Cover Story

CS (JanFeb12) – 2012 Custom Golf Car Winner

cover-janfeb12Pictured is the “Best of Show” winner The Cartguy, from Lindsay, Ontario Canada, in our Custom Golf Car Contest.

While sitting around the Cartguy shop “discussing” golf carts and how to come up with a unique cart the owner of this particular cart stated it would be different to have a set of dual wheels. Then we got creative! Old rims were used, plasma cutting the center out of them to keep the same bolt pattern. We welded the cut out onto a 2 inch O.D. steel pipe 12 inches long, fit it over the existing wheel studs on the cart. Then the studs were changed up to 2 inches for more stability. The embedded pipe was torqued to the cart with the original wheels on it. A second wheel was put over the extended pipe to simulate dual wheels, now the wheel was secured an inch apart from the inner wheel. An aluminum spacer hub was positioned on the 2 inch pipe approximately where the outer wheel would sit. The spacer was marked, pulled off, a 3/8 inch hole was drilled, then positioned back on the pipe, a 3/8 hole was drilled through the pipe lining it up with the spacer. Then it was bolted together with a 3/8 inch bolt and lock nut. Now we had an outer hub with the studs already in the aluminum spacer in the original bolt pattern. The outer wheel was then bolted on, this ended up being the birth of the Cartguy dual wheels! The customer loves his cart and drives it every day.