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Cart Tek sees a spike in interest.

While playing golf is a great way to get fresh air and practice social distancing outdoors during this pandemic, golf courses around the country are taking extra precautions to protect players. To avoid contact with surfaces, for example, many courses are raising cups an inch above the hole, encouraging players to simply hit the cup without having to touch the flagstick or the bottom of the cup. Many courses have also closed their pro shops and cart rental facilities, forcing players to bring their own golf clubs and walk the course.

One golf equipment company is able to serve golfers who want to play now but don’t want to carry their clubs through 18 holes. Cart Tek, a leading online retailer of electric golf trolleys and remote-control golf carts, has seen an increase in demand for their individual electric golf caddies because riding golf carts do not allow for social distancing.

“We recently sold electric golf caddies to each member of a foursome because the pro shop renting out riding carts at their local course was closed. They didn’t want to ride in close proximity of one another in a cart anyway, but they also didn’t want to carry their clubs around all day,” explained Tyler Northrop, co-owner of Cart Tek, a leading online retailer of electronic golf trolleys and remote-control golf bags.

Cart Tek offers a line of high-quality, remote-control electric golf caddies and trollies. The caddies, such as the best-selling GRi-1500LiV2 retailing at $1,499, have strong, lightweight frames and programmable settings to tailor the cart to your playing style. Cart Tek trollies feature three modes – remote, trolley and free-wheel – to give players three carts in one. They’re all powered by lithium-ion batteries for better performance and a longer lifespan.

Cart Tek also sells a variety of non-remote-controlled electric golf caddies and battery powered push carts as a great step up from the traditional three-wheel push cart. These electric trolleys are ideal for moderately hilly courses and feature variable speeds, cruise control, adjustable handle heights and automatic downhill braking.

All Cart Tek caddies and parts can be shipped within the U.S. and come with a one-year full warranty. The lithium-ion batteries come with a two-year warranty. Cart Tek also offers a 30-day return policy. For more information about Cart Tek products, visit