Golf Cars In The News

Replacement Ride

When people heard about a stolen golf car, they wanted to help.

A group of Florida business people leant a helping hand when they heard about a disabled 70-year-old man who had his golf car stolen. According to Fox 13 News, a Sun City Center, Fla. man Clyde Lowe relied on the golf car to get around. Police recovered it in a field shortly after it was stolen, but the thieves had left it in an unusable condition. Without it, Lowe, who relied on it to get around, struggled to do his daily activities.

Enter a group of local business people. A group, including Club Car of Sun City, pitched in to get Lowe a new one.

“If you see an opportunity, you got to take it in life, and this is one of them,” Gordon Dimmock of Club Car of Sun City told Fox 13 news.

They even painted the new car Lowe’s preferred color, Kentucky Wildcat blue.