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Master the Art of Bidding and Winning Golf Cars at Auction

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National Powersport Auctions invites golf car dealers and enthusiasts to join their live webinar which began in September. Uncover the secrets to successful bidding and buying in NPA auctions, led by NPA Marketing Representative Mckenna Eiler.

National Powersport Auctions (NPA) is gearing up to host the grand finale of a trio of live webinars tailored for golf car dealers and enthusiasts. Kicking off the series was the inaugural online seminar that took place on September 20. This informative session delved into the intricacies of initiating bids and acquiring golf cars through NPA auctions. The second part took place on October 18.

Auctions offer an excellent avenue for dealers to efficiently manage their inventory. In live and simulcast auctions, the pace is brisk as vehicles transition from one lot to another. However, newcomers to the auction scene might find the process somewhat daunting. To demystify this experience, NPA proudly presents “NPA Golf Car Auction 101,” hosted by the dynamic NPA Marketing Representative, Mckenna Eiler.

During the live webinar, participants will embark on a journey through the complete auction buying process. From the initial inventory preview to the excitement of bidding, securing winning bids, handling payments, and arranging transportation for their acquisitions—every aspect will be covered. Importantly, this webinar extends its warm welcome to all golf car buyers and sellers interested in gaining insights into NPA auctions. Whether registered with NPA or not, dealers are encouraged to attend this free session. “NPA Golf Car Auction 101” serves as an informative platform where dealers can seek answers to their queries and enhance their understanding of NPA’s operational procedures.

Tony Altieri, NPA’s Vice President of Business Development, expressed enthusiasm for the webinars, stating, “Our available pre-owned golf car inventory has grown exponentially. We want to make it easy for golf car dealers to do business with us. Having online sessions made sense to be able to reach everyone.”

Ryan Keefe, Vice President of Marketing at NPA, added, “We’re excited to offer the first NPA Golf Car Auction 101 webinar to help dealers with auctioning. NPA strives to make the auction experience fun for all. The easy-to-follow webinar should achieve that for first-timers and seasoned participants.”
Notably, businesses in the golf car and powersport industry require an active NPA membership to buy and sell through NPA platforms. Members enjoy the flexibility of previewing a vast selection of golf cars available nationwide at any time, accessible through NPA’s user-friendly app or website. Purchases can be made either in-person or online, conveniently via desktop or smartphone.

With the introduction of NPA’s golf car segment, these webinars are poised to provide valuable education, particularly to newer dealers entering NPA’s inventory marketplace. Golf car dealers can now confidently participate in auctions, utilizing NPA as a trusted resource to fulfill their inventory requirements.

Getting onboard is a breeze. Dealers can easily sign up for this invaluable workshop by visiting Stay tuned for another enlightening session and the grand finale on November 15, covering various golf car auction topics.