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Extreme Custom Carts has done it again. Again , and again. For those of you who are at the edge of your seat, we have decided to give back to the community who has given us so much. We have built the most sleek, most elegant, sexy, soft pink custom car, this county has ever seen. We have truly out done ourselves; once again.

It is October, Breast Cancer Awareness month. Michelle, along with Troy have designed and built a custom beauty. And would you believe it? The Team at Extreme Custom Carts are giving this car away for raffle. Now this is where we mention the warm, big hearted investors. Nivel, the largest golf car parts and accessories manufacturer/distributor, donated all the parts needed to complete this one of a kind golf car. Royal Battery, largest battery vendor in Florida, donated, you guessed it, brand new batteries for this amazing cause.

This pink car will be displayed at various golf courses through out the Viera and the Melbourne area for viewing and for the raffle purchase. Tickets will also be available online Monday October 10th. The proceeds of this golf car will be donated to Breast Cancer Awareness, right here locally to Florida. Tickets are $5 each, 2 tickets for $8 and 29 tickets for $100.00. The winner will be drawn on November 25th, 2011, Black Friday. No-one need be present, but the winner will be notified at noon that day. The winner will be asked to pose for photographs and say a few words for our follow up articles.

No other custom cart shop does it like we do, we create the unimaginable, the awesome, the dream golf car, because we, are Extreme Custom Carts.


Strategic Alliance will Offer Lead-acid Customers Lithium-based Solutions

Trojan Battery Company, the world’s leading manufacturer of deep-cycle batteries, and Palladium Energy, a leading manufacturer of custom lithium-based battery packs, have formed a strategic alliance to develop clean energy battery solutions for a broad range of industries. Together, the companies will explore the development of lithium-based battery packs for use in Trojan’s key market segments which include renewable energy, golf, transportation, floor machine, aerial work platform, marine and recreational vehicles.

This strategic partnership enables Trojan to expand its portfolio of battery offerings to meet evolving customer demands for applications requiring lithium-based technology. The combination of Palladium’s expertise in cell technology, design engineering and testing with Trojan’s more than 85 years of lead-acid battery engineering capabilities enhances collaborative efforts to develop lithium-based battery packs under the Trojan brand.

“As industry leaders in the development of innovative battery technologies, the partnership between Trojan and Palladium will allow us to provide the market the most advanced battery solutions to support the evolving needs and demands of Trojan customers,” said Mat Segal, senior vice president of global business development at Trojan Battery Company. “Broadening Trojan’s product portfolio to include lithium-based solutions also better enables the company to expand Trojan’s reach into new and evolving industry segments worldwide.”

The market demand for lithium-based battery solutions continues to grow as emerging market segments, such as renewable energy, take hold. Traditionally used in portable consumer electronic devices, advances in lithium-based battery packs now enable the use of smaller, lightweight footprints with increased energy density in a broad range of applications that require primary or back-up battery power.

“By partnering with an industry leader such as Trojan, Palladium can produce battery packs for a wider variety of market segments,” said Art Salyer, president and chief executive officer for Palladium Energy. “The world’s leading original equipment manufacturers and contract manufacturers already trust Palladium’s power solutions, but this partnership will catapult our company into new and emerging verticals and medium and large format applications, allowing us to have an even larger role in powering the world with green technology.”

For more information visit About Palladium Energy; For more information, please visit


Introducing Exceed Hybrid Technology™, the fully integrated supplemental power source for E-Z-GO electric vehicles. This groundbreaking system, now available on the E-Z-GO® Freedom RXV® personal golf car and E-Z-GO 2Five® street-legal vehicle, allows vehicles to travel up to 150 miles on a single charge by supplementing the vehicle’s 48-volt electric powertrain with a small gas-powered generator.

The Exceed system adds a 6hp, 205cc gas-powered generator to the patented 48-volt AC Drive system featured on the electric Freedom RXV and 2Five. When engaged, the generator recharges the vehicle’s batteries on the fly, greatly extending the range that the vehicle can travel on a single charge. The system’s single-cylinder, low-emissions gas-powered engine meets all EPA and California Air Resources Board (CARB) standards.

The Exceed system also features a 400-watt power source to allow for the charging and use of small electronic devices such as radios, mobile phones, and laptop computers. A standard 120-volt, three-pronged electrical outlet is mounted in the dashboard of the vehicle to allow for convenient use of such items from the vehicle’s cabin.

Exceed Hybrid Technology seamlessly integrates with your E-Z-GO vehicle for simple operation and a sharp fit and finish. All system controls are mounted in the vehicle’s dash within easy reach. The Exceed system itself mounts into the vehicle’s rear bagwell and is fitted with a specially designed cover to protect the system and provide a clean, integrated look.

In tests simulating real-world, “stop-and-go” use, a four-passenger, Exceed-equipped 2Five under an average load and traveling at a speed of 16 mph, was able to traverse 150 miles between charges. Actual distance will vary depending on numerous factors, including a vehicle’s load, weather conditions, the terrain, and any optional equipment installed.

Exceed Hybrid Technology will be available in August as a factory-installed option for the E-Z-GO Freedom RXV® personal golf car and on the E-Z-GO 2Five® street-legal vehicle. Existing owners of those models will soon be able to upgrade their vehicles with an aftermarket Exceed Hybrid Technology kit available for installation at E-Z-GO Authorized Dealers. To find your local dealer, please use the E-Z-GO Dealer Locator.


Evergreen Electric Vehicles, LLC today unveiled their 2012 EVE Low Speed Vehicles. The most notable difference over previous years is the move the AC Power in all EVE models. “Our AC Motor has excellent performance characteristics. Our testing shows improved range due to the efficient nature of the brushless AC system,” says Keith Andrews, President of Evergreen Electric Vehicles, LLC whose company produces the EVE products.

In addition to the move to AC power in all EVE LSV models, the vehicles now come with the Ameri-Torque brake system by AUSCO products located in Michigan. The mechanical disc brake system is far superior to the typical brake drums. There is a 30% increased amount of brake force generated when the same pedal force is applied. The brakes perform better in wet conditions and are easy to service and maintain. “The Ameri-Torque brake system increases our use of quality parts made right here in America,” adds Andrews.

Even with the improvements to the 2012 EVE models, the base price will remain the same as our 2011 vehicles. “We are proud of our team for the hard work and effort to deliver such a great product without an increase in the cost to the customer,” says Andrews.

EVE products are sold exclusively through an authorized dealer network throughout America. Market areas are available in select areas and in most states an automotive dealer license is required. Contact an EVE LSV representative to learn more about becoming and EVE LSV dealer.

Evergreen Electric Vehicles, LLC is a Colorado Company with assembly facilities in the Long Beach, California area, where it produces 100% electric vehicles in four distinctive brands; HOSS Extra Duty Utility line of commercial vehicles, LEGACY Golf and Recreational, EVE LSV street legal low speed vehicles and is developing an off road hunting vehicle under the GOAT brand. Evergreen Electric Vehicles, LLC sells through its network of authorized dealer throughout North America and the world.

For additional information about any of the vehicles offered by Evergreen Electric Vehicles, go on line to visit us at or


Keeps Occupants Dry and Seamlessly Incorporates Other Accessories

Owners of Club Car’s Precedent Villager 4 golf cars can now remain dry in the

heaviest downpours, thanks to the newest accessory for this vehicle: the Monsoon XL Canopy. A significant leap forward in functionality and customer ergonomics, this canopy offers features not seen in other golf car manufacturer’s offerings.

The result of years of development and refinement, the new canopy is made of blow molded, double-wall, impact resistant polyethylene (HDEP). Using this material allowed for the design of a canopy that is robust and can aesthetically integrate new features and optional accessories.

The canopy’s increased dimensions combined with a unique built-in drainage system flows more than three gallons of water per minute, or 14 inches of rain per hour, keeping the car and all four occupants dry and comfortable. An optional in-canopy ventilation system provides air flow, cooling and insect abatement—an industry first among the OEM manufacturers. The canopy is also designed with built-in speaker, stereo/radio and strobe light mounts as well as a unique no-drill track mounting system for owners who wish to add full enclosures.

“The size and durability of the Monsoon XL canopy, coupled with its accommodating design, make it a versatile, valuable addition for this vehicle that is used in such a wide range of applications,” says Kurt Meyer, Club Car’s commercial/industrial marketing manager.

The stylish four-passenger Precedent Villager 4 is a favorite among individual, business and industrial owners. It is built on a rustproof aluminum frame, features front and rear suspension systems for sport-like handling, and comes in electric or gas models.

The Monsoon XL Canopy is now available in white or beige at Club Car dealers and distributors. To find a dealer near you, visit and click “Dealer Locator.”


With specially designed carbon fiber body panels and supercar inspired modifications on the exterior, the Garia Mansory Edition proudly conveys the values of its creators: craftsmanship, design and luxury.

Designed through a unique creative collaboration between Garia, the Danish manufacturer of luxury golf and leisure cars, and Mansory, the world-famous customizer of supercars such as Rolls-Royce, Aston Martin and Bentley, this one-off golf and leisure car embodies the style and quality of its automobile lineage.

Carbon fiber – an ultra-light yet exceptionally strong material normally used in the motor sports and aircraft industries – has been used on body panels on the front apron, side steps and tail apron. The cabin floor is lined with teak tree, while the specially designed headlights, air scoop and fender gills complete this unique and complex transformation.

“When creating the Garia, we set out to build the best golf car in the world, teaming up with the most renowned suppliers in the automobile industry, and with the Garia Mansory Edition our connection to the automobile world is further strengthened”, says Mr. Anders Lynge, designer of the Garia.

“At Mansory, we have always been passionate about luxury cars, and the Garia is a natural supplement to our portfolio as it meets our quality standard of production on the highest technical level combined with masterly craftsmanship and the most precious materials”, says Kourosh Mansory, owner of Mansory Design and Holding GmbH.

Also introduced is the Garia 2+2 with it’s fitted with a rear seat with space for two more passengers.

“The Garia is essentially a very versatile vehicle that can be used for local transportation, golfing and daily errands. With the Garia 2+2 it becomes a vehicle that you can use with your family and friends”, says Mr. Anders Lynge, designer of the Garia. “It is also a great option as a utility vehicle for hotels and resorts”.

In keeping with the Garia concept of design, quality and luxury the rear seat is elegantly integrated into the current design.

The Garia 2+2 is also available with luxury options such as a refrigerator built into the dashboard.

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Yamaha Golf-Car Company and Canadian based DSG TAG Systems, Inc., have formed a strategic partnership that provides Yamaha fleet customers immediate access to the innovative DSG Fleet Management System.

This cost effective and easily installed state-of-the-art technology helps maximize golf course operational efficiency, increase revenue and improve customer satisfaction. The system consists of a small wireless enabled transmitter/receiver (known as a TAG) that is easily and inconspicuously installed on each car in the fleet. Utilizing existing cellular networks and web based (cloud technology), the operator gains real time information, including:

• Exact location of each golf car viewable on specific, local or regional maps.

• Geo-fencing (virtual fences), that restricts golf car access to pre-designated and sensitive areas.

• Zone alert notification for the operator (or designated person) when a golf car enters a restricted zone (such as a green or parking lot), or if it leaves course grounds. This helps prevent unwanted incidents, potential course damage, golf car damage or theft and could minimize golf club liability.

• Lock down for staged golf cars until they are ready for use when they can be ‘released’ without the need for a key. This saves time and money during tournament staging and events.

• Real-time pace of play monitoring and easy view of any bottlenecks or slow play from the clubhouse, any remote computer, tablet or smart phone. This helps your actual marshals be more effective.

• Real time golf car statistics helping to ensure maximization of fleet rotation , and monitoring of rounds played, distance cars are driven, battery state-of-charge with alerts to the operator should a golf car become disabled.

• Monitoring of “extra or free rounds” to minimize lost revenue.

DSG technology is universal and not restricted to one model or type of car. It operates effectively on all vehicles including fleet golf cars, turf mowers and equipment, food & beverage vehicles and utility vehicles. Through a proprietary “smart battery” technology the TAG recharges itself only when the cart is being recharged. When the cart is in use, the TAG runs off its own internal battery. This gives you peace of mind knowing that the TAG isn’t drawing any power off the vehicles own batteries during the day.

For more information on DSG Fleet Solutions go to and for more information on Yamaha Golf Cars, visit us on the web at


Trojan Battery Company, the world’s leading manufacturer of deep-cycle batteries, has announced the appointment of Mat Segal to senior vice president of global business development. In his new role, Segal will be responsible for managing international sales growth and leading Trojan’s strategies focusing on the global expansion of sales and distribution of Trojan products.

“Under Mat’s leadership Trojan will continue implementing the company’s strategy to expand its international markets and penetrate newer developing regions worldwide. These markets represent significant opportunities to enhance Trojan’s global reach and presence,” said Dave Godber, executive vice president of sales and marketing at Trojan Battery. “Mat will take on the added responsibility of managing sales and new business development activities for both foundational and emerging markets outside of the U.S.”

Prior to joining Trojan Battery in 2010, he served as a consultant to Trojan advising the company on a range of initiatives including long-term corporate planning, operational improvements and renewable energy business planning. Segal has a distinguished career as a senior strategist developing key initiatives for Fortune 500 companies. He served as a partner at OC&C Strategy Consultants, founded Fountainhead Concepts Inc. and was a senior manager for The Mitchell Madison Group. Segal also held business planning and management posts at Cedars-Sinai Health Systems, Disney Consumer Products and Tsunami Trading.

Segal received his MBA with honors in strategy and finance from The Anderson School at UCLA where he served as president of the Management Consulting Association and director of the Entrepreneurial Association Mentor Program. Segal earned a bachelor’s degree in political science from Northwestern University.

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Marc Dufour has been named president of Club Car, an Ingersoll Rand brand. Dufour will have overall responsibility for the operational performance and strategic direction of the golf car and utility vehicle manufacturer.

Dufour is Club Car’s fifth president in the company’s 53-year history. He succeeds Gary Michel, who recently was named president of Ingersoll Rand’s Residential Solutions Sector.

The 30-year Ingersoll Rand veteran has spent his entire career in the company’s Industrial Technologies Sector, which provides products and services – from compressed air systems, tools and pumps to material and fluid handling systems and small task-oriented vehicles – that enhance energy efficiency, productivity and operations. After joining Ingersoll Rand in 1981 as an application engineer, Dufour has held various positions with increasing responsibility. For the past five years, he has served as president of the America’s Region of the Industrial Technologies Sector. Previously he was president of Ingersoll Rand’s global Air Solutions business.

Dufour assumes leadership of one of golf’s most respected brands as Club Car expands its reputation as a leading manufacturer of small task-oriented vehicles that serve a growing number of industries.

