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How Can I Get My 1999 E-Z-GO Gas To Perform Better?


Notes on Maximizing EZGO Engine Performance (Robin Twin Cylinder)

It must be understood that four things must be present for an engine to perform at its peak;

  1. You must have over 145 lbs. of compression on both cylinders (145 is low and will perform poorly).
  2. You must have a good solid blue spark on both cylinders (not orange).
  3. You must have a flow of fuel to the carburetor (yes a trickle, and no the filter will not fill up).
  4. The exhaust must not be restricted.

Now within those parameters;

  1. Make sure the throttle is closing back to the off position (700 to 800 rpm idle speed).
  2. Make sure the governor is set to 3000 rpm’s.
  3. Make sure the carburetor is free of dirt, water and debris. Clean jets and ports and set the float to specification.
  4. Make sure the throttle opening corresponds to the starter function at off idle.
  5. Make sure you do not have any vacuum leaks at the air cleaner, air cleaner hoses and or carburetor mounting (this is part of the fuel system). Make sure the choke is working properly.
  6. Make sure there is not any mechanical binding in the car, such as brakes, axles, starter/generator, clutch, driven clutch and or drive unit.
  7. Tune the engine: new spark plugs, fuel filters, air filter (making sure the lid is sealed correctly), set governor to specifications, set idle to specifications, adjust starter/generator belt (replace if worn), check function of drive clutch/driven clutch and belt, make sure the charging system is functioning within specifications, make sure the spark plug wire caps are not shorting out due to moisture or dirt or open. Correct air pressure in tires. Correct wheel alignment. Make sure you adjust the valves to .004” cold, as this is critical!

A lot of small overlooked things during a tune up add up to poor performance. Poor performance is not just based on replacing spark plugs and filters. There are a lot of things that surround that so make sure of all the little things and the car will perform much better.