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Why is my cart shuddering?

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Ed asks: WHY IS MY CART SHUDDERING? Question: My cart is starting to ‘shudder’ when I hit the accelerator pedal instead of going forward. If I let up on the pedal it will slowly proceed forward but if I press the pedal to increase speed it will start ‘shuddering’ again and almost come to a complete stop. The reverse seems… Read more »

How can I get my 1999 E-Z-GO gas to perform better?

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ACCORDING TO ROGER: Notes on Maximizing EZGO Engine Performance (Robin Twin Cylinder) It must be understood that four things must be present for an engine to perform at its peak; You must have over 145 lbs. of compression on both cylinders (145 is low and will perform poorly). You must have a good solid blue spark on both cylinders (not orange)…. Read more »

ATG (November/December16) – What is the simplest Shunt System on the Market?

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HQ Writes: What is the simplest Shunt System on the Market? According to Roger: This is the simplest shunt system ever built and has the highest failure rate (in our system). We had several calls on this just this last week! Seems it is quite popular. Step one is confirm the battery pack voltage is a nominal voltage of 36… Read more »

ATG (September/October16) – Understanding PDS, DCS and IQ systems

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BM Writes: What does all this PDS, DCS, and IQ mean? According to Roger: I can understand that as people ask that all the time. To be honest I really don’t think anyone knows the whole scope of that, but I will make an effort to sort through it for you. A good rule of thumb, abbreviated letters like PDS,… Read more »

ATG (July/August16) – Special ENCLOSURE ADVICE

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SPECIAL ENCLOSURE EDITION of Ask The Guru:   FB Writes: I want to order an enclosure, what information do you need? According to our expert: Eric Schneider (The Enclosure Guru) There is nothing more frustrating than ordering an enclosure, driving 200 miles, in the snow, up a mountain, to install an enclosure and then realizing the enclosure doesn’t fit the… Read more »

ATG (May/June16) – Tools of the Trade

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GB Writes:  What are the tools of the trade? According to Roger: That is a very broad subject consisting of many area’s. We need to narrow that down to sales or technical. However, they both are required to be successful in the industry. From a sales standpoint you need a staff that understands relationship selling and features and benefits of… Read more »

ATG (MarApr16) – Starter Not Turning Motor

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HJ writes: How do I fix my starter to turn motor over? According to Roger: Failure of the engine to turn over is due to several different areas: 1) Low battery voltage is one, and must be addressed first before moving forward. The battery must have a nominal voltage of 12 and fully charged voltage of 12.72. The battery must… Read more »

ATG (JanFeb16) – Speed Sensors

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BM Writes: How do I check a speed sensor? According to Roger: It is really not a difficult thing just a matter of understanding a few things. Most of the time if the car does a nose drive when you accelerate that is a strong indication of a defective sensor or magnet. If the car cannot get to speed and… Read more »