Industry News – March/April 2016

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Trojan Battery Sales to Focus on Enhancing Product Availability and Customer Service

Trojan Battery Co., LLC, the world’s leading manufacturer of deep-cycle batteries, today announced the establishment of Trojan Battery Sales®, LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Trojan Battery Co. Trojan Battery Sales, formerly Safe-Start, LLC, now operates factory sales locations throughout the southeastern U.S., with several distribution centers in Florida to maximize support to Trojan’s extensive dealer base in the region.

Trojan Battery Sales has distribution centers in Birmingham, Ala., Macon, Ga., Nashville, Tenn., and four locations in Florida based in Ft. Myers, Miami, Pensacola and St. Petersburg, with plans for continued expansion of Trojan Battery Sales centers throughout the southeast region of the U.S.

These locations carry several brands of batteries, chargers and accessories to address all of our customers’ needs. Trojan’s factory sales locations will support various battery-powered applications including automotive, floor machine, golf cars, industrial, marine/RV, motorcycle, mobility, renewable energy and utility vehicles.

“Trojan Battery Sales distribution centers are strategically located in areas which boast a large Trojan Battery customer base,” said Brian Jaibur, director of sales for Trojan Battery. “This new sales channel enables Trojan Battery Sales to better service customers by providing a wide selection of products and enhancing on-time delivery, while at the same time strengthen the Trojan brand.”

Customers will benefit from quick order fulfillment, selection from an extensive product line, competitive local pricing, and a knowledgeable Trojan Battery Sales team to provide technical service and support.

“The establishment of factory sales locations in the southeast offers tremendous growth opportunities in the region for Trojan,” Jaibur said. “Trojan’s reputation for quality and reliability will be further enhanced by our affiliation with a significant number of dealer locations in cities throughout the southeast.”

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Using a Battery Tender® battery charger daily will help save fuel and makes your stop start vehicle efficiently and effectively. Stop start vehicles can increase fuel economy by up to 5% if they are working properly. During normal use the stop start function can leave your vehicle battery at a less than full state of charge when you park your vehicle. The stop start function will only begin to operate when the battery regains its state of charge. Stop start systems turn off the vehicles engine when at stop lights or stopped in heavy traffic to conserve fuel and lower emissions. While the engine is off the battery is the sole source of energy for the system like air conditioning, radios and lights. Once the vehicle restarts the batteries will begin to be recharged. If you are in heavy traffic and stop more than you drive you could end up with a partially discharged battery at the end of the drive. By fully charging the battery in your vehicle each night you can rest assured the stop start system can maximize your economy. By 2020, 70 percent of all light passenger vehicles are expected to have stop start functionality.

DelTran Battery Tender® was the first to the market with smart charging technology which has paved the way for battery charging as we know it today. Every Battery Tender® will fully charge your battery and automatically switch to a maintenance mode; ensuring that your battery is never overcharged or discharged.

Battery Tender® was the first charger brand to be certified under the California Efficiency Act. “Deltran is all about battery health; Our Battery Tender® Chargers are like health insurance for your battery. We’ve been making battery charging and maintaining equipment since 1965” says Al Bradshaw, Managing Director of International Sales Development.

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A1 Custom Golf Cars Grew Significantly Their Business of Lithium-powered Golf Carts in Palm Desert, California

Lithium Boost Technologies Inc., the leading provider of innovative Lithium-ion battery systems to power Low Speed Electric Vehicles (LSEVs) has recognized A1 Custom Golf Cars (Palm Desert. CA) as Dealer of the Year 2015. This award was presented to Malcolm Gochioco, Owner of A1 Custom Golf Cars, and his team to recognize their rapidly growing sales of the Lithium Boost complete battery solution. A1 Custom Golf Cars have demonstrated their commitment to excellent customer service by offering an innovative, advanced lithium battery solution that eliminates the lead-acid maintenance hassle while providing better performance and longer life cycle.

Additionally, A1 Custom Golf Cars is recognized for adopting Lithium Boost’s preferred business engagement in which the dealerships purchase the lithium cells directly from the manufacturer while Lithium Boost provides their patented smart BMS (Battery Management System) and chargers system that can work with almost any lithium cells brand.

“We are excited to support the A1 Custom Golf Cars team and help them further grow their customer base in the region by providing best-in-class lithium powering solution and excellent customer service”, said Sam Lev. Lithium Boost CEO. “We appreciate Malcolm Gochioco’s eagerness to embrace innovation and congratulate him for successfully coping with the challenges of new technology adoption. We’re confident that the synergy between A1 Custom Golf Cars and Lithium Boost will bring out additional exciting solutions, including one related to solar energy for golf cars”.

