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Your Allies at Allied

Allied Battery has a true “Drop-in-Ready” Lithium Battery solution for all golf car models.

With this turn-key replacement system a conversion from Lead-Acid to Lithium takes less than 30 minutes and uses the same wiring and charger as the lead-acid system. Allied Battery lithium chargers are available and can be included in the set. Customers are enjoying the many benefits of Lithium Batteries:

1. No maintenance. That means no watering, no acid and no corrosion. Also there is no need for rubber gloves and safety glasses when handling the batteries.
2. Lithium batteries weigh approximately 1/4th the weight of the lead-acid reducing the overall weight of the car by nearly 300lbs. For six and eight passenger 72v people movers the reduction of weight is approximately 400lbs!
3. Each set includes a “State of Charge” meter that provides an accurate percentage reading so there is no guessing how much charge remains…similar to a cell phone.
4. SEVEN-Year Warranty. Allied Lithium Batteries have an unmatched seven-year warranty to guarantee the user receives the full value of their investment.

Which set is right for my customers?
40 A/H: 15–20 miles/charge
50 A/H: 25–30 miles/charge
60 A/H: 35–40 miles/charge
80 A/H: 50–55 miles/charge
100 A/H: 60+ miles/charge
The average 18 hole round of golf is six miles.

All Amp Hours are available in 12 Volt cases and fit perfectly in the existing battery slot of the golf cart. For example a 48V golf car with 6 x 8V lead acid set up would only need 4 Allied Lithium Batteries. This Drop in Ready solution work great in 36V, 48V and 72V and requires no modifications. For more information visit