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Look: Jumbo Fisher’s Golf Cart At Florida State Being Sold For Ridiculous Price

By Andrew Astleford (3 Months Ago) – The old golf cart that Jimbo Fisher enjoyed at Florida State can be yours for a big chunk of cash.

On Saturday, pictures surfaced of Fisher’s former golf cart, a day after the coach resigned to become Texas A&M’s new leader. As you can see in the picture below, the item is being sold for a cool $10,900.

If you have money to burn, love golf and have a soft spot for Florida State football, we guess this is the gift for you. Or something.

That seems like a bunch of money to throw down on a golf cart, even if it belonged to a prominent figure like Fisher. But you know someone will jump on this. It’s the American way, after all.

Fisher was 83-23 as Florida State’s coach from 2010-17.