“I’m thrilled and honored to lead a company as respected and well positioned as Club Car,” Dufour said. “Throughout the Ingersoll Rand enterprise, as well as anywhere in the world where its people and products serve, Club Car is known for its innovative spirit, dedication to customers and unique culture. This is a very special opportunity for me.”

Randy Marquardt has been named vice president of Global Marketing for Club Car, an Ingersoll Rand brand.

Marquardt joins Club Car from Ingersoll Rand’s Residential Solutions Sector, where he served as vice president and general manager since 2008.

Marquardt replaces Robert McElreath, who recently was named vice president, Air Products for Industrial Technologies, also an Ingersoll Rand brand.

Marquardt brings 30 years of sales and marketing experience to Club Car. While at Residential Solutions, he was responsible for Ingersoll Rand’s residential security business as well as retail and builder channels in the residential HVAC market. Prior to joining Ingersoll Rand in 1999, he held various marketing and sales leadership roles at Armstrong World Industries. Marquardt is a graduate of Colorado State University where he earned a bachelor’s degree in business administration.

“Randy is well prepared to lead and to continue to grow one of golf’s most respected brands,” said Marc Dufour, president and CEO of Club Car. “His experience in consumer and commercial markets will lend important insights to new growth opportunities for our brand.”

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Industry News - September/October 2011

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Fairplay Electric Cars, LLC today announced their corporate name change to Evergreen Electric Vehicles, LLC. The new name reflects the wider scope of products offered under the multiple brands manufactured by the company in its assembly facility in Southern California.

The President of Evergreen Electric Vehicles, LLC, Keith Andrews, explains, “When our company began 7 years ago, we imported electric golf cars under the Fairplay brand. Since then we have moved our assembly to the United States. In 2009 we introduced our EVE LSV street legal electric vehicles. We have expanded our HOSS Extra Duty Utility Vehicles for commercial and industrial use in the spring of 2011 and are in the final development stages of our new GOAT HV line up of off-road vehicles.”

“Our move to assemble in the United States reflects our commitment to quality and timely delivery,” adds Andrews. “The Fairplay name is still synonymous with an imported product, therefore in addition to the corporate name change, our golf and recreational product line will be renamed LEGACY. The LEGACY name will better define our new golf products that are made right here in America.”

Evergreen Electric Vehicles, LLC is a Colorado Company with assembly facilities in the Long Beach, California area where it produces 100% electric vehicles. The 4 distinctive brands owned by Evergreen Electric Vehicles, LLC are; HOSS Extra Duty Utility line of commercial vehicles, LEGACY Golf and Recreational, EVE LSV street legal low speed vehicles and is developing an off road hunting vehicle under the GOAT brand. Evergreen Electric Vehicles, LLC sells through its network of authorized dealer throughout North America and the world.

For additional information about any of the vehicles offered by Evergreen Electric Vehicles, go on line to visit us at


Don Ware needs to update his “Don’s Battery” sign on west Venice Avenue to include “And Custom Golf Carts,” but he has been too busy building the low-speed vehicles to get around to the task.

Ware’s tinkering to get more mileage out of golf-cart batteries a few years ago has evolved into a booming business building Jaguar versions of carts that can move at a jacked-up 44 miles per hour. Call it America’s love of the automobile meets the realities of aging.

“A lot of people on Venice island are driving them to the grocery and the doctor,” said Ware, 48, who has owned Don’s Battery for about 12 years.

Florida’s older demographics and its gated golf-course communities make it — and other Sunbelt states — hot markets for zipped-up carts that some seniors use as their only vehicle.

The three major golf cart manufacturers — E-Z-Go, Yamaha and Club Car — sell combined about 300,000 new carts each year, said an industry expert. But those numbers do not capture the customized market that is made up of mom-and-pop builders, such as Ware who strips down old carts to the frame and rebuilds them into dream carts.

By law, people driving street-legal carts on public roads have to have a driver’s license. The carts, considered low-speed vehicles, can travel on streets with speed limits up to 25 mph but can cross busier streets.

At The Villages near Orlando, it is oft-repeated that “first you buy your house, and second your golf cart.” The Cart Man sells thousands of battery-powered Cadillac and Hummer carts to residents in Florida’s largest retiree community.

In Southwest Florida, Ware competes with a handful of small cart builders. Ware assembles about three dozen customized Jeep and Mustang carts each year and now gets orders from as far away as Arkansas.

“Usually it’s a buddy who sees his friend’s cart and says ‘I wants one too,’” Ware said.

Ware’s bread-and-butter though, comes from people who see the carts in the parking lot of his battery shop.

Many customers come in to make their cart “street legal,” which costs about $1,200 in lights, blinkers seatbelts and a high-speed motor. Then they fall in love with one of the blinged-out carts.

Among the most coveted is a pearl-white Mercedes Benz that sells for about $10,000 at the top end. A standard street-legal cart runs about $5,000.

Ware will take a trade on a Club Car, because they have solid aluminum frames, and then strip it down and rebuild it into a Florida Gator cart, or his latest invention, a camouflage four-wheel drive hunting buggy.

There are a myriad of colors, tires, rims and options, many Ware inventions.

A woman who wanted to haul things in her cart prompted Ware to invent a rear seat that folds into a cargo hauler - a golf cart version of a pick-up truck.

Ware created a carbon-fiber dash board to withstand heat and sun; a custom-mounted stereo in the drivers’ side glove box “so its hidden away and out of the elements,” he said. Ware and a Punta Gorda firm that makes canvas car tops invented a convertible top that unsnaps and folds up. A nearby upholstery shop customizes the seats.

To make a golf cart street legal requires that it be weighed and licensed. Ware has to take the cart to the dump to weigh it and then the customer transports it to Palmetto, the closest state facility that inspects and licenses the vehicles.

Now, Ware has turned his attention to motorizing another vehicle popular with seniors - the trike. “I love building these things,” Ware said. “Your imagination just goes crazy.”


Longtime Ingersoll Rand Executive Succeeds Gary Michel

Marc Dufour has been named president and CEO of Club Car, an Ingersoll Rand brand. Dufour will have overall responsibility for the operational performance and strategic direction of the golf car and utility vehicle manufacturer.

Dufour is Club Car’s fifth president in the company’s 53-year history. He succeeds Gary Michel, who recently was named president of Ingersoll Rand’s Residential Solutions Sector.

The 30-year Ingersoll Rand veteran has spent his entire career in the company’s Industrial Technologies Sector, which provides products and services – from compressed air systems, tools and pumps to material and fluid handling systems and small task-oriented vehicles – that enhance energy efficiency, productivity and operations. After joining Ingersoll Rand in 1981 as an application engineer, Dufour has held various positions with increasing responsibility. For the past five years, he has served as president of the America’s Region of the Industrial Technologies Sector. Previously he was president of Ingersoll Rand’s global Air Solutions business.

Dufour assumes leadership of one of golf’s most respected brands as Club Car expands its reputation as a leading manufacturer of small task-oriented vehicles that serve a growing number of industries.

“Marc has demonstrated strong leadership skills throughout an impressive career at Ingersoll Rand. He is extremely well qualified to take on this important role within our organization,” said Robert Zafari, president of the Industrial Technologies Sector.

“I’m thrilled and honored to lead a company as respected and well positioned as Club Car,” Dufour said. “Throughout the Ingersoll Rand enterprise, as well as anywhere in the world where its people and products serve, Club Car is known for its innovative spirit, dedication to customers and unique culture. This is a very special opportunity for me.”

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San Antonio has been selected by officials of the Golf Course Superintendents Association of America (GCSAA) and the National Golf Course Owners Association (NGCOA) to host the 2015 Golf Industry Show and education conferences. The dates of the trade show are Feb. 25-26 and the education conferences are Feb. 23-Feb. 27.

Feb. 29 – Mar. 1, 2012 Las Vegas

Feb. 6 – 7, 2013 San Diego

Feb. 5 – 6, 2014 Orlando

Feb. 25 – 26, 2015 San Antonio

“Based on attendee feedback we selected San Antonio for the 2015 Golf Industry Show,” GCSAA Chief Executive Officer Rhett Evans said. “It is a new location that attendees and exhibitors want to go to and do business. It is a great addition to the Golf Industry Show lineup and another outstanding destination.” The 2012 Golf Industry Show (Feb. 29-March 1) and education conferences (Feb. 27-March 2) will be in Las Vegas.

“San Antonio is a perfect complement to the next three Golf Industry Show locations: Las Vegas, San Diego and Orlando,” NGCOA Chief Executive Officer Mike Hughes said. “San Antonio is an easy city to travel to and typically features pleasant weather that time of year. We are very optimistic about the networking opportunities available there with the convention center being located on the Riverwalk, where there are so many hotels and restaurants.”

The Golf Industry Show is an innovative trade show designed for the owners/operators of golf facilities and the professional members of the golf course industry. The event combines education, networking and solutions for golf course superintendents, owners, operators, architects, builders, equipment managers, appraisers and others.

The Golf Industry Show is presented by GCSAA andNGCOA, along with participating partners the American Society of Golf Course Architects (ASGCA), the Golf Course Builders Association of America (GCBAA), the United States Golf Association (USGA), the National Golf Foundation (NGF), the International Golf Course Equipment Managers Association (IGCEMS), and supporting partner the Society of Golf Appraisers (SGA).


E-Z-GO, a Textron company and a leading global manufacturer of light-transportation vehicles, announces the promotion of veteran executive John Collins to Vice President, Integrated Supply Chain.

In his new role, Collins will be responsible for all aspects of E-Z-GO’s operations, including the functions of sourcing, manufacturing, logistics, quality control and facilities. He will report to E-Z-GO President Kevin Holleran.

Collins succeeds Ron Draper, who left E-Z-GO to join sister Textron business unit Cessna Aircraft Company as Director, Production Control and Logistics. A native of Augusta, Ga. and a 1995 graduate of Hephzibah High School, Collins has worked at E-Z-GO for more than 12 years in numerous roles. He was program manager for development of the company’s RXV golf-car platform, and subsequently served as plant manager. Most recently, Collins was Director, Sourcing and Materials.

Collins holds a bachelor’s degree in Technology Management from Clayton College and State University in Morrow, Ga., and a master of science in Quality Control Systems and Management from Southern Polytechnic State University in Marietta, Ga. Collins is a Textron Six Sigma Black Belt. In 2009, he was named one of Augusta’s Top 10 Young Professionals to Watch by the Augusta Metro Chamber of Commerce.

“John is a talented strategist, an experienced motivator, and a dynamic and accomplished leader,” Holleran said. “Those skills, and his extensive company knowledge and industry experience, will serve E-Z-GO well as it designs and builds new products and enters new markets around the globe.”

“I am honored to have this new opportunity at the company where I have worked for my entire career,” Collins said. “I am excited to lead E-Z-GO’s Integrated Supply Chain organization and these talented, skilled and dedicated employees who make E-Z-GO an exceptional place to work and grow as a leader.”

More information is available at


Built tough for farmers, landscapers, ranchers, contractors and homeowners

Curtis Industries has introduced a line of Sno-Pro front end loader plow blades which offer major advantages over bucket plowing. Designed for snow removal and general purpose use, Sno-Pro blades are ideal for pushing snow, aggregate materials, livestock feed, and silage. Built tough for farmers, landscapers, ranchers, construction companies and homeowners these unique implements give an added versatility to your bucket loader.

These blades feature 30 degree hydraulic angle for efficient and productive plowing, four heavy duty trip springs for added protection against blade damage from surface obstructions, easy-adjust depth shoes, and highly visible guide markers fro easy location of blade edge/corners. Sno-Pro front end loader blades are made with heavy-duty 11 gauge powder coated steel, an extended four foot push frame for added durability, and a high carbon steel reversible cutting edge. Blades are available in five through eight foot models and are recommended for tractors and skid steers up to 47 HP with quick-attach front mounting adapters.

For more information on Curtis products please visit

Industry News - July/August 2011

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CURTIS INTRODUCES THE StreetPro SE CAB FOR E-Z-GO RXVCold or wet? Just shut the doors and go.
Curtis Industries, LLC has expanded its StreetPro SE system, a unique door system that increases the comfort and utility of golf cars, for EZ-GO’s RXV model. The StreetPro SE is ideal for community, private, sport and fleet use.

The StreetPro SE system is a compact panel system with parallel opening doors that glide open close to the cab for easy operation and convenience. The auto close feature keeps the interior weather tight and comfortable. Doors can also be locked in the open position while the car is in motion for fair weather operation and greater ventilation.

The smart design approach uses a rugged tubular supporting structure with custom thermoformed panels attached to the OEM roof and windshield. Large custom molded windows provide excellent visibility. The vinyl rear window opens for ventilation. The design, fit and finish provide superior styling with doors closed or open. The StreetPro SE comes in a Champagne color to match the factory roof and seat. Air conditioners, heaters and ventilators are also available.

Curtis Industries, LLC is the leading manufacturer of cabs, enclosures and accessories for compact tractors, golf cars, and utility vehicles. The company, which started in 1968, also manufactures truck plows and snow and ice control equipment for tractors and utility vehicles. Curtis Industries, LLC markets its products exclusively through a large network of dealers in the United States and Canada as well as Japan, Korea and Western Europe. The company operates from a modern 150,000 sq. ft. facility in Worcester, MA. For more information on Curtis products please visit

In a recent NGF study, The Future of Public Golf in America, we found that 37% of public courses have had to lower their course maintenance standards, and 71% have had to defer capital improvements in recent years due to financial considerations. For courses in more serious financial straits, of course these percentages were even higher.

And, in last year’s study, Operating & Financial Performance Profiles of Golf Facilities, we found a not-surprising correlation between a drop in revenues and the need to lower maintenance expenditures, regardless of type, region or price point. For example, low-end public courses in the Frost belt saw their average total revenues drop 1.8% and accordingly lowered maintenance expenses by an average of 2.9%. Similarly, high-end private clubs had a 2.9% decline in revenues vs. a 3.5% drop in maintenance costs.

We wondered to what extent golfers have noticed the lowering of maintenance standards. So, in December 2010, we surveyed 510 Core golfers online and asked:

What is your opinion regarding course conditions in 2010 at the golf course you play most often?

Conditions deteriorated in 2010

Conditions improved in 2010

Conditions remained about the same in 2010

The results: only one in four golfers noticed conditions had deteriorated. However, given that only 21% thought conditions improved, there’s a slight net negative opinion (see accompanying chart).

Core golfer opinion of course conditions in 2010

“We believe that golfers are somewhat accepting of lowered maintenance standards given the severity of the recession,” noted Greg Nathan, NGF senior vice president, membership. “They themselves have admitted to cutting back on spending per round, including playing at less expensive times, while curtailing spending on food, beverage and merchandise – so they probably feel they can’t complain about the occasional bare patch of fairway or unmaintained bunker. However, as the economic picture improves, operators will gradually have to restore conditions to pre-recession levels. By then, hopefully, golfers will be in more of a mood to spend.”

