Golf Cars In The News

Runaway Car

Golf cars are tremendously useful when someone’s behind the wheel, but a recent viral video shows why it’s always important that someone is, in fact, behind the wheel.

The video, discovered by, shows a golf course employee driving a golf car up to what appears to be a clubhouse entrance. The passenger seat is filled with several golf bags. The driver sets the parking brake as he gets out of the car. However almost immediately, a bag seems to love slightly – and lands on the gas.

The man sees almost immediately what’s happening and runs a few steps before lunging like a desperate defensive back trying to stop a breakaway touchdown, but it’s too late. He manages to turn the wheel to the left, avoiding a car directly in front. But that just puts the car in the path of a column at the front of a roof over the clubhouse entrance, which it promptly takes out. Then, with the column riding horizontally across the front, it crosses the lot and crashes into the back of a parked SUV.

Nobody was hurt and the damage didn’t look too bad. But still, it probably wasn’t that employee’s best day at work.