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Comprehensive Golf Car Warranties: Peace of Mind and Optimal Protection

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The golf car industry is experiencing rapid growth, accompanied by the emergence of golf car and electric vehicle warranties in recent years.

According to, a golf car warranty is a straightforward protection plan designed to cover parts and repairs in the event of issues arising after the purchase of a golf car, low-speed vehicle (LSV), or electric vehicle. Functioning similarly to traditional car warranties, golf car warranties can be purchased separately or may be included in the purchase price. These warranties entail a third-party company being responsible for covering the costs of repairs as long as the issues are covered under the warranty.

To obtain a golf car warranty, you need to arrange a policy with your golf car dealer at the time of purchase. If any problems occur with your car, you simply file a claim. The claim is then reviewed and either approved or denied based on the coverage and cause of the damage. If the claim is approved, the dealer will collect the car for repairs, which will be covered by the warranty company. The warranty company will reimburse the dealership for the cost of parts and labor, ensuring that the repaired car is delivered back to you in excellent condition.

It is important to note that golf car warranties do not cover accidents, damage caused by misuse, or any aftermarket accessories installed after purchase. Moreover, certain modifications, such as motor or controller alterations or changes to the suspension, may void the warranty. To understand the specific details and limitations, it is crucial to review the terms of service when purchasing a warranty.

Similar to car warranties, golf car warranties offer several significant advantages:
• Added Resale Value: A warranty can significantly increase the resale value of your golf car. When selling your car, the warranty is often transferable to the new owner, providing them with protection and peace of mind. This factor enhances the likelihood of selling your car at a higher price.
• Limits Out-of-Pocket Repair Costs: By having a golf car warranty, you can save money as you won’t have any out-of-pocket expenses when dealing with cart issues.
• Peace of Mind: Having a warranty ensures that a reliable warranty company will assist you with any problems that may arise with your golf car. This peace of mind allows for worry-free fun and overall enjoyment.
• Nationwide Coverage: Our research indicates that current golf car warranty programs available offer nationwide coverage. This means that if you move or relocate to a different state, you can easily access local golf car service centers or dealers to avail yourself of warranty services.

You can obtain a warranty for a new or used golf car from a brick-and-mortar golf cart dealership or service center. Presently, there are limited options for purchasing a warranty outside of your local golf car dealership.

According to, research has revealed that the Electric Warranty Group (EWG) is the only full-service, nationwide option for golf car warranties. EWG offers extensive coverage, an easy and quick claims process, and boasts a network of over 500 authorized dealers in the US and Canada. Founded in 2015, EWG exclusively sells warranties ranging from 6 to 48 months through its authorized golf car dealers, which continue to expand across all states and Canada.