A Message From The Editor

Touchdown Dance

Go ahead, show off a little. That’s what the PGA Show is for. If you’re bringing a new product – or even a product you’ve spent years honing – go ahead and show it off for everybody. If you’re a dealer or other industry person heading to Orlando to see what’s new in the business, feel free to let people know why you’re somebody they ought to do business with.

In this way, Orlando’s kind of the opposite of Las Vegas. What happens in Orlando hopefully goes home with you – all the way back to your showroom
We’d like to tell you what’s exciting about this year’s PGA show but honestly, we’re not even sure where to start. This magazine is filled with companies, people and new products that will be popping up in O-town. Some of the companies haven’t been there since before the pandemic. Some of the products have the look of game changers. For example, how about MadJax now being in the business of making their own golf cars? We’ve looked at the sneak preview and it’s no surprise – they are as good at golf cars as they are at accessories and body kits.

All in all, it’s going to be an exciting time. So many talented people and creative products will be on display. So please, when it’s your turn, feel free to brag a little.