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The 2023 Parts & Accessories Guide

If you’re looking for the latest golf car parts and accessories, this is the guide for you.

By Cody Brown

1. Little Buddy Propane Heater by Mr. Heater, available at mrheater.com.
Winter days on the golf course can get a little chilly so warm up with a portable heater. This portable heater uses propane to provide a heating solution to cold hands on the golf course. It can heat up spaces up to 95 sq-ft so it’s more than enough for recreational outdoor use. A quiet, clean and odor-free operation helps you feel conformable for winter days on the green.

2. Easy Rider Tight-Turn Steering Knob by Good Vibrations.
Sometimes cornering with a golf car can be a pain. Having a steering knob will not only help with tight turns but will also help with precise maneuverability. It’s a much simpler way to help golf cars handle better without the need of a new steering wheel. Constructed of stainless steel, it can make one-handed steering feel comfortable and solid. It’s available in red, green, and gray.

3. Matte Bronze Bomber 14’ Rims by MODZ, available at ridemodz.com.
Make your golf car stand out from the crowd with these bold rims. These big rims are made tough with optional chrome lug nuts and center caps. You have a choice of all terrain tires, street tires, X-sport, and many more. These rims are made to order and tires are professionally installed. In combination with a lift kit, your cart will look bold and menacing.

4. Wingman Golf Car GPS Bluetooth Speaker by Bushnell, available at bushnell.com.
This bluetooth speaker is not your average portable speaker. It features a combination of GPS and bluetooth technologies to provide golfers premium sound quality from all angles. The speaker comes with Bushnell’s Magnetic BITE technology so it can mount to any golf car’s metal railings. The battery life is a staggering 10+ hours. Using the Bushnell Golf App, you can do things like score tracking, GPS distances, tee times, and many more.

5. Front Utility Cargo Basket by Huskey Parts Company, available at huskeyparts.com.
Get the most out of your golf car by adding this storage solution to your golf car. Golf cars these days never seem to have enough storage space so buying a cargo basket is essential for serious golfers. The strong, durable design of this basket can hold 50 pounds of weight. It requires no drilling or cutting – making it easy to install. Its mounting hardware allows full functionality of the basket when the windshield is folded.

6. 20-QT Basecamp Class Hard Cooler by Cordova, available at cordovaoutdoors.com.
This cooler is the perfect size to carry your perishable items on the course. At 20-quarts, this cooler can carry a lot of beer and water but also is portable with its shoulder strap. It has top loader latches, lid locks, and anti-slip feet. It’s also certified “bear resistant” when the bear locks are utilized – just in case it’s needed. Made in the USA, this cooler is robust and keeps drinks cold for days. Beyond using it for your golf car, you can also take it to any other outdoor activity thanks to its size and portability.

7. Golf Car Clip on Rotatable USB Fan by AMACOOL, available at amacool.vip.
Being out on the course all day can get very hot. Cool yourself down on the way to the next hole with a rotatable fan. Featuring a USB cable, you can use any compatible device to charge the fan. If you plug in a USB battery pack to the fan, you can take this cool little fan on the go. The foldable arms make it possible to mount this fan at any angle and railing on your golf car.

8. Advanced EV1 Golf Car Floor Mat by XTREME MATS, available at xtrememats.com.
Protect your car’s floor from the elements and get a floor mat. This mat features full coverage overlay style that protects from below the dashboard to the base of the seats. They are easy to install and take off due to the Xtreme Clips that secure the mat. It is slip-resistant, laser measured, and is 8mm thick. The diamond pattern channels away both sand and water that can come from the course.

9. Magnetic Golf Towel by Ghost Golf, available at ghostgolf.com.
Made of ultra-absorbent microfiber material, this towel is the ultimate accessory. The powerful magnet can be attached to any metal surface including railings, toolboxes, putter heads and of course golf clubs. A waffle weave pattern with deep waffle pockets makes cleaning your golf clubs and golf balls more convenient. It’s made by golfers, for golfers.

10. Universal EZ Flares XL by EZ Lip, available at ezlip.com.
If you tend to go in dirty and muddy places, it’s recommended to get some fender flares. These flares come with an easy peel and stick design so it can fit on any golf car. In addition to its paint and body protection, they make your golf car create more of a unique presence. They are two inches wide and are made in the USA. If drilling into your car is not an option but you want fender flares then it’s best to get these.

