Ask The Guru

Problems with Choke, Start-Up & Shut-Down


Don asks: I have an older model gas Club Car. All of a sudden, it will only run if I hold in the choke button. The minute I let up, it dies. I am sure you have seen this condition before. Would you please give me a diagnosis and solution to this problem?

Guru: Don, what you are experiencing is a fuel restriction issue. The most common cause is sediment build up in the carburetor. You can remove, disassemble and clean the carburetor. Use an aerosol carburetor cleaner on all internal parts. Then reassemble and reinstall the carburetor. Take a fuel sample to check for old or stagnant fuel. If all looks good, you should be in good shape. If the problem still exists, you will need to replace the carburetor.


Greg asks: I have to use my choke to start my cart even when it is warmed up. My compression is 170 psi. Head gasket changed. Cleaned carb, new filters and fuel lines. Pulse line clear. Cleaned fuel pump, good diaphragm. Any ideas?

Guru: Greg, you are dealing with a lean issue at startup. The most common cause is the carburetor is opening too soon. Check the cable at the carburetor. When you press the accelerator pedal the engine should start to turn over before the cable opens the carburetor. If you find the carburetor starts to open before the engine turns over, adjust the accelerator cable inside the electrical component box. Set the cable, so the engine turns over just before the carburetor begins to open.


Bruce asks: I have a 1997 Club Car. When I turn off the cart with the main switch, it stays running and sounds like its dieseling. I’m wondering if it’s just the on/off switch PN SWT CC2 5702? The only way it turns off is if I disconnect the battery. Any suggestions?

Guru: Bruce, the issue you’re having is from the kill circuit. On the 97 DS model, the kill circuit is controlled by a micro switch. It is located inside of the electrical component box. Remove the lid, and you will see two micro switches. The one at the bottom controls the kill circuit. The kill circuit works by supplying a ground to the magneto style coil to kill the spark. Check the ground supply to the switch. You should read a good ground with the accelerator pedal up, and the ground should disconnect when pedal is depressed. If the ground is not supplied when the pedal is up the dieseling will occur. ❂