Final thoughts:

The USGA should be applauded for its efforts to educate golfers that conditioning is about the playing conditions…not about the color green.

Now, more than ever, an exceptional golf course superintendent, with the skills to do more with less, could be a facility’s most important asset.

The City of Grayson, Georgia has found a way to fight a potential mosquito scourge at the same time battling the rising cost of fuel.

“Mr. (Jim) Moff has been riding around on the city’s only official vehicle - the golf cart - putting out mosquito repellent,” Mayor Jim Hinkle said. “It works out well too – doesn’t use much gas.”

Moff, who has been the city’s code enforcement officer for the past six years, said this is the first year they had thought about using the golf cart to disperse the mosquito repellent, but it was proving to be a good way to handle the task.

“Not just the gas saving, it’s also more convenient,” Moff said. “I don’t have to keep getting in and out of the truck. I just pull up to where there’s a catch basin, low lying area or retention pond and throw the pellets in. We do it every year, starting in about April or May.”

Moff said the pellets are Altosid briquets, which are a larvicide repellent, and last for about 150 plus days.

“That should last through the summer,” Moff said. “We’ve been doing this for a few years now, especially since the West Nile Virus scare – we really got into it then.”

So this year when Moff is not out enforcing the city’s code ordinance, he can be seen riding the golf cart around the city dispensing mosquito repellent.

“The city is not really very big,” Moff said, adding that people who have a concern can call in and ask for the service if they feel they have been missed. “Or they can come by the city and pick up the pellets – we keep some here for that.”

According to the Center for Disease Control statistics, however, Georgia is considered a low risk for the disease. There were only 13 cases of WNV in the state last year, none of them fatal. But two of the 12 cases in Florida resulted in deaths. There were a total of 981 cases of WNV in humans reported in the United States in 2010 with 45 resulting in death.

Hunter’s Specialties, one of the world’s largest suppliers of hunting supplies, has chosen the Tomberlin Vanish Electric 4X4 utility vehicle as their official hunting vehicle for the 2011 season. The deal aligns two of the industry’s premier brands and positions both companies atop a mountain of tough competitors, and in front of an even savvier group of consumers.

Manufacturing over 900 products specifically for the hunting community, Hunter’s Specialties has risen through the ranks to become the world’s largest supplier of hunting supplies. Formed in 1977 by current owners Carman and Dave Forbes, Hunter’s Specialties has forged their business with one motto in mind, “For Sportsmen, By Sportsmen.” According to Carman Forbes, “We have collected the very best the industry has had to offer over the past 34 years from icons like Johnny Stewart® and Wayne Carlton® Calls, to patenting revolutionary products like Scent-A-Way™ Tek 4″ clothing, Scent Wafers® and the Vita-Rack® line of wildlife management products.

Products such as the Camo-Compac®, created by Carman in 1984, quickly became one of the hottest items ever offered to the hunting and military industry, including a version supplied to the troops in Operation Desert Storm.

When asked why Hunter’s Specialties chose The Tomberlin Vanish to carry them into the future, Dave Forbes answered with immediate enthusiasm, “ Over the years we’ve had the opportunity to try everything the industry has had to offer. Until the Vanish, there has never been an electric utility vehicle that has the unsurpassed combination of safety, range, power and control. Based on the last two days of extreme field testing with our entire Pro Staff team, the Vanish simply is the best electric utility vehicle on the market.”

The street-legal, electric 4×4 Vanish has many industry firsts, and continues a lineage of innovative new products launched by The Tomberlin Group over the last several years. Described by Forbes as “feature-rich,” the Vanish comes standard with push button, shift on the fly four-wheel drive, a high and low two-speed transmission, and a 3-position power mode switch which allows the operator to optimize range, top speed and aggressive performance based on the conditions. From the true independent double a-arm suspension, aggressive stance and multi-position dump bed, you quickly realize there is much more to the Vanish than meets the eye.

Tomberlin also equipped the Vanish with a proprietary and exclusive “Scout Mode” switch which serves as a “cruise control” for the Vanish. With the accelerator fully engaged, the Scout mode limits the top speed in high gear to a constant 6 mph and in low gear to a constant 3 mph. With these top speed controls the Vanish will walk you over almost any obstacle in your path safely and smoothly. It’s a great feature for pulling spreaders or for quietly scouting wildlife.

“When we started the Vanish project 18 months ago, we knew what was available to the consumer and we thought it fell short of customer needs and wants”, says David Turner, Tomberlin’s Project Director on the Vanish. “We could have easily modified our E-Merge LSV and followed the industry standard at the time, a jacked up golf car with knobby tires, but to design a vehicle to do what we wanted it would take a purpose-built design effort. From numerous consumer focus groups, safety and range were the key components to a successful electric hunting vehicle.” And according to Forbes, “When Tomberlin first introduced the Vanish to the Hunter Specialties team, we all just looked at each other and smiled. We knew the Vanish just changed the industry forever.”

After taking the Vanish on a 17 mile, off-road torture test over hills and through dense woods and low-lying creeks, Steve Criner, a Hunter’s Specialties Pro Staff team member said, “It went where I told Nat it wouldn’t go,period! We got wet, we got wild, we got muddy, and nothing stopped it… That’s why we switched to the Tomberlin Vanish!! It ain’t no buggy!!!!”

“On behalf of Tomberlin, we could not be more excited to partner with Hunter’s Specialties, one of the most respected names in the industry. We feel honored they would lend us their reputation in good faith”, said Mike Tomberlin, CEO of The Tomberlin Group.

To see the full line of Tomberlin® ATV’s, Schwinn™ Scooters and America’s leading electric platforms, please visit or a local Tomberlin® dealer.

Industry News - May/June 2011

By admin, April 14, 2011 2:44 pm


Robert M. Randquist, CGCS, director of golf course and grounds at Boca Rio Golf Club in Boca Raton, Fla., was elected president of the Golf Course Superintendents Association of America (GCSAA) at the association’s annual meeting Feb. 11.

The annual meeting was held in conjunction with the GCSAA Education Conference (Feb. 7-11) and Golf Industry Show (Feb. 9-10) in Orlando. A member dues increase of $20 annually for Class A members and $10 annually for Class C members also passed. Randquist will serve as president until the 2012 annual meeting and election.

Randquist is a 34-year GCSAA member, and has been at Boca Rio Golf Club since 1998. Previously, he was superintendent at Southern Hills Country Club in Tulsa, Okla., for 19 years, where he hosted the 1982 and 1994 PGA Championships, the inaugural 1987 USGA Women’s Mid-Amateur Championship and the 1995 and 1996 PGA Tour Championships. Randquist has a bachelor’s degree in metallurgical engineering from the University of Oklahoma. He serves on The Environmental Institute for Golf Board of Trustees, is a member Palm Beach GCSA, and a past president of the Oklahoma GCSA. Randquist is also a member of the Florida Turfgrass Association and the USGA Green Section committee. Visit GCSAA at


PSC would like to announce the Model 1200 FAN, a very powerful two speed fan. This fan is normally used for large trucks, buses and RV’s. The 1200 fan puts out two or three times the amount of airflow of other golf cart fans. This 12 volt fan will work with any 12, 24, 36 or 48 volt vehicles. For 8 volt batteries, when two are hooked in series to equal 16 volts PSC provides a 4 volt reducer.

Three mounting options are available. Heavy duty mounting brackets are provided for left or right windshield post mounting or a dash mount. One unique feature is that once mounted the fan may be repositioned to any new position and the fan will simply stay there, no tools are required.

For additional information please contact our web site at .


Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. wishes to express its sincere condolences for the victims of the devastating earthquake and tsunamis that struck Japan’s northeastern seaboard, and to extend its deepest sympathy to the bereaved families.

Yamaha Motor, Co., Ltd. announced its updated operating plans for its golf car factory. The operating plan listed is for March 29 and April 1st. Operating plans for April 4, and onwards will be announced April 1.

March 28: Limited production. March 31-April 1: Production suspended.


Announcement Means High Gear for Tomberlin’s Anvil and Other Low Speed Electric Vehicles

The Electric Initiative by the Tomberlin® Automotive Group (TAG) receives a ringing endorsement from Minnesota based TEAM Industries along with California based technology development company Fallbrook Technologies (Fallbrook). The companies announced a partnership to develop electric vehicle transmission prototypes. The first initiative under the agreement is for the Tomberlin Anvil™, a street-legal Low Speed Vehicle (LSV) offering a range of more than 40 miles.

“We see the partnership with TEAM and Fallbrook as a critical step forward in our efforts to evolve the market for electric vehicles. It’s an affirmation of our work to create an Electric Commuter Class Vehicle (ECCV) in America,” says Mike Tomberlin CEO of TAG. “The ECCV is aimed at the 35 mph class for use as a city car. The City Car concept will happen in America, the question is who will lead it, the US, Europe or Asia/ President Obama has made it clear this country needs to lead in technology and jobs. These partnerships are the way that private industry, not government, will lead the way.”

“We are equally committed to improve both the performance and battery life of electric vehicles,” said Rob Smithson, Fallbrook’s Vice President of Business Development and CTO. “Our NuVinci® product line is ideal for this purpose, and designed to allow an electric car motor to operate in a more efficient manner by continuously optimizing the electric powertrain for driving conditions.”

“We’re continually searching for leading suppliers capable of providing technologies to make our eco-friendly automobiles more compelling and exciting than anything else like it on the market,” said Mike Tomberlin. “That means offering improved hill climbing, acceleration and towing capacity as well as other rider benefits in our vehicles. Developing systems that enable electric vehicles to enhance performance is a key step towards achieving that goal, thus we are very pleased to support the Fallbrook-TEAM development initiative for those reasons.”

Production of the resulting powertrain will occur at TEAM Industries’ Minnesota-based facilities. “Working with Fallbrook on this initiative makes perfect sense for us,” said Tony Passanante, Senior Director of Marketing and Strategic Planning for the company. “Our core competency is designing and manufacturing systems that transmit power and put it to work quietly and efficiently.”

Unlike conventional gear and clutch transmissions, the NuVinci continuously variable planetary transmission (CVP) uses a set of rotating and tilting balls positioned between the input and output components of the transmission that tilt to vary the speed of the transmission resulting in a seamless and continuous transition to any ratio within its range.

“TEAM Industries is committed to developing innovative products that advance electric vehicle driveline systems,” said Passanante.

See more about Tomberlin at


Singapore: The beach resort city of Pattaya in Thailand will be transformed into a hub of activity for golf in November this year.

This bustling and vibrant international playground will play host to all of the annual conferences and exhibitions organized by the Asia Pacific Golf Development Conferences (APGDC).

The following are the event dates:

2011 Asia Pacific Golf Summit – October 31-November 2.

2011 Golf Course Superintendents of Asia Summit – October 31-November 2.

2011 PGA Conference of Asia – November 3-4.

2011 South East Asia & India Golf Merchandise Exposition – November 4-6

“This year’s events will all be staged back to back over a one week period stretching from October 31 to November 6,” revealed Mike Sebastian, managing director of APGDC, the owner and producer of the events. “It makes good business sense for us to cluster all the shows and to stage it as a golf pageant directed at both the industry and consumers alike,” said Sebastian

All of the events will be staged at the sprawling world-class Pattaya Exhibition and Convention Centre (PEACH). The host hotel for the events will be the plush five-star Royal Cliff Beach Resort. The theme for the 2011 conferences will be centred around “Affordable Golf”. “We believe that this theme lends itself to growing the game of golf in the region and at the same time, laying special focus on the need to ensure that operating and maintenance costs of golf courses are kept affordable – we need to change the mindset going forward that golf is no longer a recreational past time for the elite and wealthy, Sebastian said. “We are now working to put all of the programme details together and we are confident that our events are going to rock for 2011,” concluded Wong.


GRAND JUNCTION, COLORADO, FEBRUARY 15, 2011 – Fairplay Electric Cars, LLC, today announced that it will conduct a voluntary Safety Recall (NHTSA Campaign # 11V-039) involving approximately 1,600 of their 2010 & 2011 Model Year EVE LSV vehicles produced from late July of 2009 to the end of December 2010 in order to replace a 20 amp fuse with a 7.5 amp fuse and install a new fuse holder with a 20 amp fuse on the 12 volt side of the accessory system. Due to lack of proper fuses, in limited circumstances, a short in the wiring could cause the wiring to melt and potentially catch fire.

No other EVE LSV vehicles are involved in this recall, and Fairplay is not aware of any accidents or injuries related to this condition.

The fuse assembly required to repair this problem will be provided to all authorized EVE LSV dealers or if required, to a qualified repair center, free of charge.

Registered owners and EVE LSV dealers of the involved vehicles will receive an interim notification advising them of this recall by first class mail beginning in mid-February of 2011, along with instructions for what to do to rectify this condition and how to minimize the possibility of a short in the wiring and asked to make an appointment with any EVE LSV dealer or qualified repair center to have the remedy performed at no charge. Fairplay will also post this information on its EVE LSV website

Registered owners and EVE LSV dealers who have not preformed the repair will receive a second notice by first class mail in approximately end of March of 2011, reminding them to perform the necessary installation of the fuse assembly.

Authorized EVE LSV dealers or qualified repair centers will install the proper fuse assembly, which includes the new 7.5 fuse, fuse holder, connectors and illustrated instructions at no charge to the owner. The estimated time of the repair is 45 minutes.

Detailed information and answers to questions are available to customers at and a special EVE LSV recall phone number 1-970-257-0346.


The popularity of those cutesy, British-made Mini Cooper cars wasn’t lost on Steve Richardson, marketing director of Fairway Golf Cars, as a way to boost golf car sales. “We wanted to offer some real diversity to golf car enthusiasts,” Richardson said, tipping his hat to Fairway General Manager Mark Stanley, who came up with the idea and production of the unique design. Production of the new Mini Cooper model, exclusive to Fairway Golf Cars, just started on the assembly line in an undisclosed location in the Coachella Valley.

In four months, Fairway Golf Cars have built seven Mini Coopers, which sell for $8,995 “in any color in the Mini Cooper range.” “The funny thing is that three of the first four we sold were bought by people who owned real Mini Coopers,” Richardson said. “There are many Mini Cooper car enthusiasts here. We have orders for another four.” The Mini Cooper golf car, which takes about 10 days to build, is one reason for solid sales of all Fairway golf carts this year .

Richardson said sales and trade-ins slowed initially two years ago as the economy soured. People were hanging on to the golf cars they had. “We have always been financially prudent and maintain a high level of personal service which brings us repeat business,” Richardson said, noting Fairway has about 30 custom golf cars in inventory.

