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Green Light for Golf Cars in Walton County

PHOTOGRAPHY: shutterstock / Rotorhead 30A Productions

Walton County commission gives green light on golf cart lanes in 30A.

The days of golf carts holding up traffic on 30A may be a thing of the past.

The Walton County Commission agreed to move forward on the golf car pullover lanes. The board is looking at several different locations on 30A that could benefit including Deer Lake, Grayton Beach, and The Hub.

Walton County Commissioner Donna Johns said it’s important to provide a safe place for the golf cars to pull over.

“So we want to do nice little pads along the way that looks nice,” Johns said. “And that’ll give people an opportunity to pull over and let the cars, the string of cars typically, go ahead and go past them, and then they can get back on the road.”

The committee agreed to have the public works department draft a plan, which will be presented at the next Walton Commission meeting.