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Daring Damon Drives ’Em Wild

If you missed Matt Damon creating golf car havoc on the Ellen DeGeneres Show, you’ll want to check it out online.

Wearing an inflatable sumo suit and some good humor, Matt Damon drove a golf car in a way that you might not want a customer to.

It’s OK though; it happened on the Ellen DeGeneres Show when the actor was promoting his recent car-centric film Ford v Ferrari, where Damon portrays auto racing legend Carroll Shelby.

Damon’s challenge was to drive through the course and collect all its blue flags in one minute. The prize was $50,000 donated to Damon’s charity of choice, To up the difficulty, DeGeneres made him wear the sumo suit. The host laughed throughout – but in the end, Damon proved a skilled if somewhat ridiculous-looking golf car driver and won the challenge.