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Triad Pro Innovators Uses Revolutionary eCell Technology to Power Solar Golf Cart.

Fountain Valley, CA

Triad Pro’s eCell energy storage technology combined with Triad Pro’s new power supply design, has been successfully installed in a solar powered golf cart. The solar powered golf cart, named SPREE, (Solar Powered Renewable Electric Energy) uses Triad Pro’s proprietary hardware and software solutions. Triad Pro’s SPREE golf cart can be charged using only the sun or using the electric grid or a combination of both.

Global consumption of golf carts is anticipated to exceed 225,000 units in 2023, in a multi-billion dollar industry, valued at U.S. $2,300,000,000, of which 41% will be in the North American market. Triad Pro projects attaining approximately $70,000,000 worldwide sales of traditional golf and people mover vehicles, by the end of its third production year. This dynamic growth is due to the advantages of utilizing solar power.

Because of lower maintenance and operating costs, the solar powered golf cart segment of the global golf cart market is anticipated to grow at a faster rate than other electric and internal combustion models. In addition to the demand provided by golf courses, urbanization and industrialization in other countries is expected to drive the demand for local transportation to carry people and goods.

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