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Van Wert Contemplates Local Golf Cart Inspections

PHOTOGRAPHY: shutterstock / SevenMaps

Van Wert residents may soon have the option for golf car inspections within the city, reducing the need to travel to neighboring areas. Mayor Ken Markward’s proposal seeks to streamline the process, potentially saving both time and money for golf car owners.

Golf car owners in Van Wert, Ohio, may soon enjoy the convenience of having their vehicles inspected without the hassle of traveling outside the city. During a recent Van Wert City Council meeting, Mayor Ken Markward unveiled a proposal that could make this process more accessible and cost-effective for local residents.

Currently, the closest location for golf car inspections is in Convoy, a neighboring town, where inspections come at a cost of $40. In compliance with Ohio Revised Code, golf cars, often referred to as low-speed or under-speed vehicles, are required to undergo inspections before obtaining a license plate for street use. These inspections typically cover essential safety features such as headlights, taillights, windshields, turn signals, and more.

Mayor Markward explained that he had received a request to enable the Van Wert City Police Department to conduct these inspections. After discussions with Chief Doug Weigle, it was determined that inspections could be performed on an appointment basis within the city. However, in order to charge a fee for this service, an ordinance must be approved by the city council.

Legislation pertaining to golf car inspections and associated fees is expected to be featured on an upcoming council agenda, potentially paving the way for a more convenient and cost-effective solution for local golf car owners.

In addition to this proposal, Mayor Markward also shared that Tryston Cowan recently took the oath as the police department’s newest full-time officer, increasing the number of full-time officers on the force to 18.

Meanwhile, Safety-Service Director Jay Fleming reported that the street paving projects for 2023 are nearing completion, with the final touches underway on Elm Street and Ervin Road. The hope is to finalize the paving process and have the road stripes in place by the end of the week.