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CS (MarApr09) – Palmetto Custom Carts/Tomberlin

MarApr09 Cover

Erick Boyance at Palmetto Custom Carts in Charleston, SC has been one of the industry leaders in aftermarket golf car cosmetics for the past 3 years.  “I owe my success to one person, Kellie McDowell, my Fiancé.”

Before starting Palmetto Custom Carts in March of 2008, Erick was customizing used golf cars in his back yard.  After 50 units or so, Kellie recognized a very lucrative business opportunity.  Dragging Erick, kicking and screaming, Kellie convinced him to open Palmetto Custom Carts. Business was slow and the dream of supporting himself customizing golf cars was gradually dwindling.  Little did Erick know; that was all about to change. 


While vacationing in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, Erick’s father drove passed a golf car dealership with cars he had never seen before – he had just discovered the Tomberlin


E-Merge.  Erick’s cell phone lit up and the investigation began.  He got online and discovered a dealership in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, Vacation Equipment Rentals owned by Jamie Hysner.  Burning up the highway and landing right in the middle of Bike Week, Erick finally saw what his father was so excited about.  “The E-Merge was like no other car I had ever seen, the lines were so different” said Erick. The icing on the cake came when Eric realized that not only were the E-Merges visually appealing, they were also street legal LSVs, Low Speed Vehicles.  “These things can go on all roads posted 35mph and below and come with more standard features than any car in the industry. It was a no-brainer as far as we could see it” stated Erick.


After a lot of advice from Jamie and a new found passion in his heart, Erick and Kellie contacted Tomberlin and the rest is as they say, “history.”  Erick sold out of his initial order in the first two weeks; this was the revitalization Palmetto Custom Carts was looking for.  Since March of 2008, Erick and Kellie have sold 55 Tomberlin units and see no end in sight.  As a matter of fact, they have designed and manufactured their own custom parts such as chrome bumper kits, chrome side vents, diamond plate floor boards and a host of others.  Several of Erick’s custom carts are available for viewing at in the photo gallery section of the website.