“We see the economy slowly bouncing back,” he said. “We see a renewed interest in golf cars and in replacing their (customer’s) golf

Word-of-mouth referrals are a major reason why Fairway Golf Cars has been in business for 25 years.

“When customers come in who have purchased a car here and need a light bulb or something, we don’t charge them for those kinds of things,” Richardson said. “That’s why they come back. We treat our customers the ‘Fairway,’ which is why it’s our motto.”

Industry News - March/April 2011

By admin, March 1, 2011 3:03 pm

, Georgia -December 10th, 2010 -In keeping with their brand promise of leading the market in Safety, Styling and Performance, Tomberlin has announced the launch of the 2011 model year for all Tomberlin E-Merge LSV’s. Featuring four new proprietary models and value-added enhancements to their current market-leading line of LSV’s, Tomberlin offers ten unique models of LSV’s, in addition to their recently introduced street-legal Vanish electric utility vehicle.

“As the market leader, our Dealers expect us to continue to drive product innovation and performance, while offering the safest low speed vehicles on the market” states Tomberlin’s Chris Plummer. “We believe we have hit the target with the launch of the 2011 models”. Leading the 2011 model year is the new Collector’s Edition Blackwood™ model. With production limited to only 100 units, the Blackwood features Tomberlin’s new TEC Entertainment Center with a complete JBL® stereo system, custom upholstered ultra-suede embroidered seats, 13-inch steel-belted radial tires with aluminum wheels, and a stunning custom-painted matte black finish with a complimenting interior – all as standard features. In addition to the new Blackwood, Tomberlin also launched their new Luxury Sport and Luxury Sport Pearl models offering stylish combinations of upgraded seating, tire and wheel packages and other value-added performance features.

Tomberlin also announced a significant enhancement to their warranty program, extending its E-Merge warranty to 4 years. And to further enhance performance and serviceability, Tomberlin has added the BFS® single-point watering system to its entire 2011 product line as a standard feature. Plummer also stated, “One thing we have learned over the last decade is we must continue to drive innovation, customer value and Dealer margins. Our Dealers have come to expect us to lead the market in value and performance without sacrificing our leading safety position. By enhancing our existing products while introducing new, feature-rich models we hope to exceed their expectations.”

To experience the new 2011 E-Merge line of Tomberlin Low Speed Vehicles go to

To see the full line of Tomberlin® ATV’s, Schwinn™ Scooters and America’s leading electric platforms, please visit or a local Tomberlin® dealer. REACHES DEALER MILESTONE IN FIRST 6 MONTHS OF OPERATION
When you have a great idea, it catches on in a hurry. is no exception. Created as the Internet’s first web portal devoted exclusively to the promotion and advancement of its dealer-members, (the “Weasel”) has grown to a nationwide network of fifty golf cart dealer-members in twenty-one states in just six months.

“We knew we were on to something when, with little to no promotion, dealers from around the country started signing up to become members,” said Jennifer Carr, Director of Member Services. “ has given our dealer-members the ability to sell surplus inventory and to network with other dealer-members throughout the country; creating a powerful community devoted to providing unparalleled product selection and customer service. Our goal was to have fifty dealer-members in twelve months. We are extremely proud to announce that we have reached our goal in half the time.” is the industry’s premier pre-owned golf cart Internet search engine. With its rapidly growing dealer-member base, it provides unequalled access to a nationwide inventory of pre-owned E-Z-Go, Club Car, and Yamaha carts. dealers are able to offer their customers greater selection, faster shipment and better service than those without access to the Weasel’s impressive business and profit-building capabilities.

Dealers wanting to find out more about the advantages of becoming a member can do so by going online to

Cab provides maximum flexibility in all weather conditions

Curtis Industries, LLC has introduced a modular cab system for the Kawasaki Teryx utility vehicle that allows rapid transformation from a fully enclosed cab to an open-air ride in 60 seconds. The Curtis Rapid Convertible System (RCS) allows the user to choose one or all components for maximum flexibility as the weather changes.

A simple ROPS base frame with cab receiver mounts provides safety and easy installation of the modular components. The roof, windshield and rear panel feature a unique, easy on, no-tools, pin to slot connection and a heavy duty quick release latch. The strong but lightweight hard-coated polycarbonate windshield quickly vents for varying temperatures and is designed and tested for full speed travel with the windshield open or closed. An optional wiper kit is also available.

Cab panels are designed using advanced technology and materials. The Rapid-Convertible System uses thermoformed TPO material (not ABS plastic or fiberglass) for all body panels. TPO offers superior low-temperature impact resistance, higher heat-deflection and greater dimensional stability than ABS or fiberglass. Side doors quickly convert to half doors – no tools required – providing greater safety and protection than with an open cockpit.

Available in black, cab components – base frame, roof, windshield, doors, and rear panel – can be purchased separately or as a complete cab.

For more information on Curtis products please visit

Star EV (A division of JH Global Services, Inc.) has launched their Star EV Select customized paint offering. Now dealers can order any vehicle with any color starting from only $350 extra for 2 passenger models.

Star EV uses environmentally friendly water borne paint from BASF. “Our new 104,000 sq. ft. facility contains two paint booths. “We are excited to offer this service to our dealers” stated Joe Wallington, VP of Sales and Marketing for Star EV.

Please contact Star EV for more details at

rst initiative with Tomberlin Anvil™ vehicle

TEAM Industries along with technology development company, Fallbrook Technologies (Fallbrook) announced today their partnership to develop electric vehicle transmission prototypes.

The first initiative under the agreement is for the Tomberlin Anvil™, a street-legal Neighborhood Electric Vehicle (NEV) offering a range of more than 40 miles.

“We are equally committed to improve both the performance and battery life of electric vehicles,” said Rob Smithson, Fallbrook’s Vice President of Business Development and CTO. “Our NuVinci® product line is ideal for this purpose, and designed to allow an electric car motor to operate in a more efficient manner by continuously optimizing the electric powertrain for driving conditions.”

Production of the resulting powertrain will occur at TEAM Industries’ Minnesota-based facilities. “Working with Fallbrook on this initiative makes perfect sense for us,” said Tony Passanante, Senior Director of Marketing and Strategic Planning for the company. “Our core competency is designing and manufacturing systems that transmit power and put it to work quietly and efficiently.”

Unlike conventional gear and clutch transmissions, the NuVinci continuously variable planetary transmission (CVP) uses a set of rotating and tilting balls positioned between the input and output components of the transmission that tilt to vary the speed of the transmission resulting in a seamless and continuous transition to any ratio within its range.

“TEAM Industries is committed to developing innovative products that advance electric vehicle driveline systems,” said Passanante.

“We’re continually searching for leading suppliers capable of providing technologies to make our eco-friendly automobiles more compelling and exciting than anything else like it on the market,” said Michael Tomberlin, CEO of Tomberlin. “That means offering improved hill climbing, acceleration and towing capacity as well as other rider benefits in our vehicles. Developing systems that enable electric vehicles to enhance performance is a key step towards achieving that goal, thus we are very pleased to support the Fallbrook-TEAM development initiative for that reasons.”

More information is available at or

Golf Course Superintendents Association of America (GCSAA) President James R. Fitzroy, CGCS, announced today that J. Rhett Evans has been selected as the organization’s chief executive officer.

Evans, who has served as interim CEO since late June of 2010, came to GCSAA in July 2009 as chief operating officer. Prior to joining GCSAA, he was the director of the parks, recreation and commercial facilities division for the Phoenix suburb of Mesa, Ariz., (population 490,000). He was elevated to that position in 2005, after serving as that city’s convention center and amphitheatre director beginning in 2001.

“We are excited to have Rhett Evans as our CEO,” Fitzroy said. “He has a track record of success everywhere he has been. He has experience in the golf industry, both on the facility level and from an organizational perspective. He has experience in managing a large staff and being accountable to a variety of constituents. And, he is a consensus builder. That will serve him well with GCSAA members and in the increasingly collaborative golf industry.”

While in Mesa, Evans managed all program areas including the convention center and amphitheatre; spring training baseball complex (Chicago Cubs); cemetery; recreation and aquatic complexes; and 2,600 acres of park space. Also under his watch were the operations of Dobson Ranch and Riverview golf courses. He oversaw a budget of $32.5 million and a $28 million capital budget. Fitzroy indicated GCSAA will conduct a search to fill the chief operating officer position created by Evans’ promotion, although no timetable or job description has been established.

Evans earned a bachelor’s degree in sociology with an emphasis in business, and a master’s degree in recreation management and leadership with an emphasis in public administration from Brigham Young University. He is also a graduate of the Public Assembly Facility Management School. He has experience in facility and events management, working as the director of the McKay Events Center in Orem, Utah from 1997-2001, and director of operations at the Delta Center (home of the NBA’s Utah Jazz) and Franklin Quest Field in Salt Lake City for the five years prior to that.

Evans, born Sept. 29, 1968, is a native of Prescott, Ariz. He and his wife Colleen, reside in Lawrence, Kan., with their daughter Caitlyn and son Seth.

Visit GCSAA at

Building on the momentum of their market leading E-Merge series of Low Speed Vehicles, Tomberlin Automotive Group, Inc. has announced the introduction of the Golf Sport (GS) model golf car, offering all the safety features of their LSV’s, with optional accessories which compliment the golf course and neighborhood markets.

According to Leslie Bedenbaugh, a member of Tomberlin’s Leadership Team, “safety will always be the primary influence in product creation at Tomberlin, and we will not compromise our safety standards with the new GS model golf car.  Therefore, the GS will have front and rear disc brakes, seat belts, independent front suspension and an on-board smart charger.”  In addition, the GS model golf car has two customized speed settings.  The Golf setting is at 14 mph, and the Neighborhood setting is at 19 mph.  Furthermore, the GS comes with an acrylic windshield, as well as options for a split windshield, golf bag attachment and the new Tomberlink golf kit consisting of a sand bucket, cooler and ball washer.

“A dealer will not need an automotive license to sell the GS model golf car, because it cannot be tagged due to the specialized speed settings” says Bedenbaugh.  When asked why Tomberlin was entering the golf market, she stated “ It’s simple, whether we support the decision for our E-merge models to be on the course or not, it became clear our customers were using them for golf in several areas.  Plus, we had significant dealer demand. It may be over-engineered for golf-only use, but it will definitely meet or exceed any golfer’s expectations.”

“The introduction of the GS will open Tomberlin’s retail market to new areas while expanding brand awareness and acceptance, consumer availability and business potential “ says Nat Newsome, Tomberlin’s marketing manager. “We are building tremendous momentum in the market, with many upcoming announcements regarding product, innovation and new alliances.  These are exciting times!”

Bedenbough concluded “Dealers have recognized our broad offering provides them with a significant business opportunity. Tomberlin drives showroom traffic and more fully engages a broad range of customer lifestyles.  We recognize we need our dealers more than they need us, and we feel very fortunate to have such great dealers.”

To see the full line of Tomberlin® ATV’s, Schwinn™ Scooters and America’s leading electric platforms, please visit or a local Tomberlin® dealer.

Industry News - January/February 2011

By admin, January 3, 2011 10:00 pm

Star EV (Division of JH Global), is proud to announce the addition of two SS Limited models. The SS Limited EV’s are available as 36 Volt or 48 Volt (LSV and non) and come in maroon metallic, oyster pearl metallic, and charcoal black metallic. The SS Limited models come standard with color complimented suite seats, 12” chrome SS wheels, Ausco disc brakes, chrome rocker panels, glove box doors with SS Ltd branding, battery fill system, plush black carpet throughout the cab & bagwell, and come with or without the patented 2 in 1 combo seat.
Legacy E-Ride (division of JH Global) and Star EV are also pleased to announce the introduction of the Stromer E-Bike. This proven, two-year Swiss designed E-Bike is one-of-a-kind with its unique styling, hidden removable battery, 600-Watt motor and dual power modes. Contact Brent Meyers or Joe Wallington at 864-297-8833 and visit our website at

After nearly 18 months of negotiations, a golf cart dealership will be the first paying tenant at Florida Nexus Park, the former furniture mart on Okeechobee Road between Florida’s Turnpike and Interstate 95.
Professional Golf Car Corp., the exclusive Club Car dealership in the area, is moving its headquarters from Lake Worth and has a 10-year lease on 50,000 square feet in the western third of Florida Nexus Park.
Nexus Park, on the second-busiest stretch of road in St. Lucie County, is an ideal location for the company, Pro Golf Car President Cliff Danley said. Fort Pierce is closer to the center of Pro Golf Car’s six-county territory, which includes about 300 golf and country clubs, Danley said.
While Club Car, based in Augusta, Ga., sells the fleet carts to the golf courses, about one-third of those clubs allow members to use privately owned carts. Those people are Pro Golf Car’s primary target market.
“St. Lucie County is an outstanding location for our business, and we look forward to collaborating with the increasing number of alternative energy organizations that call the Research Coast their home,” Danley said. “Our relocation to St. Lucie County will allow for unique local partnerships while expanding our reach regionally.”
The company’s Fort Pierce operations will also have repair and parts facilities, as well as indoor storage space for Club Car’s inventory. Danley said the indoor, climate-controlled storage space was the key to the deal.
“Like a car dealership, limiting the exposure to sun and salt air minimizes the deterioration of the vehicles,” he said. “That’s a big advantage for us.” Danley said the company will maintain a satellite office in Lake Worth, so the 25 jobs the company has promised to add in Fort Pierce over the next year will be new hires.
Pro Golf Car Chairman Bill Hoatson said he and partner Steven Montovano, both Port St. Lucie residents, purchased the company in March.
St. Lucie County has offered a Job Growth Incentive Grant of up to $41,250 if Pro Golf Car fulfills its obligation to fill 25 jobs with an average hourly wage of at least $17.42, which is 10 percent above the county’s current average.
The company can also receive up to $11,700 in tax abatements on capital improvements it makes. Hoatson said renovations could reach $100,000. Danley said the company hopes to occupy the Florida Nexus Park location by early December.

