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Moving Your Golf Cart Across The Town Or Country Safely & Fast

October 3, 2017 — Moving a vehicle or a golf cart that weighs 1000 pounds or more is hard. The way to do it is to use the services of a shipper. Of course, you can drive it yourself so you will be sure that the golf cart is safe with you all the time. You can pick your own time for the delivery and this will match with your schedule.

Choose The Shipping Agent Online

If you decide to let the transportation companies handle it, you have to find a trucker and locate the driver. You can do this online by going to the website of the transportation company and looking at the load board of the golf cart shipping company New York. If you click on the load you have such as “Golf Carts” it takes you to a page where you see the list of trucking companies ready to move golf carts.

You normally have a choice of the open carrier and the closed and crated carriers. The closed carriers will cost more but it will ensure that the golf cart arrives in pristine condition. If cost is a concern to you, then choose the open carrier. This will get the job done and in most cases, the golf cart will arrive without a scratch. But, you must prepare to see some dirt and some dents when it arrives.

Crating The Cart

Some shipping companies demand that the golf carts be fully crated. Others will do the packing and loading for you. If you want to crate your golf cart, you can get an ATV crate from a motorcycle dealer. If you don’t like the arrangement, you can choose another carrier who does not want the golf cart crated.

Once you have chosen the driver, you can talk to him. He will give the rough time of moving. Keep in touch with him to know more about the travel schedule. When you find out the correct time of arrival at the destination point, you can make more arrangements for the collection of the cart and for the onward journey.

Read The Reviews

Make it a point to go through the customer review section. By reading the customer review of the golf cart transport in New York, you come to know many things. Like what the speed of delivery is, how courteous the people who make the delivery are, how much delay there is in making the delivery, and things like that. The more experienced the company is, the better it is for you. They can handle any problems that come their way with ease. You need this since anything can happen and it pays to expect the worst.

It is preferable to choose one who does door-to-door shipping so you do not have to move out of your house at all. Also, check whether they offer full insurance for damage during transit. This makes sure that any damage during transit is fully covered. And the last thing is to check whether they need an upfront deposit. There are many who do not take upfront deposits.