Golf Cars In The News

Cruise and Confess

Golf car industry professionals know how many uses golf cars have away from golf courses – but here’s one even the most seasoned dealer may not have thought of.

On the Purdue University campus, the Rev. Patrick Baikauskas uses his golf car to absolve people of their sins.

Across the front of the Catholic priest’s car is written “Confessions on the go cart” – and that’s just what he offers. Baikauskas, director of campus ministry at on-campus St Thomas Aquinas Church, cruises campus looking for those who have sinned.

“Pope Francis said we’re supposed to smell like the sheep,” Baikauskas told local news station WLFI. “Smelling like the sheep means you’re not going to stay in that church and wait for all the people to come to us. Pope Francis wants us to go out to the people and experience them right where they are.

“I think Jesus Christ would be thrilled to see us doing something like this.”