Capable of moving a host of materials: snow, aggregate materials, livestock feed and silage
Curtis Industries, LLC has introduced a new and improved line of Sno-Pro tractor blades to expand their use to a full line of applications ranging from snow removal to piling of livestock feed and silage.  Sno-Pro front end loader blades offer major advantages over bucket plowing. Built tough for farmers, landscapers, ranchers, construction companies and homeowners; these unique instruments give an added versatility to bucket loaders.
These high quality tractor blades provide added versatility to traditional bucket loaders by adding a 30 degree hydraulic angle for efficient and productive plowing and heavy duty trip springs for added protection against blade damage from surface obstructions. The same level of quality goes into the Sno-Pro tractor blades as the extensive line of the Pro Series cab systems.
Blades are available in five through nine foot models and are recommended for tractors up to 47hp. These tractor blades can also adapt for quick-attach front mounting for skid steers and tractors equipped with front loaders that have a quick attach-type adapter.
For more information on Curtis products please visit

Kevin Norcross, Marketing Department Manager for Yamaha Golf-Car Company (YGC), has been placed in charge of the Direct Nationwide Sales Team.  This move will allow Stan Miser, who had previously managed both Direct and Distributor Sales for YGC, to now focus his attention entirely to our Distributor Sales network.
Norcross, who was responsible for the successful “May The Best Car Win” campaign, will remain in charge of YGC’s Marketing Department and in addition, oversee the National Direct Sales force; which is responsible for fleet golf car and utility vehicle sales to golf courses and Dealers.
“Kevin is a trained sales professional who we have had heading up our Marketing Department for the past four years”, said Tom McDonald, YGC’s President, “and although he’s done an outstanding job; his real strength lies in sales management.  He has nearly 25 years of diversified experience in the golf car industry and I look to him to take our Direct Sales team to a new level.”
Norcross, a Class “A” PGA Professional since 1982, has worked in almost every capacity in the golf industry and has been a Manufacturer’s Sales Representative, Branch Manager, General Manager at a Dealership and Vice-President of Sales and
Marketing for a Distributorship while in the golf car industry.
Yamaha Golf-Car Company is proud to announce the hiring of Brooks West as District Sales Manager for Tennessee, northern Alabama and northern Mississippi.
West joins YGC after a successful tenure with the AHEAD Company where he was the 2006 Rookie Sales Representative of the year.
He graduated Cum Laude from Mississippi State University with a BBA in Marketing.  Following graduation Brooks served as Head Professional at Elm lake Golf Course in Columbus, Mississippi and at The Plantation Club at Hyatt’s Dorado Beach in Dorado, Puerto Rico.
“Brooks is taking responsibility of a great territory for us”, said Kevin Norcross, Department Manager of Direct Sales and Marketing for Yamaha, “and I look forward to him having a long and successful career in the golf car industry.”
West was the 2007 Mississippi PGA Player of the Year and was Champion of the 2007 Gulf States PGA Professional National Championship before spending two years competing on the Nationwide, Hooters and Adams Golf Pro Tours.  “He’s a great player and an even better person”, Norcross stated, “We’re proud to have him as part of our already strong sales team.”
For more information on Yamaha Golf Cars, visit us on the web at

Ever wonder what it would be like if Golf Car Dealers Came together and pulled their resources? has done just that.  This website is exclusively for dealers and manufacturers of golf cars and parts for wholesaling parts and carts among themselves.
Need a cart right away and can’t wait 4-6 weeks?  Carts coming up on floor plan that you’re getting ready to get charged interest for? Are you a wholesaler looking to expand your market?
We have designed a DEALER ONLY login area so Dealers can view wholesale pricing only.  The best part about this site is customers can also look at this site but will only be shown retail pricing. This is a website for dealers put together by dealers.  Being in the golf car industry I know how frustrating it is to find what you are looking for, so if we all come together we will have it in one place.
I have spent almost 2 years in the process of designing this site and I am pleased now to bring it to you.  YOU MUST be a dealer to be able to login.  Once you sign up you will be put through a screening process to make sure you are a dealer; once approved you are free to use the sight.
Signing up for the site is FREE; you can browse as much as you want.  If you want to have your inventory on the sight, there is a yearly subscription of $99.00 per year.  BUT if you act now you can get your first year’s subscription for only $75.00!!!!!  And you don’t pay till Jan 1, 2011 that’s 2 months free and over a $20 savings!!!

Yamaha Golf-Car Company is proud to announce the recent hiring of Scott Brady as District Sales Manager for south Texas.
Brady is an experienced independent sales professional who joins YGC after a successful eight year career representing companies like Ben Hogan/Sport Haley, Tehama/Izod Golf, Walter Genuin Shoes and St. Andrews Products.  The ten years prior to that were spent in various management positions with The Arnold Palmer Management Company.
Scott attended Oklahoma State University and was a walk-on member of the golf team.
“Scott has a great deal of golf industry experience and is already familiar with the courses in the territory he is taking over”, said Kevin Norcross, Department Manager of Direct Sales and Marketing for Yamaha.  “We’re happy to have Scott on our team and know he’ll do an excellent job servicing our customers in south Texas.”
For more information on Yamaha Golf Cars, visit us on the web at


We can’t guarantee improving your backswing, but Ultimate Golf Seating definitely has your back by providing the utmost in comfort and support as your golf cart bumps and jumps along the course.
You already know what it’s like riding on your cart for four hours when skimpy, flat seat pads are the only thing separating your body from the jolts of a rock hard suspension – that’s what you subject yourself to in a typical golf car during 18 holes of golf.
“People expect comfortable seats in their cars, they choose comfortable seating for their homes, so why not enjoy those same benefits when you’re riding on a golf car?” said David Vahala, CEO, Ultimate Golf Seating, with headquarters in Elkhart, Indiana and offices in Florida. “On average, you’ll spend four hours playing a round of golf, so we designed our seats to offer exceptional back comfort and also be stylish.” Medical experts agree. “What I really like about Ultimate Golf Seating is that you don’t have to think about sitting properly to protect your back. These seats support your whole back and you can feel that right away,” said William S. Bilmyre of Bilmyre Chiropractic Life Center. “There’s nothing worse than not being able to do something because your back hurts. These seats invite you to sit in them.”
The seats are made to look and feel good for a long time thanks to high-quality, marine grade vinyl for proven durability on the outside and superior resiliency polyurethane foam, similar to that found in high-end mattresses on the inside.
“Golf cars are outside a lot, so we wanted to use materials that were made to withstand UV rays, yet also be easy to clean with our Ultimate Stain Shield Protection coating,” said Vahala. Additional seat designs include the Premier Bench Seat and the Elite Bench Seat which offers the same quality of materials and comfort as the Luxury series, but is designed for fleet use. “We created these seats so they can fit onto Club Car, E-Z-GO, Yamaha, and many other brands of golf cars,” said Vahala. “And they can be easily installed in just a few steps.” If you pull up to a tee looking and feeling this good, your game is bound to improve. Visit


The Tomberlin Automotive Group has launched their proprietary Tomberlin Entertainment Center system (TEC) for their E-Merge Series of Low Speed Vehicles. The TEC system features a sturdy, easy to install custom-molded ABS headliner which houses a JBL® all-weather sound system.  The powerful JBL system includes two 6” Seaworthy speakers, IPOD® cable and a protective flip-up housing mounted comfortably within the drivers reach.  It also features an exclusive EPROM internal memory so you do not lose your radio station settings when the system is turned off.
To enhance interior functionality and visibility, the TEC system also features two storage compartments and comes equipped with front L.E.D. map lights and adjustable rear auxiliary lights that give the driver the ability to utilize them as reverse lights or versatile utility lights that can be maneuvered in several directions. Adding the finishing touch to the entertainment center, a stylish backlit LED Tomberlin “T” logo embossed in the headliner has the ability to be lit in 16 different colors, flash in several variations and comes complete with a built-in rheostat which is controlled by a remote the size of a credit card. The Tomberlin TEC construction is a wood free design and utilizes UV stable materials making it a perfect addition to any E-Merge. The TEC entertainment center is available as an accessory and installs in less than 15 minutes.
It fits all model year E-Merge E2 vehicles and is currently available for pre-order for arrival during the 2010 Holiday season.

Industry News - November/December 2010

By admin, October 19, 2010 1:34 pm

PAUL F. MEYER JOINS FAIRPLAY ELECTRIC CARSFairplay Electric Cars is proud to announce Paul F. Meyer as their Regional Director in the Southeast. Paul Meyer is located in Orlando, Florida. He joins Fairplay after an illustrious career of over 35 years in the golf car industry. Over the years he consistently posted outstanding sales and growth numbers in Florida.

“We are ecstatic to have such a seasoned and consummate professional on our team,” boasts Keith Andrews, President of Fairplay. “Paul started with EZGO as a mechanic when he was only nineteen years old and built his way up to an accomplished leadership position. His reputation is impeccable and his business practices are a perfect match for our culture here at Fairplay.”

Paul is excited about the opportunity, “I am really looking forward to working with the innovative and enthusiastic team at Fairplay. They have innovative products, are responsive to the market trends and offer excellent after-sales service, all the things I believe are critical in today’s market. For those that know me, I bring my many years of experience, insight and integrity with me. I look forward to talking to you all soon and rekindle our business relationship.”

If you are in the Florida area and would like to arrange to see or discuss Fairplay products further with Paul F. Meyer, you can email him at

JOHN DEERE BUILDS 500,000 Gator™ Utility Vehicle (UV)John Deere Horicon Works (Wis.) announced production of the company’s 500,000th Gator utility vehicle, marking the milestone by building one of John Deere’s latest models, the XUV825i, the fastest and most powerful Gator ever manufactured in a long line of work and recreational machines.

“Reaching this milestone of building 500,000 Gators is a significant accomplishment for our company, our employees and our customers,” said Dan Hoffman, factory manager, John Deere Horicon Works. “Our full line of Gator utility vehicles serves a wide range of customers who depend on their reliability and usefulness. That’s an obligation we take quite seriously.”

The heritage of the Gator product began in 1987 when John Deere first built utility machines that preceded the Gator’s design and creation. Then in 1993, John Deere launched its highly successful Gator utility vehicle, which now has 17 different models and is sold to customers in agriculture, construction, turf care, recreation, and the military.

“We aspire to produce and sell the next 500,000 faster than the first,” said Siva Sundaresan, global director of utility vehicles. “We expect to continue our success in these products as John Deere remains committed to deliver an industry-leading portfolio of utility vehicles to customers.”

New models of classic TXT® vehicle offers 48-volt DC drivetrain or 13 hp Kawasaki® engine and unique customization features

E-Z-GO, a Textron Company announced the expansion of its line of personal vehicles with the introduction of the Freedom® TXT® and Shuttle 2+2 TXT®. These vehicles combine the classic styling and features of the E-Z-GO TXT platform with new power plants and technology, including the choice of models equipped with either a 48-volt DC electric drivetrain or a 13 hp gas-powered Kawasaki® engine.

The Freedom TXT seat two people and is equipped with a golf-bag rack and sweater basket for easy transition from the course to community paths. With its rear-facing second bench seat, the Shuttle 2+2 TXT seats up to four people and can be outfitted with an optional four-bag attachment for golf use.

“E-Z-GO is pleased to offer these new models in our celebrated TXT vehicle line,” said Kevin Holleran, president of E-Z-GO. “The combination of proven TXT features and new powertrain technology will make the Freedom TXT and Shuttle 2+2 TXT vehicles a popular

The Freedom TXT and Shuttle 2+2 TXT vehicles are available for purchase now from your local E-Z-GO authorized dealer. To locate your nearest dealer or to learn about the complete line of E-Z-GO light-transportation vehicles, please visit

STEVE RHODES JOINS FAIRPLAY ELECTRIC CARSFairplay Electric Cars is proud to announce Steve Rhodes as their Western Regional Director. Steve has over 25 years of marketing and sales experience, with over 15 years in the battery industry. The last 4 years Steve was Regional Sales Manager for a major brand in the low speed electric vehicle industry.

“Steve has worked hard to develop a strong reputation in the industry,” says Keith Andrews, President of Fairplay. “We are very happy to be able to bring a person with his qualifications on board. We are confident Steve will continue to be an advocate for his dealer network, helping them to succeed and prosper with the Fairplay products in these challenging economic times.”

Steve is excited about the relationship as well, “I look forward to working with the dealers I have close relationships with, and meeting new dealers who expect and deserve excellent service from their sales representatives. To be able to offer the broad line of Fairplay electric vehicles is icing on the cake for me.”

If you are located in the western United States and would like to discuss the full lineup of Fairplay Electric Vehicles with Steve Rhodes, you can email him at

SPECIALIZED INSURANCE NEEDED FOR LOW SPEED VEHICLES – WHO KNEW? WE MOVE SLOW, BUT WE’RE AHEAD OF THINGSAs the popularity of cost-effective and eco-friendly golf car, electric car, and ATV usage is on the rise, the insurance world has yet to specialize in coverage for it, nor are consumers aware of the specific coverage they personally need. LSV Insurance, LLC, the first independent insurance agency to specifically insure all forms of golf cars and low speed vehicles (LSV) has officially opened its doors. They offer a full line of individual and commercial insurance for the LSV user, from personal auto protection to general liability and inventory coverage for dealers. With all 50 states now making low speed vehicles street legal, it is more important than ever that consumers are properly insured.

Proprietors Chad Boozer and Jerod Summer have founded, an accessible tool for dealers and individual consumers to receive free rate quotes. The LSV Insurance, LLC team goal is to provide peace of mind for the LSV consumer. Many low speed vehicle owners do not realize their current homeowner’s and/or auto policy, even with extended liability, does not suffice and that there are additional restrictions and regulations in coastal vacation spots and resorts. To avoid these gaps, LSV Insurance, LLC provides that specialty coverage. Company president Chad Boozer adds, “We feel it is time to educate the public on the value of specified insurance for low speed vehicle drivers before it is too late, and accident or injury catches them unaware.”

As of today, LSV Insurance currently is authorized to provide insurance for such vehicles in SC, NC, and GA, and is in the process of expanding coverage, starting with FL and MI. LSV Insurance, LLC, stands behind proper training, vigilant driving and the peace of mind that comes with being fully insured in your Low Speed Vehicle.

For more information about LSV Insurance, LLC or to request a free rate quote visit or visit us on facebook:

As the U.S. economy makes its way our of a recession and Georgians face double-digit unemployment, manufacturing has been one of the hardest-hit sectors of the economy.

Manufacturing jobs have been in decline for decades while companies shipped work overseas, but the trend accelerated with the onset of the recession and waning consumer demand for manufactured goods.

“I think consumer confidence is going to have to build, people are going to have to go back to work…and get in the habit of spending discretionary money,” said Club Car CEO Gary Michel, whose company makes vehicles for golf courses, commercial businesses and personal use.

The number of manufacturing jobs in the Augusta metro area has slid sharply in the past few years, though the pace has slowed recently.

Manufacturing jobs held steady between July and August of this year and were down 4 percent, or 800 jobs, from a year ago, according to the latest work force numbers released by the Georgia Department of Labor.

That contrasts with a drop of 18 percent, or 4,200 jobs, since August 2007, according to labor date.

“Companies are more concerned about spending dollars than they ever have been primarily because they don’t want to get into a recessionary community,” said Walter Sprouse, the executive director of the Development Authority of Richmond County. “They’re looking for that stability.”

Sprouse estimated the development authority is working on 23 projects and said about half are in manufacturing. He said Augusta’s relatively stable economy compared with the rest of the country is a selling point when recruiting companies.

Nationally, the unemployment rate in manufacturing stood at 9.5 percent in August, an improvement from 11.8 percent the previous year.

