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Dog Drives. Sort Of

The passenger’s seat is clearly the best place for a dog on a golf car.

Dogs might love to ride in golf cars. But they probably shouldn’t drive them. That was the lesson learned from a viral video that showed a dog getting behind the wheel of a family golf car – with less than ideal results.

The dog climbed up behind the wheel and managed to start the car. It made a long left turn in the family’s large yard – and then promptly slammed the golf car into the family’s car. The dog then calmly exited the scene. However the entire thing was caught by the home’s CCTV camera. The dog’s owner then did presumably the only thing you can do in that scenario – he uploaded the entire thing to TikTok.

When the kids all deny crashing the new car,” he captioned the video. “Good job we’ve got CCTV.