Golf Cars In The News

Two’s Cool for School

PHOTOGRAPHY: shutterstock / sevenMaps7

The city of Sunrise, Florida donated two golf cars to a local high school.

Piper High School serves 2,400 students on a 37-acre campus. When principal Marie Hautigan visited the city council, the school’s lone golf car was duct taped together and missing its front end, according to the South Florida Sun Sentinel. The new golf cars were a safety issue; they allow administrators and other staff to quickly access various parts of the large campus quickly during emergencies.

“I don’t believe there’s a principal that’s more supported by a municipality in this county,” she said in a statement. “Every time we bring up the school’s needs, we’re supported, you listen to us, and the golf carts are just part of the evidence of what you do to support education in Sunrise. The citizens should be very proud of that! Because of you, this year’s security will be optimized. The children will be safer, the staff will be safer, and we’ll be able to cover the campus.”