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Superheroes Take to El Paseo for Annual Palm Desert Golf Cart Parade

By Colin Atagi / Palm Springs Desert Sun, October 28, 2018

Not all heroes wear capes, but apparently, a lot of them enjoy golf carts.

For a 54th year, El Paseo in Palm Desert was turned into a showcase of golf carts transformed by those with the most creative minds. And like in previous years, this  year’s Palm Desert Golf Cart Parade had a theme: Celebrating Our Superheroes.

Only, your traditional comic book hero wasn’t the only one honored by way of a decorated golf cart. Teachers and law enforcement officials were among those recognized for their efforts, as was Santa Claus.

The parade kicked off at San Luis Rey and headed west toward Ocotillo Drive.

Thousands of people watched from the sidewalks as each golf cart passed by, looking less like they belong on the greens and more like they’re used to fight villains.