“The year started off well for us, but we have seen a softening of economic conditions over the summer. That’s in line with what we’re really seeing in the greater economy nationwide,” said Brandon Haddock, the marketing communications manager for E-Z-GO, which makes vehicles for golf, commercial and industrial uses. “If consumers are wary and if consumers are afraid of economic conditions, that slows manufacturing.”

The company recently launched a new street-legal electric vehicle called the 2Five. Haddock said the product has done well considering the economic environment.

Michel said this year has been one of growth for Club Car and results have “certainly” been better than the past couple of years. “What has driven a lot of the growth in golf is pent-up demand and people needing to make the fleet changes that they put off for 18 to 24 months,” he said.

New products such as low-speed electric vehicles and innovations in the golf sector have helped drive Club Car’s results, Michel said. “It’s what we did when times weren’t good that are starting to pay the results for us,” he said.

And there are some other bright spots in the local picture.

John Deere, which makes small tractors at its Grovetown plant, recently announced a record third quarter and almost doubled its estimate for yearly earnings to about $1.78 billion.

Company spokesman Ken Golden said in an email that sales of utility tractors – the product category Grovetown’s plant falls into – were up 3 percent in July in the U.S. and Canada. Overall John Deere’s sales of utility tractors were up double digits.

Haddock said E-Z-GO is still filling positions – some new and some that have become vacant – mainly in areas such as marketing, sales or administrative functions. “We are working to position ourselves for continued economic recovery and are cautiously optimistic about the prospects for gradual recovery,” Haddock said. “We hope to see the economy regain the momentum that it had at the beginning of the year. We are certainly not immune to greater economic conditions. When consumer confidence returns and unemployment lowers, we certainly expect to see better growth.”

There’s more to a golf cart than meets the eye. They can be customized for almost any purpose. Just ask Lou and Allen Warren, who own ABS Golf Cars in Noble, they’ll fix you right up.

The Warrens have owned ABS Golf Cars located at 317 S. Main in Noble since 1995. Allen Warren started out as a golf course mechanic and worked at Westwood Golf Course for 19 years. He’d work on friends’ golf carts on his lunch hour and after work. Finally, he decided to open his own business. Now the Warrens are the largest E-Z-GO golf cart dealer in the state of Oklahoma.

“We specialize in customization and we have customers from everywhere,” Lou Warren said. “From Kansas, Texas and Missouri. So, it’s not just a local thing. We are definitely here for local farmers and ranchers, but word got out there and we have lake property owners too. The carts are not just for golf.”

Lou Warren went on to describe some of the ways they’ve customized carts over the years.

They’ve manufactured a custom set-up on a cart for a racecar driver who uses it to tow his racecar from the strip to the pits. ABS decked it out with toolboxes, back seats and tow bars specific to racing.

Other folks have special-ordered their carts with flip-down TVs, satellite radio and stereo systems. Some even have GPS systems that are specific to the game of golf—these systems calculate the distance to the next hole and map the course for the golfer.

“We’ve done installations with TVs, iPods, stereos, extra heavy suspensions for farming, hand controls for special needs — we just try to make them unique for each situation. We’ll add custom paint or seat covers to match an organization or business,” Lou Warren said.

The Warrens rent golf carts as well — and not just to golf courses. The carts serve as people movers at special events such as family reunions, church camps and weddings. They’ve rented to cemeteries for Memorial Day weekend, for funerals, and even to the Zoo Amphitheatre during concert season.

The work utility carts they have can be adapted for farm and ranch use or heavy duty hauling. Ranchers carry bags of feed, and Lou Warren tells the story of a man who loaded his portable welder on one and pulled it around while fixing his fence.

“Golf carts can be used for everything from trash to hospitality, to VIPs,” Lou Warren said.

Golf carts can be rented on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Pricing depends on the type of cart rented and the duration of the rental. ABS has special carts set aside for wedding rentals.

Lou Warren takes pride in the many ways that she and her husband have found to customize golf carts. “If someone has a need, they can call us,” Lou Warren said.

ABS Golf Cars is open Monday through Friday 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. and Saturday from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Curtis Industries, LLC has added to its line of quality enclosures, the new PathPro soft cab system for the Yamaha Rhino and Polaris Ranger that easily mounts to the factory installed Operator Protection System (OPS). This PathPro enclosure, keeps you and your passenger out of the elements, for a fraction of the cost.

Using an extremely lightweight design, the new PathPro cab systems are easy to install and can be used in varying weather conditions. The cab is manufactured from durable heavy duty marine grade, UV resistant PVC coated 40 oz. nylon for improved cold weather performance. The cab features zip-out removable doors and zip-open side and rear windows that can be rolled up and secured for a truly “open-air” ride.

Large zipper pull tabs on the doors and rear panel are easily accessible from inside and outside to transform your vehicle in any given weather or climate a quick and simple process; eliminating the need to get outside in more inclement conditions.

The acrylic windshield not only offers protection from the elements but has exceptional visibility in all directions, making for an even safer ride. Aluminum reinforcements add additional roof support and improve the cab’s overall strength. The new value-priced premium quality PathPro soft cab comes as a complete package including roof, doors, rear window, and windshield. You can enclose your cab within two hours, with no drilling or permanent modifications.

Curtis Industries, LLC is the leading manufacturer of cabs, enclosures and accessories for compact tractors, golf cars, and utility vehicles. For more information on Curtis products please visit

Industry News - September/October 2010

By admin, August 27, 2010 12:53 pm

Last month, Carrus BV – Carts & Parts entered into an agreement with a major European party for the procurement of a large quantity of golf carts and parts. The agreement covers the purchase of more than 3300 used golf and transport carts, as well as thousands of parts and accessories. This is the largest acquisition ever in the used carts market and will greatly strengthen Carrus’ position as European market leader.

Carrus is a brand-independent supplier of top brand carts, parts and accessories, like Club Car, E-Z-GO and Yamaha. The company, based in the region of Utrecht, the Netherlands, provides transport solutions to various markets throughout Europe, including the leisure sector, golf courses and industry. It sells its products through a European dealer network, as well as through its own online shop at, where all carts and parts can be found and ordered very easily.

The purchase agreement now entered covers used carts that are still partly operational on the basis of current lease agreements. More than 2300 carts, which are currently in stock and whose lease contracts are ending, will be shipped to the Netherlands in 2010. Next year, another 1000 carts will follow, when their lease contracts have also expired. The first carts and parts have already arrived at the Carrus depot in the region of Utrecht. The carts can be modified for any given application in accordance with the customer’s wishes at Carrus’ own workshop.

For further information, visit or contact us at or call +31 (0)30 233 4405.

Shadys, with its beginning in the hot South Florida sun, where golfing and golf carts are a way of life, has taken away the worry of being in the sun all day.  Founder Jaime Parker, and creator Steven Horejsi, credit Jaime’s mother-in-law, Adrienne Broch, for giving them the idea.  In 2007 Adrienne, an avid golfer, received a serious diagnosis of melanoma skin cancer directly attributed to her extensive time in the sun spent playing golf.  Instead of giving up the game she loved, she decided it was time to protect her from the sun as much as possible.  If long sleeve shirts, pants, sunglasses, hats, and 50 SPF sunscreen weren’t enough, Adrienne proceeded to hang shade cloth from the sides of golf carts when she golfed in an effort to block the sun and create a cooler place of refuge from the heat…something golfers contend with on a daily basis.  Says Adrienne, “I researched other products and was unimpressed with their design and functionality, but thanks to Shadys, I no longer need to play golf only during the early morning or late afternoon hours, and I don’t need to spend time on the course trying to find shade, concerning myself with sunburns, or stressing about skin damage.  With its sporty design, Shadys let’s me enjoy golfing and driving around the neighborhood on a golf cart stress free and looking good”.

For more information about Shady’s sun shades, visit

New Partnerships Strengthen Trojan’s Presence and Leadership in China
Trojan Battery Company, the world’s leading manufacturer of deep cycle batteries, announced new distribution agreements I China, a strategy that further expands Trojan’s presence and strengthens its leadership across Asia. Trojan’s new authorized distributors are Getz Bros. Hong Kong Ltd., YHI Corporation (Beijing) Co., Ltd. and ShangHai Link Trade Co., Ltd. Each distributor will be responsible for overseeing the distribution and servicing of Trojan products in their assigned territories.

“With many of our major OEM partners expanding their manufacturing facilities to China it make sense for Trojan to strengthen its presence throughout China.” Said David Godber, executive vice president of sales and marketing for Trojan Battery. “Trojan’s strategic new alliances in China will allow us to provide localized, dedicated sales and technical support services that our customers have come to expect from Trojan. Further, by expanding our distribution in China, Trojan can readily meet the demands of China’s fast-growing new industries including golf, renewable energy, floor machine and aerial work platforms.”

Emerson Fung, Trojan’s director of sales, Asia-Pacific, who heads Trojan’s Hong Kong branch, added, “The implementation of four distributors, with each distributor focusing on a small territory, makes Trojan products more readily available in China, and allows us to respond faster to customer requests. Through an increase in sub-dealer network, Trojan can increase its business significantly throughout all of China.”
For more information visit

Extensive mix of features for work or play at a value price
Curtis Industries, LLC has introduced the new PathPro SS soft cab system for the Polaris Ranger 2010 400 and 800 models that easily mounts to the factory installed Roll-Over Protection System (ROPS). The PathPro SS is lightweight, versatile and can be used year-round in all types of weather. A quality, value enclosure, the PathPro SS keeps you and your passenger out of the elements.

The PathPro SS features a strong, low profile textured black steel roof with acoustic liner, steel frame doors with locking handles and full perimeter bulb rubber which collectively provide for a fully weather tight enclosure. The windshield is made from durable, long-lasting hard coated polycarbonate material for added protection. This windshield is strong enough to support a wiper and can stand up to abrasion and trail debris.

Each PathPro SS cab system uses zippered 30 gauge clear double-polished vinyl windows and soft rear panel that can be rolled up and strapped out of the way in nice weather. These PathPro SS cab systems offer very high visibility in all directions.

Additional accessories include the Mega Burner heater, wiper kit, safety beacon, work lights and custom overhead console with AM/FM radio/CD player and built-in switch panel. Curtis products are available through local Polaris dealerships.

For more information on Curtis products please visit

In 2009, Fairplay Electric introduced the EVE brand of street legal electric cars.  Due to the increased demand for electric industrial and commercial vehicles, Fairplay has introduced a product line specifically to serve this market.

“Many of our existing dealers are expanding into light industrial products to increase sales and make up for the slowdown in their other product lines.  We have reconfigured some of our vehicles to meet the needs for this market,” says Keith Andrews, President of Fairplay Electric Cars.  “The HOSS commercial and industrial lineup is made up of robust versions of each vehicle, including our efficient high torque AC drive systems and sealed AGM batteries.”

When you visit the all new Fairplay web site, you can see the distinction between the product lines.  “We have separate dealer agreements for our three product offerings.  This allows dealers to tie up exclusive marketing areas for brands that matter to them.  In some markets, we have one dealer with all three product lines and in others three separate dealers.”

To see the complete lineup of Fairplay Electric Vehicles and find out how you can become a dealer for the product line that best fits your needs, go to the new or see the street legal vehicles at

On and off the course, golf cars have become the new standard for convenient and green transportation

With an estimated market share of over 70% by 2010, there is no doubt that smaller electrical vehicles also known as NEVs (neighborhood electric vehicles) or LSVs (low speed vehicles) are here to stay.

The Garia Luxury Golf Car, manufactured at the same factory that builds the Porsche Boxster and Cayman, is also available as LSV.

Built to the highest standards of the automotive industry, The Garia features a formula 1 inspired front suspension, a drive train built by an Italian company that also produces Ducati gearboxes, and aluminum profiles made by the same company that supplies aluminum profiles to Aston Martin, Jaguar and Volvo.

Available in August 2010, The Garia LSV is fitted with street legal safety equipment such as seatbelts and side mirrors, and it also has a hydraulic brake system.

Its small size makes it perfect for the city, and with tax-based incentives in many countries and an increasing number of states and countries that allow LSVs to be operated on roads with speed limits of 35 mph (50km/h) or less, LSVs no longer belong to the future market – they are the market.

Within the past few years, vehicles traditionally designed and used for recreational purposes are increasingly being used for non-recreational purposes. Any distinction between a golf car and an NEV/LSV has become blurred, and recent studies indicate that the number of privately owned vehicles in the U.S., mainly golf cars or modified golf cars, will increase to 118,000 by 2010 (from 98,000 units in 2006).

Contact your local dealer for pricing and info. Find your local dealer at

Jane Zhang moved to the U.S. in 1989 to complete her graduate studies, an opportunity earned from graduating on the top of her class. Jane was not only strong in Engineering; she also had strong desire to excel at other financial and general management aspects of the business. While working full time and raising her first child with her husband Jun, Jane spent her weekends for three years completing her MBA at the Clemson University’s MBA program. In late 2003, Jane left her VP of engineering post to start up JH Global Services, Inc., which was formed as a global outsourcing and distribution company. Her idea was to evaluate the U.S. market to find opportunities to export/import and distribute products and/or services where a “reason for being existed.”

Jane quickly moved to the golf car and electric vehicle segment. She knew that there would be a strong future demand for electric golf cars and other vehicles based on the green movement and the aging boomer population. In addition, she knew that the big three golf car players (Club Car, E-Z-GO, and Yamaha) all tended to focus on golf course fleets instead of individual consumers and businesses. Jane sought to source and distribute golf cars and other electric vehicles that could offer businesses a quality product at a lower price. Thus the brand Star Electric Vehicles (JH Global DBA Star Electric Vehicles) was born in 2004.

Nearly every dollar of savings was put into setting up the company and buying the initial container load of vehicles that were sourced from a leading factory in China. Star EV is quickly working on future electric vehicle opportunities. These vehicles are already in high demand by the military, universities and other government and commercial businesses with “green” ambitions. As metropolitan areas grow the “electric’ infrastructure by adding charging stations these vehicles could be used by many in their daily commute.

Drones are ubiquitous on today’s modern battlefields, from Iraq to Afghanistan and every where in between. Automated, gear-lugging golf carts? Not so much. That’s about to change though, thanks to a little guy named GUSS.

GUSS, short for Ground Unmanned Support Surrogate, is a short range hauler akin to BigDog, but without the terrifying night terrors.

Also like BigDog, Guss is controlled remotely (in this case by a system called WaySight). Using its collection of sensors and computer algorithms, GUSS can traverse all sorts of terrain in the day, night, and even inclement weather.

And even though GUSS is golf cart-esque, it’s more than capable of moving 1,800 lbs. of supplies in the field. Top speed is only 5mph, so the injured troop capability also being billed alongside this cart is a bit dubious.