“I’m proud of the A1 Custom Golf Cars’ achievement and pleased to accept this award that recognizes the outstanding work of our team including Jarvin Aivaz, Service Manager and Jerry Lundquist, General Manager, Said Malcolm Gochioco. After several years of testing lithium batteries on golf cars and other electric vehicles, I’m very glad to see that they have become worry-free and more economical to install on golf cars and are eventually a reality for electric vehicles. We chose Lithium Boost’s complete solution due to their smart BMS and chargers that enable us to benefit from the lithium advantages and hence satisfy our customer’s needs for golf cars and neighborhood vehicles with high performance.

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As the U.S. commercial UTV market leader, Club Car offers the largest lineup of commercial vehicles in the hospitality industry. Our 2016 Bank on Carryall sales event makes it easier than ever for hotels and resorts to purchase the vehicles they need. The event allows qualified commercial buyers to purchase any of the following new 2015 or 2016 vehicles with no pay for six months:
• Carryall® utility vehicles
• Café Express™ merchandising vehicles
• Transporter™ passenger vehicles
• Villager™ 4, 6 and 8 passenger vehicles
• Street-legal Villager™ 2 and 2+2 low speed passenger vehicles (LSVs)

A Vehicle for Every Application
“From safe and comfortable people movers to versatile and energy-efficient work vehicles to low maintenance, zero-emissions housekeeping and hospitality vehicles, Club Car’s got the solutions you need,” says Mary A. Sicard, Resorts and Rental Marketing Leader.

Carryall® utility vehicles are available with electric, gas or diesel powertrains and in two- and automatic all-wheel drive two- and four-passenger models that sense the ground they are on and shift automatically.

Electric Carryall LSVs are street legal on public roads with speed limits of 35 mph or less in most state. The larger ones work like pickup trucks, without the price tag. You’ll get up to 30 miles per charge, reduce your carbon emissions by tons per year, and keep your crews and cargo moving.

Why Partner with Club Car?
We offer:
• Gasoline vehicles with single-cylinder overhead cam EFI engines with better fuel efficiency and power than our competitors.
• Reliable, zero-emissions electric utility, transport and low-speed vehicles with heavy-duty controllers and motors that deliver the power of gasoline vehicles while slashing energy usage.
• The industry’s only rustproof, corrosion-resistant aluminum frame for long life and improved resale value.
• A 4-year battery, 3-year/3,000-hour powertrain, 2-year bumper-to-bumper limited warranty on most models.
• VersAttach® optional bed-based attachment system for fit-to-task versatility.
• The industry’s largest selection of commercial-grade accessories.
• Trained sales professionals who will help you develop a strategic transportation plan.
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Electric Warranty Group, the golf car industry’s premier warranty company, announces the official launch of operations based in Charleston, SC. EWG offers custom warranties for new and remanufactured golf cars through a nationwide network of dealers.

With over 20 years of experience in the sales and administration in the service contract industry, EWG brings something the golf car industry has never seen before. EWG’s mission is to deliver comprehensive warranty products and service to the personal electric vehicle marketplace through a nationwide dealer network with unrivaled customer service and assurance for the consumer. The company has committed to same day service for claims administration through the dealer and also plans to leverage its vast supplier network for out of stock parts and/or limited availability accessories.

“Our dealer sales and service network is growing every day”, said Justin Weathers, EWG’s President. He went on to say “the difference we make is our approach to dealer development by partnering in areas such as formation of a market strategy, advertising, and sales training. These are just a few reasons why EWG dealer partners will see increases in customer loyalty, sales, and customer satisfaction.

Why does it work so well? “We don’t believe in providing ‘just a product’. Our dealers become partners…. we are invested in building their business and building value in their product. Customers feel secure knowing that they will be covered, no matter where they are in the country. We are committed to provide an effective and efficient way to help our dealers increase golf car sales without sacrificing margin to do it.” Justin went on to share that they will be supporting their dealer network through local, authorized EWG agents that will serve as the liaison between the dealer and EWG to execute on their commitment to the dealer relationship.

The company gives customers incredible flexibility and peace of mind for repairs knowing they can take their golf car anywhere in the United States to be repaired and it also drastically expands a dealer’s target market.

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