Product Spotlight

Battery Tender® Battery Chargers, The Green Choice

Using a Battery Tender® battery charger daily will help save fuel and makes your stop start vehicle efficiently and effectively. Stop start vehicles can increase fuel economy by up to 5% if they are working properly. During normal use the stop start function can leave your vehicle battery at a less than full state of charge when you park your vehicle. The stop start function will only begin to operate when the battery regains its state of charge. Stop start systems turn off the vehicles engine when at stop lights or stopped in heavy traffic to conserve fuel and lower emissions. While the engine is off the battery is the sole source of energy for the system like air conditioning, radios and lights. Once the vehicle restarts the batteries will begin to be recharged. If you are in heavy traffic and stop more than you drive you could end up with a partially discharged battery at the end of the drive. By fully charging the battery in your vehicle each night you can rest assured the stop start system can maximize your economy. By 2020, 70 percent of all light passenger vehicles are expected to have stop start functionality.

DelTran Battery Tender® was the first to the market with smart charging technology which has paved the way for battery charging as we know it today. Every Battery Tender® will fully charge your battery and automatically switch to a maintenance mode; ensuring that your battery is never overcharged or discharged.

Battery Tender® was the first charger brand to be certified under the California Efficiency Act. “Deltran is all about battery health; Our Battery Tender® Chargers are like health insurance for your battery. We’ve been making battery charging and maintaining equipment since 1965” says Al Bradshaw, Managing Director of International Sales Development.

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