Golf Cars In The News

A Walk in the Park

PHOTOGRAPHY: shutterstock / Gagarin Iurii

Albuquerque police tracked down a pair of golf car thieves.

It all started when a police officer saw two golf cars being driven through a park early in the morning, news site reported. The officer asked over the radio if anybody had taken reports on stolen golf cars recently; word came back that two days earlier, another officer had taken a report on two stolen cars at the local school. Three cars had been taken, with a value of more than $20,000, the news site reported.

The first officer then stopped one of the cars. “[The sergeant] was able to contact one of the drivers of the carts on the bike path,” Albuquerque Police Department wrote on Facebook. Sgt. “Symes entertained the male suspect’s fictional story about what he was doing with the cart until Officers Quintana and Abbatantuono could get there.”

Once the officer who took the initial complaint arrived on scene, they were able to match one of the cars serial numbers with one of the cars reported stolen. One of the people with the stolen cars then told them about a third car parked behind a nearby Red Lobster.

According to the news site, the man “told officers he was working on fixing the carts ‘for a maintenance guy from an apartment complex’ and ‘was supposed to return’ the vehicle.”