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The Team Behind ICON® EV Never Sits Still

PHOTOGRAPHY: EPIC / Braydon price

Creating an ICONIC family of brands was just the start. Building ICON® EV has been a journey of innovation and diversification, and has been the driving force behind the brand’s exponential growth and success.

Sitting still has never been an option for the leadership team at ICON EV. Visionary and founder, Roy Williams, continues to expand product offerings to meet the demands of the LSV consumer, and the journey has just begun.

The first step in the evolution was tapping into the luxury market clientele. Therefore, acquiring the ultimate upscale offering was a necessity, and EPIC Carts was the solution.

PHOTOGRAPHY: EPIC / Braydon price

ICON and EPIC Carts joined forces in 2020. Through more than six months of research and development, the experts behind these brands re-imagined the EPIC Carts product, finding the perfect balance of quality, artistry and performance, establishing a wow factor for even the most discerning buyer.

The next step in the journey was to further tap into fleet sales. Industry experts will agree that branching out into the commercial division is one of the largest opportunities for growth.

The Cruise Car brand had caught the ICON team’s attention, as they already had an established and well-respected reputation to build on. From major corporations in the hospitality industry, to governments, to educational institutions, to airports and other commercial industry partnerships, Cruise Car had an impressive market share already established.

ICON saw tremendous value in the relationships built over many years by the team at Cruise Car. So in 2021, ICON expanded their commercial offerings through the acquisition of Cruise Car.

PHOTOGRAPHY: EPIC / Braydon price

No part of the LSV industry will ever go unnoticed, and there is a lot more going on behind the scenes at the ICON EV family of brands.

ICON EV will continue to stay ahead of the curve, offering dealers the very best products to grow their business, while catering to their most lucrative and diverse clientele.

Most importantly, technology is the pathway to improvement.

ICON EV recognizes that facilitating a better way for dealers to communicate with corporate is the top priority. Which is why ICON EV has built, launched and will continue to improve their new dealer portals for all brands.

“We’re looking to improve every aspect of our company. The biggest initiative has been enhancing our dealer relations and communications, and I am very proud of where our vision is going,” Williams said.

The team behind the ICON family of brands realizes that efficiency is paramount when it comes to meeting the needs of the dealer and ultimately, the consumer, which is why it is so important to be able to communicate directly through this online portal.

PHOTOGRAPHY: EPIC / Braydon price

At the end of the day, consumer happiness is the goal, so fully supporting dealers through warranty assistance, parts and service orders and marketing materials is a necessity.

Need a new product line to peak your best potential customer’s interest? Dealers looking to expand their offerings and bring on a new line of recreational, luxury or commercial products should reach out before it’s too late.

ICON and EPIC Carts production facilities have been strategically placed throughout the continental US and will continue doing so as necessary to support all retail regions in the nation, and worldwide, as continued growth plans flourish.

Interested? You are invited! Before the market territories are secured, prospective dealers for ICON, EPIC Carts and Cruise Car are being invited to experience a complete factory tour to examine assembly processes, assess QC and discuss pricing and delivery options.

The ICON team will provide airfare for two and hotel accommodations. To book your complimentary factory tour and getaway, call Roy Williams at (813) 335-0015.

The new year brings more electrifying news that you’ll need to stay tuned for in the next issue of Golf Car News. And yes, it’s very exciting for all authorized dealers showcasing the ICON EV family of brands.