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Recently, Greg G. explained that his car would run fine when starting but would suddenly become very slow when taking off or going in reverse. He took the time and effort to put in a new drive and starter belts, a new spark plug, new fuel filter, and a new fuel pump. Unfortunately, these replacements did not solve his problem, so he reached out to the Guru for answers.

The Guru responded with a question to learn more about the situation, “When you start your Yamaha, can you hear the engine accelerate and then plateau down to the governed RPM?”

This answer determines whether the engine is actually running or if it is just turning over.

Here’s how to check:

1. Remove the seat.

2. Put the shifter handle into neutral.

3. Start the engine and look to see if the clutch on the engine moved entirely in and forced the large belt lower into the rear clutch. If the clutch is not moving in, then the engine itself is not starting up and running.

Greg let the Guru know that the clutch was not moving in, signifying that the engine was turning over but not actually starting  up and running. This meant the next step to solving the problem would be to check the accelerator cable.

The accelerator cable is responsible for pulling the top lever open on top of the carburetor. To check if the cable is properly functioning the engine must be turned off, and the carburetor must be watched for movement as the pedal is pressed.

Performing this test showed Greg that his problem was the accelerator cable, as there was no movement.

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