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CS (JulAug09) – Going Green With Solar Products


Earth Care Products was incorporated in 1992 with the vision and goals of developing a Green Business Model that consist of products and procedures to improve the quality of living. Our goals were to develop Green Products that would produce energy by using nature’s resources in solar, and reduce energy cost by inventing and designing state of the art products. 

Our latest invention, a design patent,  The Solar Golf Car Charging System designed from Thin Film Amorphous Solar modules manufactured by Power Film, and a unique quick plug wiring harness, that includes the new technology of the Smart Controller work synergistically to  add power, travel distance, endurance and extended battery life to a golf car.  Our system is subject to tax benefits, and promote environmentally friendly stewardship of our nations golf courses.  

Each day seems to deliver more testimonies and endorsements that enforce the quality and performance of Earth Care’s Charging System. One of our first  to sign up as a dealer was Little Egypt Golf Cars, Ltd.,  Neal and Marcie Smith,  Owners,  and prestigious winners of the EZ-GO Golden Circle Award, with 20 years experience in the business. There Testimony, ” We are very excited about the possibilities of the Earth Care Peel and Stick Solar Top. We have test where we ran the E-Z-GO RXV 36 holes and the car was still 100% charged after the round.  In years past, we experimented with the crystalline  solar panel type but the results never met our expectations. The Earth Care Product is the first solar panel that has truly performed to our level of expectations and in fact has exceeded those expectations. We are excited to be associated with Dr. Grady”

With more major companies calling, ordering and testing our products. To name a few, Disney World, EZ-GO manufacturing, Sea World, US Navy,  Golf Cars of Ms, Curt Busching 25 year Club Car Distributor followed by other Club Car  and EZ-GO Dealers. We now have products in several foreign countries.

Our manufacturer, Power Film, has recently moved into a new facility and are available to Earth Care Products offering three shifts for mass production. Therefore, we can now offer truck load quantities and at the same time deliver that very special size you need for your surface area. By conducting lab test and new field test we are now utilizing our new technology. We begin with a low volt panel, allowing our smart controller that monitors and optimizes the charging process to service 24, 36, 48, 72 and even 90 volts, we are able to begin with more amps and use only the amps needed to keep batteries charged.