A prototype for now, GUSS could see service by 2015, when 30% of the U.S. military is set to be unmanned.

The new Fairplay website has improved in more ways than one.  The same eye popping graphics and ease of navigation that made the EVE LSV web site famous is now found on the Fairplay site.  But the web site is more than just a pretty face.  The dealer locator has been expanded to all brands so customer’s with specific vehicle needs can access the correct dealer for their area.

Another exciting addition is the DEALER LOGIN.  Now dealers can access a huge library of technical and support data.  “We have added historic information, for example, our wiring harness has changed over the years due to continuous improvement.  So we have included versions back to our first models,” said Jim Wilson, VP of Operations.  “Through our dealer login our dealers will have the latest technical bulletins and helpful instructions right at their finger tips, 24/7.”

“We are focused and on track for our 2010 mission,” says Keith Andrews, President.  “Our mission is to reach a level of quality in everything we do that is second to none.  The improvements to the web site, AC motors, AGM batteries, extend range packages and expansion of products, is all part of achieving that mission.”

“Last year we relocated our production and assembly to Southern California.  This move improved quality, allowed us to expand our product offering, reduced delivery times and helped us control cost.  We, along with our dealers, are very excited about where we are now and even more excited about where we are going,” Andrews added. Visit the new web site at .


Lose your keys and go keyless with ididit’s affordable new Key to Keyless Ignition System that can be mounted in a new steering column or even a dash.  Simply carry the provided Key FOB and upon arrival to the vehicle the Ignition Control Module will verify its owner and will pre-authorize the ignition system. Kit contains:
One control box (small & easy to fit). Range adjustability (up to 10 feet). and 2 Key FOBs with 2 modes (Automatic or manual)

With a simple push of a button the engine will roar to life.  As always ididit products are made in the U.S.A.!

For more information visit

Lincoln Way is no longer just the home of antiques, auctions and bluegrass concerts; it now features customized golf cars.

Owner Terry Agin, who has owned Lincoln Way since 1968, is collaborating with several others on the business venture, Lincoln Way Golf Carts. He wishes he had started it 10 years ago.

“I can’t believe how good they sell and how fun they are to work on, Agin said.

The business at 2817 Ohio 602, began by happenstance. “I had an old golf car and sold it to the first guy that looked at it. I upgraded one for myself and decided it would make a good business,” Agin said.

Agin said when the cars come in, they usually are painted green or red. Agin and his business associate, Brian Rankins, strip them and rebuild each to customers’ specifications. Chad Sweitzer does the custom paint jobs and XT Innovations installs seats.

The carts, either gas or electric, take Agin and his partners one to seven days to complete. Agin said he sells about an equal number of gas and electric models. “Campgrounds seem to buy more of the electric because of the fact the gas carts make more noise,” he said. “The cost for each is about the same depending on what the customer wants, which could run between $1,500 and $7,500.”

Deb Pinion, director of the Bucyrus Area Chamber of Commerce, said Agin’s business is unique. “This is what entrepreneurs across America are doing. They are finding a niche market, opening business and doing well,” she said. “I think Terry and his partners have a great idea and will do well.”

Nivel Parts & Manufacturing, the largest independent distributor in North America, is proud to introduce its new line of Complete Dash Assemblies.
Superior in design and quality, Nivel’s new dash assemblies are unmatched in the marketplace with these exciting new features:
• Injection molded design.  Instead of a vacuum formed construction, these new dashes are injection molded, which provides the assemblies with a thicker, even wall thickness, superior fit, and consistency.
• Highest-quality design virtually eliminates the common dash assembly’s flaw of having weak corners. The stronger, durable construction of Nivel’s new dash assemblies provides uniform strength across the whole of the dash.
• Dash has a more durable, tactile feel that perfectly compliments the stylish design of the dash assembly’s patterned finish.
• Available in the most popular three finishes: Regal burl, Carbon fiber and Titanium.
Available for multiple golf car makes and models, the dash assemblies also include locking doors to safely store valuables and cup holders on select models.

Nivel is also extremely excited to announce that it has used its unmatched global sourcing expertise and advanced engineering capabilities to bring these dashes to our dealers not only with improved quality and stylish looks; but at a new competitive wholesale price.

Industry News - July/August 2010

By admin, June 21, 2010 4:39 pm

We are pleased to advise you that on May 28, Nivel Holdings, LLC completed an acquisition of Pro Master Industries, which will operate as a subsidiary of Nivel Parts. It is our belief that this transaction will allow us to bring the strengths of these two solid companies together, with the end result being improved service to our customer base and an increase in our capacity to be a one-stop-shop. Looking forward, here are some of the benefits that you can expect to share:

  • An ongoing commitment to be the design and quality leader for windshields and accessories
  • Improved shipping response time, as we add Pro Master products at Nivel locations and Pro Master Industries to our network of shipping locations
  • Manufacturing control over Pro Master’s patented windshield designs, which are considered the gold standard in the industry. Efficient manufacturing will allow an increase in inventory availability to our customers along with improved cost control over our end product
  • Continued commitment to provide our dealers with the best products presently available, and product development support to expand the offering to meet the changing needs of the golf car aftermarket

As you can imagine, our organization is very excited by the potential of this marriage, and hope that you will support us with your business as we integrate these companies.

Agreement provides OEMs with a lower-cost, remanufactured solution supported by world-class expertise, service and technology

Kollmorgen, a leading global manufacturer of drives and controls for electric fork lift trucks, and FSIP, a leading provider of remanufacturing services for electric vehicle control systems, have agreed to an Aftermarket Service Agreement, effective immediately.  Under terms of the Agreement, FSIP will be the exclusive remanufacturer of Kollmorgen drives and controls for the North America electric fork lift truck market.  Kollmorgen is most widely recognized under the company’s previous branding of Danaher Motion, as a supplier of drives and controls to OEMs of electric fork lift trucks.

“Partnering with FSIP helps us better support and bring additional value to our OEM customer’s aftermarket businesses in North America,” says Brian Lubin, Business Unit Director, Kollmorgen Electric Vehicle Systems.  “These customers will have ready access to a lower-cost, high-quality remanufactured drive and control solution through FSIP, and directly supported by Kollmorgen through revision control and testing.  Additionally, the Agreement will extend the availability of legacy Kollmorgen drive and control products.”

“This Agreement aligns with our strategic focus of nurturing alliances with industry-leading manufacturers of electric vehicle components and systems, and doing so allows us to provide our customers with the most recent upgrades to the control hardware and software,” explains Barry Bowman, President of FSIP.  “As the intellectual property of today’s electric vehicle controls become more complex, these alliances enable us to truly remanufacture the control and not just ‘repair it’ or ‘swap it out’ as may be the case with other repair facilities.  It also provides the market with an alternative to ‘new,’ while maintaining the integrity of the control as a remanufactured product.”

Between now and May 2010, Kollmorgen and FSIP will be sharing data, test capabilities and other important drive and control functions.  The companies anticipate that the full launch of remanufactured Kollmorgen drives and controls for electric vehicles will begin in May.

Not sure what the deer and the antelope are doing now days to get around, but if they had the new Limited Edition EVE LSV DELUX they could roam about 60 miles.

Most customers who purchase an LSV want to know the age-old question, “What’s the range?”  Typical lead acid battery configurations in two passenger vehicles have six, eight-volt batteries and provide a range of around twenty-five miles.  Now, thanks to the efficiency of their new AC drive system with Fullriver AGM batteries; Fairplay’s 2010 Limited Edition EVE LSV DELUX has posted an impressive sixty plus mile range.

“We are very excited about the range we are seeing in this model”, says Keith Andrews, President of Fairplay Electric Cars.  “Our combination of maintenance-free batteries with our reliable AC powered motors now puts our package way ahead of the pack.”

The AC motor and AGM Full River battery package is standard equipment on the 2010 Limited Edition EVE DELUX.  However plans are to expand the offering.  “In late summer we plan to introduce more vehicles with AC power and the AGM extended range packages”, adds Andrews.

For more information on the 2010 Limited Edition EVE LSV DELUX with the extended range AGM batteries and to see the complete line up of Fairplay Electric Vehicles go to or


U.S. Battery Manufacturing Company has been Interstate Battery’s supplier of choice when it comes to manufacturing the best deep cycle and special application batteries. Providing the best quality product available is not just a request by Interstate, but a requirement that has been the basis for the Interstate Battery distributor systems continued growth year over year in their domestic deep cycle market share. U.S. Battery has taken this responsibility to heart and has worked very hard to become the best supplier possible. During this long business relationship, U.S. Battery has been awarded Interstate’s “Supplier Excellence” award for ten consecutive years. “While this may be achievement enough for some” stated Donald Wallace, executive vice president, “we were going for the gold.” To that end U.S. Battery has been chosen to receive the “Specialty Supplier of the Year” award by Interstate Battery for the past eight consecutive years as well as receiving “Plant of the Year” each year during this same period of time. The criterion used to measure suppliers consists of on-time shipping, percentage of fill rate and overall warranty.

Using Interstates scoring system, U.S. Battery has consistently been in the high 90th percentile and has actually hit 100% in two 12 month fiscal periods, the only supplier in Interstates history to do so. Wallace stated, “This year on year achievement became somewhat of an internal battle cry. We worked towards that 100% goal no matter the cost. It is always so difficult to measure the cost of good customer service so this is an area where the company chose to focus on excellence in customer satisfaction rather than the bottom line. In the process of our attempts to hit Interstates goals we were able to elevate the levels of both customer service and satisfaction to our entire customer base, while at the same time maintaining a company wide warranty rate of .14%! We constantly have the IBS distributors telling us how good the product is, where they use terms like “bullet proof”, stated Wallace.

We are proud of our long relationship with Interstate Battery Systems of America and we are deeply gratified to have helped them consistently grow their deep cycle market share by providing exemplary products and service. Every U.S. Battery employee takes great pride in being the best they can be and our continued ability to prove this by winning Interstates quality and service award is a testament to those efforts.

U.S. Battery Manufacturing Company has manufacturing facilities located in Corona California, and Evans, and Augusta Georgia. Visit for more information.

Small vehicle manufacturer doubles production in nine years

The two millionth vehicle produced by Club Car is an achievement company founders never would have imagined when they began producing golf cars 52 years ago. In fact, the low-speed passenger vehicle that came off the production line today in a ceremony marking the manufacturing milestone wasn’t even made here until last year.

Golf cars and utility vehicles dominated production at Club Car during its first half century. But the vehicle chosen to symbolize the manufacturing milestone, which fell on Earth Day 2010, was a Villager LSV, an eco-friendly zero-emission vehicle that incorporates a number of features as defined by federal regulations that enable LSVs to be driven on specified public roads with speed limits of 35 mph or less.

LSVs are the fastest growing segment in the light transportation vehicle market. They’re especially popular for short commutes, shopping, transpiration and deliveries in campus-style environments, including hospitals, clinics, schools and universities.

“One of the hallmarks of Club Car over the years has been innovation and the ability to produce vehicles that meet – and sometimes even anticipate the needs – of our customers,” said Gary Michel president and CEO of Club Car, “Zero-emission low-speed vehicles, which reduce our nation’s dependence on foreign oil and provide an environmentally friendly mode of travel, are an example of that ongoing commitment.”

Michel credited Club Car employees as the “champions’ responsible for producing a million vehicles in record time. “We have a great team of people who come and work with one thing on their mind every day: How to improve on yesterday” Michel said.

The ceremony was attended by Club Car associates, executives from parent company Ingersoll Rand and a number of local political and civic leaders. Augusta Mayor Deke Copenhaver read a proclamation that declared April 22, 2010 “Club Car Day in Augusta.”

The event coincided with the 40th anniversary of Earth Day, the global celebration of environmental awareness. In recognition of its commitment to sustainability, Ingersoll Rand on Thursday launched its Center for Energy Efficiency and Sustainability (CEES). The center will focus on identifying and implementing best practices for the long-term use of energy and other resources for customers and communities.

Speaking at the Club Car ceremony, Jim Bolch, president of Ingersoll Rand’s Industrial Technologies Sector, said the CEES would partner with non-governmental organizations and universities, as well as technology and industry leaders to fund research, support scholarships and host seminars on the subject of environmental sustainability. “Maybe most importantly, we’ll engage and educate our won employees about ways to bring green solutions to market and to make our own organization and the communities we serve even more green.” Bolch added.

Club Car’s two millionth vehicle was produced nine years and one month after Club Car reached the one-millionth milestone.

“Our business continues to evolve as our customers’ needs and the types of customers we serve continue to evolve.” Michel said. “It’s hard to predict the vehicle that may symbolize the three millionth Club Car, but I’m sure it will be one that is right for the times.”

For more information, visit

Trojan extends contract with E-Z-GO to be its exclusive deep cycle battery supplier for its newest electric fleet vehicles

Trojan Battery Company, the world’s leading manufacturer of deep cycle batteries, today announced that it has extended its contract with  E-Z-GO as its exclusive supplier of deep cycle batteries for all new electric fleet golf cars made by E-Z-GO, including the Industry-leading RXV® and the recently introduced TXT® 48 fleet golf cars. As part of this new contract, E-Z-GO will also offer Trojan’s HydroLink™ single-point watering system as an option. The HydroLink watering system will be available as an aftermarket accessory as well as factory-installed on Trojan batteries in select golf cars, like the RXV and TXT 48.

“Trojan is pleased with the extended opportunity to further strengthen our partnership with E-Z-GO,” said David Godber, executive vice president of sales and marketing for Trojan Battery Company. “E-Z-GO’s decision to use Trojan Battery in all of their fleet golf cars is an undeniable testimony to the quality products and services we provide.”

“Extending our partnership was an easy decision stemming from the outstanding collaboration that existed between our two companies,” said Kevin Holleran, president of E-Z-GO. “Trojan’s innovative battery technology has enabled E-Z-GO to integrate vital technological advancements such as the TruCourse Technology featured in our TXT 48. In addition, we rely on Trojan for its exceptional field support, which has resulted in improved efficiency and a higher level of customer service provided by E-Z-GO dealers and service locations nationwide.”

E-Z-GO’s new TXT 48 is an update of the proven TXT electric golf car platform with a 48-volt DC drivetrain and E-Z-GO’s exclusive TruCourse Technology system, offering more customization settings than any other fleet golf car on the market. The combination of the 48-volt DC drivetrain and TruCourse Technology also makes the TXT 48 10 percent more energy efficient than the previous 36-model, and its improved regenerative braking system provides up to 10 percent more power back into the batteries under normal operating conditions – lowering operating costs for the golf course operator.

