A Message From The Editor

Innovators and Tigers

Is the next top golf car salesman going to be some guy named Tiger Woods?

OK, that’s probably a bit of an oversimplification. But as a story in this issue illustrates, “the Tiger Effect” is real. And after a certain recent tournament, well, you can imagine how much it’s in effect right now.

The Tiger Effect is, of course, the spike in interest and sales surrounding golf and golf-related products that accompanies heightened interest in that singular golfing figure. It seems to be more easily quantifiable in areas such as television ratings and golf clothing, but it would also seem that it leaves no segment of the golf world untouched.

Which is not to say that big, destined-for-history golf victories are the only ways this industry builds. One of my favorite stories in this issue is about the college students who built an autonomous golf car. I don’t have to tell you that this is an area that is going to be both important and fascinating for the golf car industry.

And according to our story a study that looks at the overall state of the golf car industry, those innovators will be working in an industry that’s growing in all sorts of ways. The survey puts numbers behind what you will have undoubtedly seen firsthand – the industry is growing not just alongside golf, but because of increasing use of golf cars away from golf courses.

It all adds up to robust growth and creativity that ought to be shouted about and celebrated. The golf car industry doesn’t necessarily need any new big salesmen. Although if some fella named Tiger wants to help out, he’s more than welcome.

Happy Spring!
The GCN Team