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Age Requirement for Golf Car Drivers in Panama City Beach Set to Increase

PHOTOGRAPHY: shutterstock / Rob Hainer

Panama City Beach aligns its golf car age requirements with Florida state law, raising the minimum age to 15 and introducing new driver’s permit and identification regulations.

In a move to harmonize local regulations with Florida state law, the Panama City Beach Council has recently updated the age requirement for individuals eligible to operate golf cars within the city’s limits. This significant change, approved during a council meeting, reflects a broader trend in the state’s approach to golf car safety.

Previously, the age requirement for driving a golf car in Panama City Beach was set at 14 years old. However, in accordance with the state’s amended regulations, this age threshold has now been increased to 15 years old.

The new age-related rules began being enforced in October. Under these regulations, 15-year-olds seeking to operate a golf car will need to possess a valid driver’s permit. Individuals aged 16 and older will be required to hold a standard driver’s license, while those aged 18 and above will need a valid government-issued identification card to legally operate a golf car within Panama City Beach. This adjustment brings Panama City Beach in line with the state’s commitment to enhancing golf car safety standards and ensuring that only qualified individuals take the wheel of these vehicles, contributing to a safer and more responsible golf car culture in the region.

Please note that this information is subject to change, and readers are advised to verify the latest regulations and requirements with local authorities.