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CS (SepOct12) – Columbia ParCar


You walk a lot on the job. Too often you spend too much time walking, leaving less time to work at your destination. The Chariot is a simple, cost effective solution to this problem.

Economical: The Chariot can go up to 9 mph, three times faster than walking pace. If a worker walks only one hour each day and is given a chariot, it can pay for itself in under five months.

Easy Operation and Safe Maneuverability: The Chariot is easy to operate. Simply rock forward onto your toes to go forward, and ease back to your heels to stop. The handle bars steer almost effortlessly in the direction you would like to go. Tight spaces and sharp corners are no match for the Chariot’s maneuverability. It can breeze through a 30 inch doorway, and has a turning radius of 79 inches. The Chariot is not only a cost effective transportation solution, but a safe one too. Its low center of gravity gives the Chariot outstanding stability. Stand up operation and a hands-free horn ensures that you will be seen and heard from a distance.

The Columbia Standard: The basic design of the Chariot has changed little over the years because its simplicity leaves little want for improvement. Running on pure electric power eliminates air and noise pollution. The Chariot is also is built to last with its heavy duty welded steel chassis and 14 gauge steel body. You can travel far and wide with power to spare. When the time does finally come to recharge the twelve volt battery pack, the Chariot plugs in to any standard 110 outlet.

You are an ambitious and growing enterprise, and you need workers to move efficiently. You need a Chariot.

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