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ATG (July/August16) – Special ENCLOSURE ADVICE


  FB Writes: I want to order an enclosure, what information do you need?

According to our expert: Eric Schneider (The Enclosure Guru)

There is nothing more frustrating than ordering an enclosure, driving 200 miles, in the snow, up a mountain, to install an enclosure and then realizing the enclosure doesn’t fit the car.

To prevent this from happening, you just need one important thing – INFORMATION.

To get the right enclosure, you need more than just the make and model of the car. I don’t know how many times a customer has called to order an enclosure and I start with the basic, “What kind of car do you have?” and I get the response….”GAS”. Here is the information you need to provide when ordering an enclosure, to ensure you get the right one everytime.

Make and model of golf car

Is it 2, 4, 6, or 8 passenger?
For cars that are greater than 2 passenger, we need the seat configuration… what way are the seats facing? Example – 2 forward, 1 rear

Size and manufacturer of top
When it comes to tops, the more details you have, the better. Is it factory or aftermarket? How many ridges does it have? Does it have a metal band around it? If you are not sure about your top, get a photo.

Does the car have a sweater basket, cargo box or rear seat kit?
Same deal applies to rear seat kits…. Give as many details as possible. Is it fold-down or fixed? Who is the manufacturer? Does the rear seat kit extend past the rear of the top?

This is all valuable information that will help determine what enclosure is right for you. To help even more, here are some common industry abbreviations and their meanings.

OTT Over the top: Enclosure literally goes over the top of the golf car

TRK Track Style: Enclosure slides into a track installed on the car

US Ultra Seal: Enclosure panel that curves around the back of the seat and tucks under the seat (used on cars with a sweater basket or rear seat kit)

SB Straight Back: Enclosure panel that goes straight down behind the front seat
(used with cars with a cargo box)

FB Full Back: Enclosure panel that extends down from the rear of the top of the enclosure
and covers the bag well

SUNB Fabric choice: Solution dyed acrylic fabric