Technically Speaking

TS (NovDec15) – Chameleon Enclosure System

It is not often that an idea comes along that is so good it changes the way we do business. Something that is so simple and easy and makes stocking and selling a custom product ten times easier than it was before. That is what we created with the Chameleon. Since launching the Chameleon Stocking Program, people have said, “why didn’t I come up with that?” The Chameleon is a breakthrough in custom Sunbrella enclosures that have made stocking a variety of Sunbrella enclosures a little easier! It allows you to install the enclosure and the accent valance separately. The valance is a separate piece and is not sewn to the enclosure. We have dual tracks that attach to the top of the car for the enclosure and valance to be slid into. This makes coordinating the look the customer wants a lot easier, because you are able to change the valance out if you or your customer change your mind.

This breakthrough came about when we discovered the main issue customers had with enclosures was the time it took to get one. We came up with the idea to manufacture enclosures without valances and sew them on later, per order. That would have worked if we were manufacturing and distributing out of the same locations. However, one of Nivel’s great strengths is multiple warehouses in different locations to better serve our customers’ needs. So, manufacturing and shipping from Tampa only, would have delayed delivery times to our valued customers outside of Florida. The ultimate answer was the Chameleon. It is a track style enclosure, with an interchangeable valance, that allows you to order, stock and promote virtually any combination of base enclosure and valance. Now, when considering what to stock in Sunbrella® enclosures, you only need to think of the base color and what golf car it should fit on. The valance can be stocked in any solid color or one of the many different stripes that we are all familiar with.

The significant thing here is that a custom enclosure with a typical lead time of 4 to 6 weeks is now something that with a small investment can be stocked at the dealer level, without the worry of choosing colors that may not sell. We also introduced “The Rack” to display your valances. This gives your customer the opportunity to try on different color combinations and make their selection. If you were to have 5 solid enclosure colors in stock, and have 12 different valances hanging on your rack, in your showroom… You would have 60 different color options to offer your customer, in stock. No more waiting weeks to deliver, let them slide one on, decide which one they want and deliver the car with the enclosure. It is nice to see an improvement in how we do things and this Chameleon is just one of those milestone improvements.

Since launching the Chameleon, we have continued to see it change for the better. It is now stocked with the patented Red Dot Sleeve attachment and Ultra Seal design. We offer a larger selection of stocked striped valances and you always have the option of choosing a “non-stock” striped valance. These custom colored valances can be manufactured in a day or two and allows your customer to have exactly what they want.

The Chameleon is a great example of how Red Dot and Nivel have teamed up to improve our service to our customers. We are constantly striving to innovate and create new products to better serve our dealers.