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Oxford’s Golf Car Revolution: Navigating New Roadway Rules

PHOTOGRAPHY: shutterstock / melissamn

Exploring the latest changes in municipal ordinances and their impact on golf car use.

The city of Oxford recently underwent a revision of its municipal code concerning the use of golf cars on public roads, with the ordinance’s details outlined in an article written by Jimmy Durham for the Oxford Eagle. The Aldermen decided to postpone their resolution vote for future consideration, slated for the next meeting.

Key Amendments: The most prominent modification within the ordinance is the removal of the term “golf cart” from the definitional section of Chapter 102, Traffic and Vehicles, Article 1. The updated ordinance introduces fresh classifications for both golf cars and low-speed vehicles, specifying the types of roads where they can be utilized and the mandatory safety features they must possess.

Types of Vehicles: Type I Golf Carts feature a range of safety components such as headlights and seat belts. Type II Golf Carts are exclusively intended for operation on golf courses. Low-speed vehicles are four-wheeled vehicles with top speeds ranging from 20 to 25 mph.

Permissible Operations: Type I Golf Carts and low-speed vehicles are permitted to travel on city streets where the speed limit does not exceed 30 mph. Conversely, Type II Golf Carts are confined to specific residential areas and can only operate between 30 minutes after sunrise and 30 minutes after sunset.

Requirements and Registration: Operators of these vehicles must hold a valid driver’s license and comply with the manufacturer’s recommendations regarding seating capacity. All Type I Golf Carts and low-speed vehicles are required to be registered with the Oxford Police Department, necessitating a $50 registration fee.

Penalties: Violations of the ordinance may result in fines of up to $1,000 or imprisonment for a maximum of 90 days. Additionally, the ordinance explicitly states that the city of Oxford bears no liability for any damages arising from the operation of golf carts or low-speed vehicles on public roads.

Effective Date: The Board of Aldermen opted to revisit this ordinance at a later date, pending the acquisition of additional information, including the identification of specific streets impacted by these changes.