11. Universal Golf Car Seatbelt Combo by MODZ, available at ridemodz.com.
Safety is the most important thing to consider when it comes to golf car accessories. These seatbelts will add an essential safety mechanism to your golf car in case an accident happens. This combo is equipped with four retractable seat belts for all passengers. It comes with a metal mounting bracket to securely attach to your car. This accessory will also help your car become more street legal if you plan on driving on roads.

12. Golf Car Fender Flares for Club Car Precedents by 10L0L, available at 10l0l.com.
If you want your golf car to look more aggressive and off-road capable, consider these bolt-on fender flares. These black under flares contour the fenders of Club Car Precedent’s gas and electric models very well. The set of four fenders include both front and back fenders to protect paint against things like mud, rocks, and sand. Made of durable injection-molded black plastic with a textured finish to give riders both body protection and style.

13. SKINZ Front Seat Covers by MODZ, available at ridemodz.com.
Improve the comfort and look of your golf car seats. These seat covers are made in the USA and feature marine grade vinyl. The 3D hex pattern stitching and inner foam padding adds a level of premium comfort. These seats also prevent fading and cracking for years to come. Choose from a set of colors that include brown rustic, black carbon fiber weave, and hotrod red. Optional rear seat covers can be added also to give your golf car a more premium look.

14. Tempo Ultimate Street Legal Lights by MadJax, available at madjax.com.
Upgrade your 2018+ Tempo Club Car with this all-LED headlight kit. It features high and low beam functionality with daytime running lights. It includes a turn signal stock with control over self-canceling turn signals, daytime running lights, two position accessory switch, and horn. Included is a 12–48 volt operation with voltage reducer. At night, the blue and white hue lights up the night’s path. With an industry exclusive design, your Club Car will look more modern and more like an automotive sports car.

15. SoundExtreme 26” Amplified Sound Bar by ECOXGEAR, available at ecoxgear.com.
Sometimes a portable speaker isn’t enough for your music. Install an amplified sound bar like this one to your golf car and listen to the difference. Using Bluetooth 5.0 technology and 500 watts of peak power, there will be no problems with playing songs of your choice. The marine-grade speakers are 100% waterproof, dirt-proof, and dust-proof. Included is multi-colored LED front and backlights for all eight speakers. This speaker can mount to your golf car’s railings to provide solid audio sounds for your golf car.

16. Aviator 4 Carbon-fiber Car Steering Wheel by RHOX, available at rhox.us.
Customize the most touched part of your car with a new steering wheel. It’s one of the easiest ways to upgrade your car to make it more modern. This carbon fiber wheel not only looks amazing but also has a nicer feel compared to the average golf car wheel. Its ergonomic design feels great in the hands and allows better maneuverability with your vehicle.

17. LED 4-Seater Underbody Lighting Kit by LEDGLOW, available at ledglow.com.
Light up the night in your golf car with these LED lights. Featuring around a million color lights, this golf car underglow kit is one of the best ways to light up your golf car. It comes with 16 lighting modes and 10 solid color choices. Lighting modes include flash, fade, strobe, sound activation, and so much more. The ultra bright 5050 SMD LEDS are enclosed in water-resistant tubes that includes built-in screw mounts.

18. Phone Caddy and Cigar Holder by Desert Fox Golf, available at desertfoxgolf.com.
If you need a place to hold your phone on the course and with the bonus of a cigar holder, don’t look away. This phone holder is fully adjustable so your phone can go in and out effortlessly. The material is high-impact durable plastic and fits to all golf cars. When it comes to the cigar holder, it keeps your cigars safe and readily accessible at your finger tips. Keep both your phone and cigar safe while you go hole to hole with this phone caddy.

19. Portable Golf Car Accessory Organizer by READYGOLF, available at readygolf.com.
No more fumbling around for all your accessories in those deep golf car containers. Keep the stuff you use the most in arm’s reach and organized. It can store anything like your phone, sunglasses, wallet, sunscreen, and many more items with its separated felt-lined interior. This accessory organizer can be used with the windshield up or down. This speeds up 18 hole play and allows for easy access to the items you use the most beyond your clubs of course.

20. C60s Universal Digital GPS Speedometer by VJOYCAR, available at vjoycar.com.
If your golf car does not include a speedometer but you want to know how fast you’re driving, look no further. This speedometer uses GPS satellite to track the speed of your golf car in real time. The speed units can be adjusted for both MPH and KM/H. With smart technology built-in, there are other functions like like over-speed alerts. This device is a quick way to track the speed on any golf car without the hassle of hooking up wires and installing dials.