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Power up with Allied Battery

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The US-based company has announced the release of their new Commercial Large Pack Battery line.

Allied Battery has released its new Commercial Single Pack Battery line.

“We took the proven technology of our Drop-in-Ready line and applied it to the Commercial line. We are confident that dealers who prefer a single pack setup will be very impressed with the results” said Jeff Poole, Lead Engineer at Allied Battery.

Four models are now available 51.2V 60AH, 105AH, 150AH and 200AH. The wide range of amp hours allows the correct setup for recreational users all the way up to power users whose golf car is their main method of transportation.

“Commercial” Line Features include:
– Bluetooth – Allied’s signature BMS includes Bluetooth which pairs directly to the Allied Battery IOS and Android App. This app allows users and dealers to monitor real time voltage, amp hours and active balancing at the cell level.
– Communication Port with Digital Tablet – For dealers or fleet owners who need to manage multiple cars a digital tablet can be hooked up directly to the communication port on the batteries.
– Waterproof Converter and Charger – The Converter and Charger also included with Commercial packages. Both pair with the Bluetooth app and allow the devices to be monitored and turned off directly from the app.

Meanwhile the “Drop-in-Ready” product line includes 12V, 24V, 36V, 48V and 72V batteries and is the go-to line for the Golf and ATV industry.

Dealers can convert a golf car to lithium in less than 30 minutes by simply removing the 6V, 8V or 12V lead-acid batteries, replace with Allied batteries and secure using the existing mounting brackets.

Allied “Drop-in-Ready” batteries connect in parallel, allowing dealers to adjust the amp hours to the customer needs.

PHOTOGRAPHY: allied battery

Allied batteries are designed and engineered by an in-house team of electrical and mechanical engineers. All products are tested and safety certified. The LifePO4 cell chemistry is proven to be very safe. The smart and rugged BMS works great with high powered aftermarket controllers and motors. These sealed batteries are non-combustible and non-flammable.

Because of how safe LifePO4 batteries are, FedEx and UPS have approved them for both air and ground shipping. All “Drop-in-Ready” batteries ship free to your door in the continental U.S. The “Commercial” line includes free shipping on orders of six or more. They ship truckload or LTL and are crated securely to ensure they arrive in perfect condition.

Allied has a dedicated in-house support team as well as a national sales organization to support and work directly with the dealer network – no more texting and emailing an overseas representative and waiting for answers. Many dealers have experienced the reliability and power of Allied Battery. By offering the “Commercial” and “Drop-in-Ready” lines they are positioned to be your single source for lithium batteries.

Please visit or call for (800) 625-5110 more information.