As of mid-April, the TXT 48 and other new electric vehicles from E-Z-GO will also feature Trojan’s new T2 Technology, a series of refinements integrated for enhanced performance in Trojan’s most popular deep cycle golf batteries. Engineered to address the increasing performance demands of advancing OEM requirements, T2 Technology builds upon Trojan’s historically proven technology and incorporates improvements in electrochemical processing and battery design to achieve maximum sustained performance and deliver more total energy.  Improvements include enhancements in Trojan’s Alpha Plus® Paste and the Maxguard® separator design. The T2 Technology will be available to the general public in Trojan’s flooded, deep cycle batteries starting in June.

For more information visit


Cart Mart is pleased to announce the hiring of Mr. Richard Cook for the new position of Director of Sales and Marketing. Cooks responsibilities will be to increase revenue across all departments, with a primary focus on new vehicle sales and in growing accounts through relationship management. He will use his extensive sales and marketing experience to develop new sales strategies and programs that will enhance our market share. Additionally, Cook will work with sales individuals in our organization to improve their sales skills, sales process’ and to develop, train and motivate.

Some of Cook’s prior sales experience includes over 20 years serving the automotive, utility vehicle, and battery industries. Cook spent 4 years in fleet sales and dealer management with Volvo Car Corporation Sweden (VCCS). As North American Sales Manager to Volvo Car Corporation, Cook was also responsible for setting up the infrastructure with Volvo Cars of North America (VCNA) and Volvo Car Corporation Sweden to handle logistics, distribution, parts and service. Cook comes to us from a recent engagement as a former Sales Consultant to the golf and utility vehicle industry, with a local lithium battery manufacturer. We are excited about his future contributions to our organization.

In 2009, the company increased it’s workforce by 18%. For more information on Cart Mart, visit

Polaris Neighborhood Vehicles Launches 2-Passenger and Street-Legal Models

Continuing a tradition built on more than 55 years of innovative and well-built off-road products, Polaris Industries Inc. has unveiled its new BreezeTM Neighborhood Vehicle model line-up.

“Since our launch in fall of 2009, the Breeze and its MyChoiceTM  rear seat conversion capability have been very well received, so we’re thrilled to offer two new models to our customers,” said Greg Thompson, marketing manager for the Breeze family of vehicles. New to the line-up is Polaris’ first street-legal electric-powered neighborhood vehicle, the Polaris Breeze SL; and a new 2-passenger version of the Breeze.

Built by a company whose name is synonymous with redefining recreational vehicles, each new model features an advanced, adjustable suspension and plush contoured seating that delivers an extremely comfortable and smooth ride which has become the hallmark of the Polaris Breeze. Boasting an automotive look, premium cut-and-sew seat design, and metallic paint colors, each Polaris Breeze promises to stand out from other neighborhood vehicles.

“The Breeze SL and two-passenger Breeze are yet to more examples of how Polaris is offering new and exciting ways for consumers to enjoy a master-planned community lifestyle,” said Marc Tullemans, director of Polaris’ Neighborhood Vehicle business. “We’ve added the innovation consumers have come to expect from Polaris into all-electric vehicles, making every Breeze a smart and fun choice for the whole family.”

The new Polaris Breeze models will be available for test rides and purchase beginning June 1st, at select Polaris Neighborhood Vehicle dealerships. Specific dealer locations can be found at In addition to Suede Metallic, the vehicles will also be in premium metallic colors Pearl White and Northwoods Green.

“Throughout 2010, we’ll continue to expand our dealer network and product availability, and hope excitement around the Breeze thus far continues as consumers see and ride these wonderful new models we’ve added to the line,” said Tullemans.

Industry News - May/June 2010

By admin, April 20, 2010 8:51 pm

On March 1st, 2010, FSIP formalized an acquisition of certain assets of General Electric’s Motion Controls Business.  The acquired business is primarily located in Patillas, Puerto Rico and it manufactures and distributes controls used in various electric vehicle applications:  forklifts, neighborhood electric vehicles, golf carts, walkies, tuggers, go-carts and personnel carriers.

FSIP is the industry’s leading remanufacturer of controls for the electric vehicle control market.  FSIP remanufactures over 45,000 controls annually and is associated with many of the industry’s leading OEM’s.  FSIP remanufactures controls for forklifts, aerial lifts, golf carts, scrubbers/sweepers, personnel carriers and mobility controls.

FSIP and GE have been involved in a Joint Venture (JV), the GE/Flight Systems Servicenter, for over 12 years.  During these 12 years FSIP served the needs of GE with remanufacturing, warranty services and the manufacturing of specific GE controls and components.  FSIP will continue to provide GE customers with their remanufacturing requirements.

President of FSIP, Barry Bowman says “products which are currently manufactured or provided by GE’s Patillas Puerto Rico plant will be transitioned to FSIP from March 1st through June 1st.  Both FSIP and GE have diligently prepared for this transition of the products and equipment and will be implementing safety stock levels for all controls and components to allow for minimal inconvenience of availability for our customer’s needs throughout the transition period.”

Also, through this acquisition, FSIP will continue to perform the warranty service for the GE product and will retain exclusive rights to the GE trademark.  “We will comply with regulations and specifications that apply to the product line. The integrity and quality of the GE product that the market expects will remain in tact.” says Bowman.

He adds “we are very excited here at FSIP and we look forward to growing our business with our customer’s support.”

James R. Fitzroy, CGCS, director/superintendent at Wollaston Recreational Facility/Presidents Golf Club in North Quincy, Mass., was elected president of the Golf Course Superintendents Association of America (GCSAA) at the association’s annual meeting Feb. 12.

The annual meeting was held in conjunction with the GCSAA Education Conference and Golf Industry Show in San Diego. Fitzroy will serve until the 2011 annual meeting and election.

Fitzroy is a 43-year GCSAA member, and has been at Wollaston Recreational Facility/Presidents Golf Course since 1975. Previously, he was superintendent at Pleasant Valley Country Club in Sutton, Mass., and Cazenovia (N.Y.) Country Club. He earned an associate’s degree in turf management from the Stockbridge School of Agriculture at the University of Massachusetts in 1967 and a bachelor’s degree in park administration from Massachusetts in 1970. Fitzroy serves on The Environmental Institute of Golf Board of Trustees and he is a member and past president of the GCSA of New England. He also holds membership in the Golf Course Managers Association of Cape Cod, as well as the Rhode Island GCSA.

Robert M. Randquist, CGCS, director of golf course and grounds at Boca Rio Golf Club in Boca Raton, FL. was elected vice president. Sanford G. Queen, CGCS, manager of golf operations for the city of Overland Park, KS. was elected secretary/treasurer.

William H. Maynard, CGCS at Milburn Golf and Country Club in Overland Park, Kan., was elected to the GCSAA Board of  Directors and Patrick R. Finlen, CGCS, director of golf course maintenance operations at the Olympic Club in San Francisco, was re-elected to another two-year term. The 2011 GCSAA Education Conference is scheduled for Feb. 7-11, held in conjunction with the 2011 Golf Industry Show Feb. 9-10 in Orlando.

Golf Car Dealerships Sign On

The electric bicycle industry is picking up speed and going mainstream in America.  That’s the view of eZeebike USA, Inc., the year old exclusive U.S. distributor of a premiere line of electric bicycles moving onto “Main Street” in many communities throughout the country.

“There is an amazing symmetry, we are discovering, that exists with our electric bicycle and the electric golf car business,” said Joel P. Gayner, president and CEO of eZeebike, USA.  “Their customer profiles and lifestyle choices are the same.  Our exclusive dealer in Rancho Mirage, CA “The Electric Ride Store”, has already received two containers of bikes, and his prime selling season only began last October 15th.  Golf car dealers get it, they see how eZee electric bicycles add a significant profit potential, without increasing overhead.”

The eZee brand, nearly 10 years old and already distributed in 13 countries, is well known for its quality construction and ease of maintenance.  Its current eight model domestic product line, sports an MSRP of $1,995 (for the compact/foldable Quando that can easily fit into a car trunk or be carried onto public transportation) to $2,495 for the top-of-the-line Forza performance bike.  Other models in the line include a beach cruiser, commuter, mountain bicycle and a tricycle.

“In order to build out the market, we started to sell dealerships in the second half of 2009.  To date, 11 eZee dealerships and independent authorized retailers have been established in the U.S. with numerous others in queue,” said Gayner.  “We’re working to define the electric bicycle industry by developing an eZee bike eco-friendly lifestyle coupled with branded eZee bike stores.  We’re encouraged by the marketplace response and the willingness of entrepreneurs to invest upwards of $50,000 to purchase protected territories and become part of our dealership network.” For information about purchasing an eZeebike USA dealership, visit

Expanded partnership brings greater domestic distribution

Trojan Battery Company, the world’s leading manufacturer of deep cycle batteries, announced today that Northeast Battery, a longtime master distributor of Trojan battery products, will expand its distribution into the states of New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, Virginia, West Virginia and Washington, D.C.

Established in 1985, Northeast Battery is headquartered in Auburn, Massachusetts, with key distribution centers throughout the region. Northeast Battery offers a full line of products including starting, lighting, ignition products, stationary power systems for telecommunications and uninterruptible power supplies, and high-end motive power batteries.

“We are excited for this opportunity to expand out distribution of Trojan Battery products,” said Tom Scarduzio, President of Northeast Battery. “Northeast Battery provides only the finest, highest quality products and services to our customers, and with Trojan products we can proudly say that’s what we have done for the past 25 years and will continue to do for many more years to come.”

Golf’s First Mobile Information System Transforms Golf Car’s Role From Basic Transportation to Business Solution

A golf car’s primary function is transportation, but equipped with the right technology its potential goes far beyond moving golfers and their equipment, according to Club Car, which has introduced golf’s first mobile information system. Known as Visage, the system represents the golf car industry’s most extensive marriage of vehicle and technology to help course managers address critical revenue and expense needs while enhancing customer satisfaction.

Visage utilizes a combination of cellular, wireless and Global Positioning System technologies to create what Club Car calls the “new face of customer experience.”

Visage, a joint development of Club Car and GPS Industries LLC, puts a robust set of features and benefits at the fingertips of golfers that include: Intuitive touch-screen technology, 10.2-inch screen with 1000 nit brightness that automatically adjusts for changes in natural light and enhanced graphics of each hole. 3-D flyovers with audio (similar to network television coverage), tee-shot distance stats and scorecard and tournament management features that make it easy to keep up with scores of other players during a competitive event.

Visage is available on Club Car Precedent and DS electric- and gas-powered golf cars. When Visage is installed on Club Car’s Precedent golf cars equipped with the Excel power drive system, the vehicle also comes with the Guardian SVC system installed at no additional cost. Visage can be installed on any brand of golf car. Visit

Fairplay Electric Cars, LLC located in Grand Junction Colorado has signed a long term lease in Southern California. “It is very exciting for us to increase capacity and rely on our made-in-America quality,” said Keith Andrews, President of Fairplay. “The expansion doubles the size of our assembly plant here in the United States. Our dealer network reports a noticeable improvement in quality since the middle of 2009 when we started manufacturing in America.”

Fairplay enjoyed rapid growth last year in the Low Speed Vehicle arena, with sales of the popular EVE brand, spurred on by the Federal Tax stimulus. “Our initial focus with the EVE LSV was to offer a competitive price point to stimulate interest and allow the MSRP to draw customers in fro our dealers,” Andrews added. “This was possible due in large part to a great group of suppliers in the United Stated who provided us with quality parts at competitive prices.”

“The reaction from dealers and customers had been fantastic,” states Ryan Alexander, National Sales Manager. “Our assembly facility here allows us to offer a custom OEM product mix to our dealers, something that puts us head and shoulders above most other manufacturers, either domestic or imported.”

For more information on where you can test drive the new EVE LSV or see any of the fine line of Fairplay Electric Car products, go to or

Golf Cars of Houston co-owner says most buyers use them for reasons other than the sport.

Towering over Interstate 45 in north Houston is a 1,100-square-foot sign for Golf Cars of Houston. But less than a fourth of the vehicles sold at the dealership are used by golfers. The rest are purchased by families with beach and lakefront properties, or by companies. “As an industry, we’ve gotten away from the term ‘golf cart’,” said Derek Severns, co-owner of Golf Cars of Houston. “A golf car is something you drive; a cart is something you pull.”

Severns, 37, a former golf course manager, launched Golf Cars of Houston in 2004 with partner Sonny Thornton.

The two first bought a small dealership in Kingwood, and then began planning for a super center in north Houston. Severns said the idea for a golf cart super center is unique in that his showroom stocks more that 100 vehicles, versus the usual 10 or 12 found in a dealership.

“We wanted to bring the sales and service experience indoors, not outdoors, like it had been done,” Severns said. “Customers are more sophisticated today, and it used to be that mom-and-pop operations were their only option.”

Within six years, Severns said, the pair’s business grew to roughly $4 million in annual revenues to more than $10 million in revenues last year. That’s between new and used vehicle sales, service and parts sold at its three locations, among them the super center.

“We’re just like a car dealership,” Severns said. “We rely on everything to make this business work – be it service, sales, parts or rentals.”

Wireless recharging systems developed by two West Michigan companies could soon enable electric golf cars and electric cars to re-energize without tangled cords or bulky plugs.

Gill Industries Inc. and Fulton Innovation LLC unveiled a high-power system, able to transfer 1,000 watts of energy as smoothly as an electric toothbrush recharges in its cradle.

“The development is done. Now we’re getting more to the marketing phase,” said Richard Perreault, president and chief operating officer of Gill Industries. Fulton Innovation, a subsidiary of Alticor Inc. is based in Ada Township, Michigan. Gill’s headquarters are in Plainfield Township, Michigan.

The partners unveiled their new charging system at the Consumers Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Perreault expects the first customers to be golf car manufactures. “They produce about 450,000 golf carts a year, and about 60 to 70 percent of them are electric,” he said. Eventually, Gill hopes to market the wireless recharging system to automakers.

The charging system is controlled by a mini-computer that senses charging time and matches it to the least costly time of day. Depending on the site of the cart’s battery, the vehicle could be pulled into a bay of garage where the wireless recharging unit is built into the floor.

Electrical Motor Products, Inc. has created a 25 MPH motor redesign for the non PTV, Yamaha Drive.  The non PTV vehicle currently drives up to 15 mph.  Motor redesign allows the cart to drive 25 mph without a control change.  The original control should be set on 5, 10, 15, or 25 along with a redesigned motor to obtain 25 mph.  Test data on the new design was acquired during the summer of 2009.  Electrical Motor Products, Inc. would like to thank Power Equipment Solutions of Vandalia, OH for vehicle support during the project’s design and test phases.  Vehicle tire size will be taken into account with motor redesign to achieve top speed.  Please provide the tire OD when ordering the Yamaha Drive (YDRE) 25 MPH redesign.  Dealers may send Yamaha Drive motors for redesign or purchase a redesigned motor.  For more information contact Electrical Motor Products, Inc. 1-877-455-1599,

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