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Innovative e360 SmartTalk™ Enters EV Market

PHOTOGRAPHY: courtesy of Expion360

A new lithium-ion battery has been introduced to the light electric vehicle market.

Expion360 Inc., an industry leader in lithium-ion battery power storage solutions, has launched a new e360 SmartTalk™ Battery for powering electric golf cars and other light electric vehicles (LEVs).

The 48 Volt GC2 lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) battery was engineered to set a new standard for LEVs, combining intelligent wireless mobile management capabilities and outstanding capacity with superior construction and durability.

“Our exclusive e360 SmartTalk battery represents our first foray into both the smart battery market and light electric vehicle market,” stated Expion360 CEO Brian Schaffner. “We believe the ability to wirelessly monitor performance and view valuable analytics on virtually any Bluetooth-enabled mobile device will prove tremendously useful for LEV operators, especially those managing multiple vehicles.”

“As our first Bluetooth enabled battery, we see this as just the beginning of an expanding line of e360 SmartTalk-ready batteries that we expect will be in high demand for both existing and future product applications,” added Schaffner. “We anticipate the superior customer experience provided by these solutions will broaden our markets and advance our competitive edge.”

Key features and benefits of the e360 SmartTalk battery solution include:

• e360 SmartTalk: The battery’s fully integrated e360 SmartTalk Bluetooth technology enables golf car operators to wirelessly monitor individual and multiple battery bank performance, and receive real-time status updates and alerts through the e360 SmartTalk mobile app.

• Controller Area Network (CAN Bus) Communication: CAN Bus capabilities ensure seamless integration with golf car systems, facilitating efficient and reliable communication between the battery and the car.

• Oversized Solid Brass Terminals: Expion360’s signature oversized solid brass battery terminals ensure a secure and dependable connection, optimizing conductivity and reducing electrical resistance. These special e360 terminals provide golf car operators with the peace of mind that their battery is delivering maximum performance over time.

• Fiberglass ABS Case: The battery features a robust fiberglass-infused ABS case designed for exceptional protection and durability. The rugged construction is designed to withstand the rigors of golf car usage, helping to ensure longevity and reliability under various weather conditions.

• Exceptional Lifespan, Weight, Power and Capacity: Since the batteries utilize premium LiFePO4 materials, they can have a lifespan of 12 years or three to four times that of most lead-acid batteries.

In addition to existing LEV owners, Expion360 is also targeting LEV, RV, RV overland, and marine OEMs that need a 48v battery solution. The new battery is also being offered in conversion kits to the after-market replacing lead acid batteries which have numerous drawbacks, both environmental and with performance. Despite being half the weight, e360 batteries provide three times the power and 10 times the number of charging cycles compared to standard lead-acid batteries.