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Golf Car Revenge

When he found his golf car boxed in, a golf pro got revenge on social media.

Isleworth, FL

Do not park your golf cart poorly around PGA tour pro Stuart Appleby.

The Australian recently documented for his social media followers an incident where another golf car parked poorly, blocking his in. The dastardly act happened outside the gym at Isleworth, the Orlando-area golf club community where Appleby lives.

On the first of two videos uploaded to the golfer’s Instagram account, Appleby narrates the situation as he walks to his golf car. “I come back to my little beast and some little schmuck is trying to get into my head deliberately jams their golf car,” he says. Moments later, he’s going through things on the car looking for clues as to whose it might be. He finds, among other things, a scorecard. “That’s illegible,” he says. “48, you suck. Got the IQ of this golf cart.”

Turning detective, the Aussie vows: “I will get to the bottom of this.” In the second video, Appleby is dispensing justice. He leaves the culprit’s golf car alone, instead targeting his ire towards his rangefinder.

“So payback, I’ve decided on his little Bushnell, to turn his little battery inside out on his Bushnell,” he says, before concluding the video with an earthy Australian expression: “Suffer in your jocks, pal.”

Before anybody gets too upset, it has been noted that Isleworth is a small, friendly community, and the culprit was probably somebody known to Appleby. Somebody who got a good laugh out of the whole thing – but who won’t be parking his golf car like that again any time soon.