost revenue.

DSG technology is universal and not restricted to one model or type of car. It operates effectively on all vehicles including fleet golf cars, turf mowers and equipment, food & beverage vehicles and utility vehicles. Through a proprietary “smart battery” technology the TAG recharges itself only when the cart is being recharged. When the cart is in use, the TAG runs off its own internal battery. This gives you peace of mind knowing that the TAG isn’t drawing any power off the vehicles own batteries during the day.

For more information on DSG Fleet Solutions go to and for more information on Yamaha Golf Cars, visit us on the web at


Trojan Battery Company, the world’s leading manufacturer of deep-cycle batteries, has announced the appointment of Mat Segal to senior vice president of global business development. In his new role, Segal will be responsible for managing international sales growth and leading Trojan’s strategies focusing on the global expansion of sales and distribution of Trojan products.

“Under Mat’s leadership Trojan will continue implementing the company’s strategy to expand its international markets and penetrate newer developing regions worldwide. These markets represent significant opportunities to enhance Trojan’s global reach and presence,” said Dave Godber, executive vice president of sales and marketing at Trojan Battery. “Mat will take on the added responsibility of managing sales and new business development activities for both foundational and emerging markets outside of the U.S.”

Prior to joining Trojan Battery in 2010, he served as a consultant to Trojan advising the company on a range of initiatives including long-term corporate planning, operational improvements and renewable energy business planning. Segal has a distinguished career as a senior strategist developing key initiatives for Fortune 500 companies. He served as a partner at OC&C Strategy Consultants, founded Fountainhead Concepts Inc. and was a senior manager for The Mitchell Madison Group. Segal also held business planning and management posts at Cedars-Sinai Health Systems, Disney Consumer Products and Tsunami Trading.

Segal received his MBA with honors in strategy and finance from The Anderson School at UCLA where he served as president of the Management Consulting Association and director of the Entrepreneurial Association Mentor Program. Segal earned a bachelor’s degree in political science from Northwestern University.

For more information visit


Marc Dufour has been named president of Club Car, an Ingersoll Rand brand. Dufour will have overall responsibility for the operational performance and strategic direction of the golf car and utility vehicle manufacturer.

Dufour is Club Car’s fifth president in the company’s 53-year history. He succeeds Gary Michel, who recently was named president of Ingersoll Rand’s Residential Solutions Sector.

The 30-year Ingersoll Rand veteran has spent his entire career in the company’s Industrial Technologies Sector, which provides products and services – from compressed air systems, tools and pumps to material and fluid handling systems and small task-oriented vehicles – that enhance energy efficiency, productivity and operations. After joining Ingersoll Rand in 1981 as an application engineer, Dufour has held various positions with increasing responsibility. For the past five years, he has served as president of the America’s Region of the Industrial Technologies Sector. Previously he was president of Ingersoll Rand’s global Air Solutions business.

Dufour assumes leadership of one of golf’s most respected brands as Club Car expands its reputation as a leading manufacturer of small task-oriented vehicles that serve a growing number of industries.

“I’m thrilled and honored to lead a company as respected and well positioned as Club Car,” Dufour said. “Throughout the Ingersoll Rand enterprise, as well as anywhere in the world where its people and products serve, Club Car is known for its innovative spirit, dedication to customers and unique culture. This is a very special opportunity for me.”

Randy Marquardt has been named vice president of Global Marketing for Club Car, an Ingersoll Rand brand.

Marquardt joins Club Car from Ingersoll Rand’s Residential Solutions Sector, where he served as vice president and general manager since 2008.

Marquardt replaces Robert McElreath, who recently was named vice president, Air Products for Industrial Technologies, also an Ingersoll Rand brand.

Marquardt brings 30 years of sales and marketing experience to Club Car. While at Residential Solutions, he was responsible for Ingersoll Rand’s residential security business as well as retail and builder channels in the residential HVAC market. Prior to joining Ingersoll Rand in 1999, he held various marketing and sales leadership roles at Armstrong World Industries. Marquardt is a graduate of Colorado State University where he earned a bachelor’s degree in business administration.

“Randy is well prepared to lead and to continue to grow one of golf’s most respected brands,” said Marc Dufour, president and CEO of Club Car. “His experience in consumer and commercial markets will lend important insights to new growth opportunities for our brand.”

For more information, go to and

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