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TS (November/December16) – Preparing Your Fleet

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Prepare Your Fleet for a Successful Early Spring Start! By: Matt Vallez This article was previously published in the Golf Car News, it has been fact checked and updated as needed. If you own or maintain a fleet of gas golf cars, you have two key times for yearly maintenance: spring or fall. At the end of the season, do… Read more »

TS (September/October16) – What’s in a name?

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What’s in a name? Quite simply, a lot! By: Matt Vallez There was a time when any Superintendent worth his club greens fee would have a Cushman Haulster or Cushman Truckster parked outside his maintenance building. Simply put, these vehicles were the gold standard. The boss always had one and his underlings would get by with an old fleet golf… Read more »

TS (July/August16) – Accessories, Accessories, Accessories…

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Accessories, Accessories, Accessories… By: Matt Vallez Accessories are the most important feature of any custom build, and a way to separate you and your company from the others. Your choice of accessories, how well you match them up and put them on the car will be part of your success or lack there of… So where are you shopping for your accessories… Read more »

TS (May/June16) – What makes golf car geeks tick!

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Reflections on what makes all of us golf car geeks tick! By: Matt Vallez I recently celebrated a work anniversary. As of April 12th,  2016, I  have been a Nivel employee for 17 years. Prior to my employment with Nivel, I was with Cart Parts for 9 years. No, this is not a LinkedIn post, nor is this a cover… Read more »

TS (MarApr16) – Battery Sulfation

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By: Matt Vallez The following technically speaking first appeared in the March/April of 2005 Golf Car News Magazine. It has been updated and fact checked again for release in this issue. The lead acid battery has been the battery of choice in the golf car industry for years. Until other battery technologies become economical enough to put under the seat… Read more »

TS (JanFeb16) – Going Electric

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By: Matt Vallez There is a brand new car in my driveway and it has no gas tank or exhaust pipe, and I drive it to work on the freeway every day since I brought it home. Unfortunately, for my wallet, it is not manufactured in Augusta or Newnan Georgia. However, there will be more than just golf cars that… Read more »

TS (NovDec15) – Chameleon Enclosure System

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It is not often that an idea comes along that is so good it changes the way we do business. Something that is so simple and easy and makes stocking and selling a custom product ten times easier than it was before. That is what we created with the Chameleon. Since launching the Chameleon Stocking Program, people have said, “why… Read more »

TS (SepOct15) – Ex-Ray

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By: Matt Vallez The other day I received a call from Systems Designer Tony Thorn, a friend and professional acquaintance who works at Alltrax. He was all excited about a new speedometer he had just developed and brought to market. Tony (who invented the thing) ought to be excited, but his excitement was unusually contagious because he really believes in… Read more »

TS (JulAug15) – Lift Kits

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By: Matt Vallez This article originally ran January/February 2014. Today we will talk about lift kits, not just any lift kits but the new breed of lift kits known as the “Double A-Arm”. But first let’s go back in time to how this style of lift kit came to be. The first lift kits were simple axle lifts on E-Z-GO’s… Read more »

TS (MayJun15) – AC Systems

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By: Matt Vallez Over the last several years we have seen the increased use of AC systems in golf cars. The most telling development has been E-Z-GO installing an AC system as standard on their RXV golf car. In past articles I have highlighted an AC system for golf cars and discussed its advantages. Well, it is here to stay… Read more »