Golf Cars In The News

Benz Style

A Florida couple turns heads in a golf car with a familiar look.

A Florida couple knows how to turn heads in their Mercedes Benz-styled golf car. Tom and Norma McCarthy are a popular sight around Longboat Key neighborhood of Gulf Shores. With its flat, sleek lines, the car looks like a 1980s SL Class Mercedes. The McCarthys got it more than a decade ago from a collector who, they say, bought it from a man who made Merdeces-esque golf cars but had to stop when the German automaker told him to.

“If it’s ever been on a golf course, I don’t know,” Norma told the Observer newspaper. “We just drive around here.”

“We know that there are three of them still in existence,” Norma said “Our friend at the time bought three … one is here and two are in Indiana.”

The car has one big job in Longboat Key – at the annual St Patrick’s Day parade, it carries the green beer. It has upholstered seats, a carpeted floor, a radio and a cigarette lighter.

“I mean, people love it,” Norma told the Observer. “Little kids come and we let them and their parents take it and they just think it’s the most wonderful thing.”