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Georgia seventh graders have had a unique learning experience thanks to Yamaha.

Yamaha Golf-Car Company is very proud to share that they have been working with local 7th Grade STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) students to rebuild a golf car from the ground up. J.C. Booth Middle School is located in Peachtree City, a city known for having an abundance of golf cars and an over 100-mile network of multi-use paths for pedestrians, cyclists, and golf cars.

This project started back in December 2018, when Kathie Lanman and Jason Bingel, STEM and Gifted Science teachers at J.C. Booth MS, acquired an old, out of use Yamaha golf car from a local golf club. Lanman, Bingel, and their team of students began dismantling the car and diagnosing its problems.

In January 2019, Lanman reached out to Yamaha directly and got in touch with Chad Mohesky, Service Manager, who offered to assist by providing missing parts. In addition to providing materials for the students to use in their rebuild, Mohesky – along with key members of his Service team – visited the school and spent time sharing their knowledge and expertise directly with the students. YMMC (Yamaha Motor Manufacturing Corporation of America) even assisted with rebuilding the actual frame of the car.

In May 2019, the students finally got the car up and running. Since that time, the students have been working on the body and overall appearance of the car. Significant body work has been done, including repainting the vehicle, replacing seats and miscellaneous parts, and more.

Through this unique experience, the students have learned the value of perseverance. “Almost every step of the way, we ran into problems, and every time we were able to find a solution,” said Lanman. “I really can’t overstate how helpful Yamaha has been throughout this. If it were not for Yamaha’s input, we would not have been able to see this through to completion.”