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Upward Momentum

Photography: Motorwerks.

South Dakota-based Momentum MotorWerks has introduced to the US two of the most unique all-electric vehicles found on the market today.

Momentum MotorwErks believes the MomentumCOUPE and MomentumTREK will be a popular new entrant on the golf car scene. Momentum is also launching their new website,, to coincide with the introduction of their two vehicles.

These two Momentum-branded all-electric vehicles are built on a golf cart chassis and come with several luxuries usually only found in an automobile. Some of those great options and features are: fully enclosed cabin with ducted heat and A/C, FM/USB/AUX stereo with Bluetooth capabilities, power windows, windshield with wipers, optional remote locks, standard 110V charging system, and meets all DOT/NHTSA requirements for lighting & safety.

The style and intrigue of the Momentum vehicles can provide an experience that cannot be found in a typical golf cart, UTV or side-by-side vehicle anywhere. With their high level of standard specifications and options, sporty styling that will turn heads wherever you go, and the ability to personalize your ride with custom tires and wheels, tinted windows, and graphics; the Momentum vehicles will provide you an experience unlike any other. The Momentum vehicles are available in 8 different colors with certain colors available through special order. All Momentum vehicles have a max speed of 25 MPH (more than standard golf carts) and can be driven on city streets or used off-road to enjoy a variety of adventures – driving around the neighborhood, at the golf course, on the beach, at the lake, in your retirement community, at the campground, on the farm, on the trails, at the grocery store, or even being used as support vehicles at construction sites or by athletic trainers at sporting events.

The MomentumCOUPE has the ability to be customized with turf tires and a mountable golf bag rack accessory for when you want to drive your Coupe to the course, onto the course and back home again without ever having to move your clubs from your car to the cart. If you want more freedom to come and go from the vehicles, the doors are demountable and can be stored like a Jeep. Momentum MotorWerks is also working on more accessories for the MomentumCOUPE like a mountain bike rack, cooler and beach toy carrier, lawn chair carrier and more.

The MomentumTREK is even more customizable than the MomentumCOUPE. The standard MomentumTREK comes with a lockable covered box (similar to a truck box with a tonneau cover). The MomentumTREK is also available with a standard 4′ flatbed or an extended 5′ flatbed. These flatbed models can be customized with a variety of options including, but not limited to, utility tool box, beverage cooler, athletic training design (stretcher, cooler holder and bag carrier), a dump box, and more. The MomentumTREK also has an optional exterior 110V outlet to power a variety of devices.

“Thanks to its combination of fun-to-drive handling, unique styling and the comfort options of heat, A/C, FM Stereo and power windows, the MomentumCOUPE and MomentumTREK will turn heads and garner countless questions wherever you go. And thanks to it being all-electric, having up to a 75-mile range, and a quick recharging timeframe of approximately 6–8 hours, you can use this vehicle every day for work or play. The time is now to come experience Momentum and all their vehicles have to offer,” says Eric Christensen, President/CEO of Momentum MotorWerks.