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How Do I Sell More Enclosure?

ZN Asks: How Do I Sell Enclosure Special HOW DO I SELL MORE ENCLOSURES?

I don’t do a lot of enclosures, usually the fit-alls, what can I do to increase my sales with enclosures?

According to Schneider:
A successful dealer will offer their customers a variety of accessories to compliment the golf car purchase. Upselling is what businesses are built on. Selling a basic factory golf car is great, but selling a golf car that you’ve outfitted with thousands of dollars worth of accessories is even better.

When it comes to enclosures, you have several options.

Universal – “fit-all” – an economical enclosure, that fits a variety of cars and serves the purpose of protecting the occupants of the car from the elements, but generally has a sloppy appearance.

Over-The-Top – OTT – A cart specific enclosure designed to go over the top of the car and drape down the sides. These can be manufactured in vinyl, solution dyed acrylic or any number of fabrics. You have the ability to coordinate colors with a colored valance that is sewn on to the enclosure.

Track Style – TRK – A cart specific enclosure that hangs in tracks that are mounted to the underside of the top. These enclosures have a valance that is sewn to the enclosure.

Chameleon Track Style – A cart specific enclosure that hangs in dual tracks that are mounted to the underside of the top. The enclosure hangs in the bottom track and the separate valance is slid into the top track. This style allows the most customization as you can remove and change out the valances. This style also offers the dealer the ability to have multiple color options available for their customer to choose from, without having to special order an enclosure.

Door Enclosure – The door enclosure offers maximum versatility for its users. The enclosure is installed on the car and the customer has the option of leaving the doors on, removing the doors or unzipping the window in the doors. The customer also has the option of adding a coordinating valance to complete the look.

The easiest way to increase enclosure sales and sales of your cars, is to install the enclosure on the golf car with the other accessories and sell the car as a complete package. Set yourself apart from the competitors and create your own style.

Show the end user what the possibilities are.