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Nivel Celebrates 50 Years of Service & Innovation

Innovation is born from determination, perseverance and hard work.

Starting out as a single Cushman dealership in 1968, Nivel has been hard at work for the past 50 years, growing to be North America’s largest provider of golf car parts and accessories and positioning ourselves to be Your Complete Source. We are committed to being your indispensable partner and providing value to your business.

What does it take to be Your Complete Source for 50 years? Behind our passion for innovation is our passion for building relationships. Since day one, we’ve learned that true innovation doesn’t happen if trust and reliability aren’t established first. Over the last 20 years, we’ve worked to build a global sourcing network of over 400 suppliers, and have acquired top manufacturers to ensure quality and choice.

We seek out industry-leading R&D, tech, manufacturing and distribution experts to design products that meet market demands and deliver them competitively. Our dedicated and knowledgeable sales and customer service teams are the largest technical-staffed network in the industry and are ready to assist you.

Of course, we wouldn’t be the leader in innovation without your help. You’ve been there with us, growing and meeting challenges every step of the way.

We are solely focused on meeting your changing needs. From relationships come innovation, and from innovation comes opportunity. Our future plans include expanding into new markets, growing our product offering and delivering exceptional service. From manufacturing to shipping, product innovation to highly knowledgeable employees, we’re focused on you. We know you trust us with a valuable part of your business and depend on us to be an engaged partner in your success.

Here’s to 50 years and counting of being Your Complete Source!