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Hardin County Residents Pulled Over For Driving Golf Carts In Their Neighborhood

By Chris Sutter (November 27, 2017) VINE GROVE, KY – There are Kentucky towns that deal with murder, robberies and serious crime. But in Vine Grove, the biggest problem at the moment is golf carts.

“It’s funny to me that this has become such an issue,” said golfing enthusiast, Chris Corder.

Corder moved to St. Andrews Drive five years ago because of how close it is to Lincoln Trail Country Club. He said he didn’t learn until recently though that jumping into his golf cart and driving down his road is illegal.

“Apparently, it’s a bigger deal than we think it is,” Corder said.

Police said St. Andrews Drive is considered a city street, meant for cars, and Vine Grove officers mean business. Corder got pulled for being behind the wheel of his golf cart.

“I mean, isn’t that what golf course communities do?” he asked.

That stop is par for the course in the neighborhood. Several people have been pulled over in their golf carts.

“This summer kind of really kicked up,” Corder said.

He and his fellow neighbors are teed off. Police are too.

“My guy is taking the time to address a golf cart,” said Vine Grove Police Chief, Kenneth Mattingly. “Their time could be better spent somewhere else, doing better things.”

A solution is on the table in the form of an ordinance.

The law up for consideration will allow Corder and his neighbors to drive their golf carts in the neighborhood. However, they will also be on the hook for an inspection and fee. Both would be $25 each.

“We’re trying to make everybody happy,” Mattingly said. Every neighborhood golfer would also get a copy of the new rules.

Corder isn’t ready to call the ordinance a fair way to handle the situation, but he also said he’s not going to let it drive him from the neighborhood he loves.

“If this puts an end to it, so be it,” he said.

The ordinance could be voted on and approved by the beginning of next month.