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CS (MarApr10) – Fullriver Battery Manufacturing


Fullriver Battery Manufacturing was established in 1995 and specializes in the production of sealed, maintenance-free deep cycle, AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) batteries.  Fullriver offers a complete line of AGM batteries for the golf car, utility vehicle and low speed vehicle (LSV) markets.

AGM batteries are sealed lead-acid batteries, often referred to as VRLA (Valve-Regulated Lead-Acid) batteries.  They are similar to conventional wet lead-acid batteries however the electrolyte/acid is absorbed in a fiberglass material rather than in a liquid form.  Another key difference is that AGM batteries are sealed, so that the gasses produced during operation are recombined and remain within the battery rather than being released into the atmosphere.  The sealed construction means there is no water loss in AGM batteries – therefore no maintenance.

Fullriver batteries are engineered to be true deep cycle batteries that provide the exceptionally long range which is often required in this industry.  More lead can fit in an AGM battery than a traditional wet battery of the same size, allowing for both increased range and battery life.

Fullriver Battery manufactures its batteries from grid casting through final assembly.  This means the entire manufacturing process is controlled within the Fullriver factory to ensure batteries adhere to the engineering specifications.  It also ensures consistency in product quality and performance, which is of utmost importance to Fullriver Battery.

Fullriver Battery has a world-wide presence with distributors and OEM’S throughout North America and overseas.  Product and service are available through our distributor network consisting of highly experienced battery dealers.  Technical support is also available directly at Fullriver USA. For more information visit