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Allied Battery: Industry Leader Empowering US Dealers

PHOTOGRAPHY: courtesy of allied battery

In recent years, the demand for lithium batteries has increased dramatically due to superior performance, longer lifespan, and environmental friendliness. Amidst this growth, Allied Battery has emerged as a key player, revolutionizing the industry by working directly with US dealers to provide custom lithium solutions.

One of the primary factors most dealers choose Allied Battery is their ability to perfectly integrate their lithium batteries with a variety of devices. By working closely with both large and small dealers, Allied Battery ensures that its lithium solutions seamlessly integrate with the screen and controller of their choice. This level of customization sets Allied Battery apart from its competitors and enables dealers to provide their customers with truly tailored lithium battery solutions.

At the heart of Allied Battery’s technology lies its advanced Battery Management System (BMS). Equipped with CAN bus and RS485 communication capabilities, the BMS acts as the brain of the lithium battery, enhancing its performance and functionality. With the ability to display critical information such as the State-of-Charge, speedometer, odometer, and more, the BMS makes Allied Battery’s lithium solutions highly intuitive and user-friendly. This level of integration and information display sets a new standard in the lithium industry.

Furthermore, Allied Battery’s lithium solutions seamlessly integrate with Navitas controllers and screens. Navitas is a leading provider of innovative electric vehicle solutions, trusted by manufacturers and dealers nationwide. By ensuring compatibility with Navitas products, Allied Battery allows for easy connections to the most popular vehicles and upgrades, further amplifying the value of its lithium batteries.

Utilizing their team of engineers, Allied Battery has embraced technology to offer dealers and end-users a comprehensive solution by combining state-of-the-art lithium battery technology with industry-leading vehicle control systems. From electric golf carts to utility vehicles, Allied Battery’s lithium solutions provide reliable power and extended lifespan, enabling businesses and individuals to maximize their investments and minimize downtime.

PHOTOGRAPHY: courtesy of allied battery

Innovations for the Future
Allied App – The Power at Your Fingertips
Unlike other battery providers who rely on generic opensource apps or lack Bluetooth connectivity altogether, Allied Battery has developed their app to work seamlessly with their full line of batteries, providing accurate State-of-Charge, Cycle Count, Cell Status, and much more. With the Allied App, you will have complete control and visibility over your battery’s performance.

Sleep Mode for Peace of Mind
Allied’s Commercial Batteries feature an innovative sleep mode that activates during user errors such as leaving on accessories, forgetting to turn off headlights, or failing to charge after a long day on the course. Sleep mode ensures that your customer’s battery remains protected and ready for action when needed.

Enhanced Protection with Solenoids
For added peace of mind, Allied Battery now offers 400A and 600A Solenoids, which provide an extra layer of protection between the battery and the carts accessories. With the combination of sleep mode and our custom solenoids, Allied offers the highest level of storage protection in the industry.

Comprehensive Lithium Product Line
Allied Battery’s commitment to innovation is evident in their expanding Commercial line. Allied Battery proudly introduced the 48V 210AH battery, specifically designed to fit in the E-Z-GO TXT and Navitas square-styled battery tray. With this addition, dealers can install the battery without any modifications to the cart. Moreover, Allied is upgrading their 150AH battery to a more powerful 160AH offering, providing customers with even more energy to power their adventures.

PHOTOGRAPHY: courtesy of allied battery

“Drop-in-Ready” Line – Easy and Efficient
Converting a golf car to lithium power has never been easier. In less than 30 minutes, dealers can remove the outdated lead-acid batteries (6V, 8V, or 12V), replace them with Allied batteries, and secure them using the existing mounting brackets. The “Drop-in-Ready” lithium batteries connect in parallel, allowing dealers to adjust the amp hours based on their customers’ specific needs. Allied Battery’s “Drop-in-Ready” product line includes 36V, 48V, and 72V batteries and now includes a communication port for easy State-of-Charge readings.

Safety is Our Priority
At Allied Battery, safety is paramount. Their batteries are designed and engineered by an in-house team of electrical and mechanical experts. Each product undergoes rigorous testing and is safety-certified with international accreditations. With proven LifePO4 cell chemistry and smart, rugged BMS, Allied batteries impeccably integrate with high-powered aftermarket controllers and motors. The sealed batteries are non-combustible and non-flammable, ensuring the utmost safety for dealers and end-users.

Free Shipping for Your Convenience
Allied Battery believes that convenience should be part of the package. Thanks to the safety level of the LifePO4 batteries, FedEx and UPS have approved them for both air and ground shipments. That is why all the “Drop-in-Ready” batteries ship for free to your door in the continental United States. Additionally, the “Commercial” line includes free shipping on any order of 6 or more batteries. Crating securely and shipping LTL ensures batteries arrive in perfect condition.

In conclusion, Allied Battery is at the forefront of the lithium industry’s growth, offering custom lithium solutions that perfectly integrate with legacy, upgraded or new golf carts in the market. Countless dealers have already experienced the reliability and power of Allied Battery. With Allied Battery’s comprehensive “Commercial” and “Drop-in-Ready” lines, they are the only source for all your lithium battery needs.

Visit or call 800.625.5110 for more information. Unlock the power of lithium batteries with Allied Battery today!