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Star EV Announces the Lifted Sirius.

Simpsonville, SC

Get ready for an exciting and fun new product from STAR EV, the Lifted Sirius. This powerful vehicle includes a 5″ lift, the quietest AC motor system (QDS), 12″ Twister tires with machined black rims, heavy duty brush guard, fender flares and a racing inspired suspension and attractive look that define Sirius. It’s a double agent, rugged and sporty cart that can travel any terrain, but has all the creature comforts of luxury.

“As we toured the country demonstrating the Lifted Sirius following the PGA Show, dealers were thoroughly impressed with the performance, features, and great looks. Without a doubt, the Lifted Sirius will be the most highly sought after lifted electric vehicle in the market,” said Steve Christian, Senior Director of America Sales.

Sirius has been thoughtfully designed down to every detail with drivers and passengers in mind. Standard features include a full color digital display screen which shows performance information at a glance, and is perfect for your LSV required backup camera, adjustable seating and more storage space than any other PTV – including a food grade locking wet/dry trunk, locking glove box doors and catch trays behind the seats. Sirius is the brightest star in the galaxy, and this STAR is no different with a custom LED light package, daytime running lights, self-cancelling side mirror turn signals, 12V outlet, USB port so you always stay charged, high/low beams and cool interior lighting to assist with finding items at night. Sirius is available from two–six passengers, while the Lifted Sirius is available for four and six passengers.

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