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Red Hawk Brings Smart Technology to Self-Canceling Turn Signals

PHOTOGRAPHY: shutterstock / Bjoern Wylezich

Nationwide launch of RHOX-branded accessory means no more run-down batteries and a safer ride.

Red Hawk, a leader in aftermarket replacement parts that provides golf car parts and accessories to retail dealers across the United States and globally, recently unveiled a self-canceling turn signal with turn sensor technology under its RHOX brand. With automotive-style design, it’s the golf car market’s only wholesale turn signal that cancels itself after turn completion or a prolonged period without a turn.

Engineered for universal fit, the new RHOX self-canceling turn signal offers plug-and-play convenience with RHOX light kits and works with most other turn signal light kits without modification. The RHOX self-canceling turn signal is available from retail golf car dealers and distributors that carry Red Hawk and RHOX parts and accessories.

Unlike automobiles, conventional golf car turn signals must be manually clicked off. If accidentally left on, a turn signal can easily drain a golf car’s battery. The RHOX device has a sensor that immediately cancels the signal after turn completion. In addition, it enables a safer driving environment by canceling after an extended period on a straightaway, reducing pedestrians’ and other drivers’ confusion over a forgotten, flashing turn signal.

“This is just the latest in our commitment to provide innovative products and accessories to dealers and golf car owners,” said Duffey Pitzer, senior director, new product development, Red Hawk. “Previously, dealers might add a horn or beeper to remind the driver the turn signal was on. No one liked the noise, but it was better than a dead battery. With the RHOX self-canceling turn signal, that’s not an issue. And the boost to safety is clear, especially in golf, resort, seaside and active retirement communities with large numbers of golf cars.

“RHOX’s plug and play design gives dealers a quick upfit option to bring new functionality to customers’ existing vehicles and to their preowned inventory. It’s also an easy DIY install for consumers,” Pitzer said. “Simple and smart.”